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  1. Mickey's Mechanical Man. It's actually pretty fun as long as you don't get too carried away with your punches. It's also one of the few Classic Kingdom minigames where I had the least trouble playing.
  2. [Chrono, Prima Vista/Lunar Subterrane] "Well, whether it's memories or the real thing, it's incredible someone was able to reach the moon. Makes you wonder who else can do that." Chrono added. He then thinks on his friend Lucca and wonders if she can travel to the moon. Chrono knows she loves tinkering with machines so she could probably make something that can let her attempt it. It's just a matter of if Lucca wants to. Chrono hears Zidane mention a star and turns to where he pointed. "Yeah. That star has a strange glow to it. A lot different from the others. You think we should check it out?"
  3. [Marle, Cornelia Castle] Marle quickly took a seat on the floor. Fighting between gods/goddesses and the people they picked for control of the world. This was a bit too much for the Guardia princess to take in. "Wow. I thought time-travel and Lavos was a lot to handle. But gods and goddesses are something else." (Sorry for not posting something sooner. I was in San Diego spending time with my brother for a week and a half. But I got sick beforehand and didn't feel like doing much of anything.)
  4. [Chrono, Prima Vista/Lunar Subterrane] Chrono rubbed the back of his head at the mention of such an offer. But he had a confused look on his face when Zidane mentioned the moon. Chrono looks out another window to see what's out there. His eyes opened wide on the site. The landscape, if you can really call it that, was unlike anything Chrono has seen. He could even see Earth in the distance. At least Chrono assumes that it's Earth. "Amazing! Did we travel through space? I didn't know this ship could do that. I didn't even think it was possible." He mentioned out loud. But Chrono remembered something not too long ago. "Unless, someone else has been to the moon and this place is also based on that person's memory of it." [Marle, Cornelia Castle] "Sounds good. Let's go." Marle agreed and followed Zests' lead. After Luna was placed on the bed Marle took a moment to breath. She looked toward Zest and said: "Oh right. Call me Marle. Nice to meet you Zest."
  5. [Marle, Cornelia Castle] "So you've been here before? Then you might-" Marle stopped upon hearing some clang and sees a man in a suit of armor approaching. She thought of reaching for her bow, but decided against it as he appeared to be friendly. "Cosmos? Chaos? Are they the ones who brought us to this world?" Male asked Zest. Before she could ask more Luna fell to her knees in pain. "Luna!" Marle shouted as she knelt on the other side. The Guardia princess nodded in agreement and answered: "Yeah, let's do that." She does her best to help Luna up as carefully as possible. Marle quickly turns to the Warrior of Light and asks: "Zest, since you know this place more than us, can you please take us to the nearest chamber with a bed? Luna really needs one!" (I'm waiting on shard too before posting for Chrono.)
  6. [Marle, Cornelia Castle] Marle looked around while walking through the hall. There still didn't appear to be anyone else in this castle so far. She wonders if there was anyone here in the first place. She turns around upon hearing Vivi and walks toward Luna. "Is something wrong?" Marle asked with a little concern. She placed both hands on her hips and added, "I'm wondering about that too. There should've been someone here during the time I was gone. It's possible for other people to show up, but I don't know."
  7. [Lavos, Empyreal Paradox] Lavos tried its hardest to drain some energy out of the large crystal. But such a task proved to be impossible to achieve. The alien parasite felt no change from within. It was clear to Lavos he had to go somewhere else for his energy needs. He looks behind the crystal to see another portal in the vicinity. He walks towards and enters it. [Marle, Cornelia] Marle stopped when she finally caught up to Vivi. She placed both hands on her knees while trying to catch her breath. "Whew. Vivi sure can run if he wants to." She mumbled. Marle stands up to see Vivi offering her an entry into the castle. She giggles from the offer and reciprocates with a bow of her own. "Such a gentleman. Thank you very much." Marle walks past Vivi and enters the castle once more. So far there didn't appear to be any changes since the last visit. There were still stone pillars further down the hall. Marle turned to Vivi and replied: "I hope so. While it's great I met you and Luna, I'd feel more at ease if we ran into more friendly faces."
  8. [Chrono, Prima Vista/Lunar Subterrane] Chrono turns to Zidane for a minute and replies: "Well I've flown something similar to an 'airship' back home. So I a know a thing or two. I can certainly give landing in this a try." He then turns to Jessica when she came up. "Not exactly. How do I explain it? During our adventures my friends and I came across this one man's machine that was able to travel through any point in time. Eventually this machine, I nicknamed 'Epoch,' was modified with wings so it could fly. But I wasn't around when that happened." Chrono went silent for a moment as recalled that time. The time when he perished. Or would have if not for Marle and the others. Chrono notices the clearing Zidane pointed towards and directs the ship there. "Got it. Okay, here goes..." The Prima Vista hovered in place for a bit. Then it descends slowly before landing gently on the ground. Chrono sighed out of relief and says: "Great. That went better than I thought. Guess I still got it." (Will post for Lavos and maybe Marle later today or tomorrow.)
