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  1. cyntix

    All worlds leaked

    Look guys, SE released a picture of the clock tower just to remind us that we probably can't go there. Sorry. I had to. 😂
  2. cyntix

    All worlds leaked

    I am not gonna watch it. But your hype makes my hyped.
  3. It was very blurry on ps3 and let me worried for 2.5 results. Actually, all the episode have a very good quality now. Maybe birth by sleep is still a bit behind the others.
  4. This is the first mickey picture of kh3 that looks like the mickey we used to know. Finally he's got expressions.
  5. I recently replayed chain of memories on my old ps3 and I realised how much improvement the ps4 version brought to this game. So yes, we still have the 720p cutscenes video and I hope that one day this could get fixed to improve the quality), but check out these comparison screenshots I made. PS3 PS4 It's mosty the bluriness of the 2D textures that has been improved. Also all cards are now in much better quality too. Did you guys noticed this change? And don't answer: no because I don't play chain of memories.
  6. If you have 1.5+2.5, download the free dlc of roxas last boss fight then. 😉
  7. partial data correction: does that mean there will be more? I know that people don't like this updates since they like to have everything on disc, but personally I like to know that the game I play and love is still polished by the devs which makes it live longer in our heart and allow them to take our feedback. It's a bit like a collaboration work.
  8. cyntix

    Patch release notes

    The twitter account released the patch 1.0.1 release notes. It seems there will be one new feature per day until the first of february. 29 january: memory archive and several data fixes (probably adjusting difficulty) 30 january: epilogue 31 january: secret ending if you have fully completed the game That's it for now. They precise that the main game allows to go from beginning to the ending without internet connection but a connection is required to download the improvements and secret stuffs.
  9. The last week will feel as long as the last two weeks. The last day will feel as long as the last year. And then, you'll realise that your game is stucked in a post office for two more days and you will eat your shoes.
  10. cyntix

    Is Riku going to have a girlfriend

    What I like about Kingdom Hearts is that it never talk about couples. It talks about friendship. So based on that, every interpretation is possible. I hope it won't happen in 3. This would make the conclusion so cliché and uninspired.
  11. cyntix

    All worlds leaked

  12. cyntix

    How Sephiroth may be implemented

    Radient garden dlc will probably be the key.
  13. Even though, trophies list should contain it. BUT, FFXV taught us that you can increase a trophy list with updates. I had platinum FFXV only to discover I had only 80% of the trophies after an update once.