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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Memories of BBS: Always getting hit after using Aqua's cartwheel dodge but Terra's slide dodge(?) saved my butt more times than I can count. xD

  2. I went through the order I think I would be able to finish the fastest to slowest (story-wise): VAT The story for Ventus was sad. The story for Aqua was heartbreaking. The story for Terra made me cry so much I couldn't bring myself to finish it until a long time later. I spent so much time in the Mirage Arena so I had an excuse not to finish. It really hurts when something like this happens to your favorite character. T_T I didn't know about the recommended order until after finishing all three stories but I wouldn't change the order even if I knew.
  3. Illustrated Terra Ver. B just came out in KHUX JP and I had two chances. Ended up with both Illustrated Soras. I'll just stick with my Ill. Terra Ver. A then. *pouts*

  4. Everyone obviously! ... Considering I won't have a lot of money and can only pick one, I would have to go with Terra.
  5. Story, Music, Characters, Exploration, Combat, & Customization! I focus on different aspects depending which game I'm playing. For example ... Star Ocean games: Exploration & Combat Fire Emblem games: Story, Music, Characters, & Customization Xenoblade Chronicles: Music, Exploration, & Customization Fantasy Life: Music & Exploration I also look at my other favorite things in those games, but the ones I listed are the main focus.
  6. All of the above and more! (like Roxas, Xion, and Master Eraqus)
  7. Birth By Sleep! Wait ... That will make me cry a lot and shatter my heart. Never mind. Days should be next. Oh wait, that one's pretty sad too. I've decided! I'll go Team DDD!
  8. Saving those jewels for the next medal that I would want. What that medal is ... I don't know.
  9. Why does this event have to show up this weekend? I already have an event on another game that has my complete attention. I really want to grind all that Lux. T_T
  10. "but it sucks being told your favorite character is terrible" I know that feeling all too well. My favorite character is Terra and he gets a lot of negative responses. I can understand constructive criticism (I love those!), but there are also reasons that seem too nitpicky. I tend to just let everyone have their opinions, but the constant negativity I keep seeing is quite draining. But don't let that get you down! Aqua's your favorite character and that's cool! For BBS, I like the story. I just wish the story could've been expanded. However, I think the amount we got was enough for one game. For now, the BBS trio only got the spotlight in one game. (This is the reason I am excited for 0.2). I don't think their friendship is fake, but we don't have much detail about it that it might seem like they're not as close of friends. The story could've added more flashbacks of the interactions between Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. I also would've liked to know the characters' inner thoughts. Why did they did what they did? Before I keep adding things I would've love to see in BBS, I still enjoyed it. If you enjoyed it, then that's great! Man point (sorry for all of this ... felt like I needed to mention it): Don't let someone's opinion put you down. I remember watching a rant by someone on YouTube about the reasons that person hated Terra and I felt like I am an idiot for liking him. However, this is just one person's thoughts and I know not everyone thinks that way.
  11. Those Attack Prize Plus skills that I'll never get... I'm definitely not excited for this Challenge. For those who are, good luck.
  12. Can't choose between KH2, DDD, & 0.2 KH2: The song. It was just amazing. DDD: Great recap of the story and had the amazing orchestral version of Hikari (from KH1) 0.2: All the feels!!!! At one moment I was happy and then the next I was sad. Now I can't wait!!!
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