  9. I've known for awhile I haven't done much with Lavos. That's mostly because I don't know where to take him next. Well, I could take him to the group at Insomnia. But I'm not sure I want to move Lavos to a new location and having to describe his surroundings in fear of it being to lengthy. Also I'm not sure to post for Marle just yet so twilight_roxas doesn't get too far behind.
  10. [Chrono, Prima Vista] "That's right!" Chrono replied to Jessica as the ship was ascending. Chrono stood up and walked to the nearest window. He opens it and wind starts gushing through, flowing through his hair. Chrono looks out to see clouds moving by him. "Wow! We're really flying. Never thought I'd be airborne again," he comments gleefully. Chrono starts to reminisce on piloting the Epoch. Besides being able to time-travel it had wings that enabled it to fly anywhere in the world. Chrono loved being able to fly anywhere and anywhen. Not only him, Lucca and Marle enjoyed it too. Chrono stopped smiling for a moment as he looked outside the window. "Marle." That's right. Chrono was supposed to go look for her after waking up in this new world. He couldn't believe forgetting something so important. He snaps out of it upon Zidane calling him to take the wheel. Chrono smirks and says: "Don't mind if I do." He walks over to grab hold of the ships' steering wheel. Chrono goes for a firm grip before stating, "Man this is something else! A little different from the Epoch, but flying still feels great." [Lavos, Empyreal Paradox] Lavos halts when he's within arms' reach of the massive crystal. While not necessarily a living creature it did contain a vast amount of energy. Lavos was at the very least certain of that. "Fascinating. This crystal shows some promise. I wonder..." Lavos extends his arms and places both hands on the large crystal. He wonders if he could take any of the energy it had. Surely such a marvel wouldn't miss a small bit of energy.
  11. Me too. I also loved seeing Sora and the gang ready to face off against that huge army of Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed. Reminded me of the 1,000 heartless fight in KH2, but on a larger scale and with more enemies.
  12. [Chrono, Prima Vista] With what sounded like an engine starting up Chrono mumbled: "Does that sound what I think it is?" He then heeded Zidane's words and grabbed hold of the nearest thing next to him. "Seems like it can fly after all!" Chrono remarked in a pleased surprise. [Marle, near Cornelia] "Now that you mention it, yeah. It's pretty weird for no one besides us to be here. A castle shouldn't be empty unless it's an ancient one. And that castle didn't look ancient to me." Marle answered to Vivi. She smiled upon seeing said castle up ahead. She was taken aback when Vivi ran past her on the way there. "Vivi? H-hey! Wait up! Don't go too far on your own!" Marle shouted while trying to catch up.
  13. [Chrono, Prima Vista] "Great! It's settled." Chrono exclaims while doing a fist-pump. He looks to where Zidane pointed and adds: "Sounds good to me. It is a good idea to get a lay of the land to understand it better. Don't worry about me. I've had my fair share of adventures too and plenty of walking to go with them. I'm pretty much used to it." Chrono listens in on Jessica's suggestion and replied: "But this 'ship' isn't the real thing. Isn't it just based on Zidane's memory? While it may look like a ship it won't move like one. At least, I don't think it will. Hm. Zidane, what do you think?" [Marle, near Cornelia] "Really? If you've been here before, then you might know something about this place." Marle added. As much as she wanted to talk more on the subject, Marle knew now wasn't the best time. She starts walking in the direction she pointed and said: "We can talk more on that later. Right now we should reach the castle before it gets too dark. Come on, follow me."
  14. (Marle, Near Cornelia] "Luna huh? That's a nice name. Is it alright we call you that?" Marle asked the young lady. She turns to Vivi and nods in agreement. "Same here Vivi. I still remember all of my friends and other stuff before I woke up here. I guess this place messes with each person's memory differently." Marle then turns to Luna and adds: "But you'll be okay Luna. If there's anything else you might have forgotten, then I'm sure you'll remember when it's the right time." Marle turns back to Vivi after hearing to look for a place for the night. "Well, there's the castle I explored earlier. I couldn't find a soul there but it looked pretty secure. We should be able to reach it quick if we all leave now." Marle turns around and points ahead. "It's this way, past these trees and a few small hills."
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