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  1. I really don't believe this leaker. Why he may have beat KH3 already (if he even got the copy from the person who stole it that fast) than his words from how you are describing are a bit shaky. Also, Noruma says that every world will have a mini-game. So he must mean that the mini game in every world sucks or something. I just take every leak with a pinch of salt. Leakers do this stuff because they know that it gets the whole community going, (Also, we have seen mini -games in the tangled world, the pirate world with those ice cream heartless and such. The game looks like it will have more side content than KH2 or just as much.
  2. Kingdom Hearts 2 is one of my favorite final bosses ever in an RPG along with FF6. It is just perfect.
  3. ''Hurry up and give us the continuation now! '' This quote from the interview really worries me. Feels like he plans on ending the next game in a cliffhanger just so we will want the next one as bad or something.
  4. Nomura always seems like the kind of person to think about the future of his project a lot. I am sure he had already had the story of KH3 played out in his head for years now, tbh. But I honestly want KH3 to be that one game that I can say to myself "Well, I don't mind getting off the series here." He will most likely set up things. I just hope it doesn't be a cheap cliff-hanger. I want to have that feeling of "It is over at last" with this saga's ending. Also, the comment, ''Hurry up and give us the continuation now!'' gives me the impression that he has no idea what the fans really want from the ending at all. God dammit.
  5. With Kingdom Hearts 3 around the corner, I am sure most of us have planned on our playthrough of KH3. How are you going to play KH3? Are you going to 100% it? Just only going for the story? Playing on the hardest mode, or with a friend? I plan on playing on Proud Mode and at least try to 100% it. I want to enjoy it to the fullest, so if there is a critical mode, i will also play on that.
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