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  1. Hold up... When did the website layout change? Yall got me messed up 

  2. Rodman

    The Eyes Have It

    I think vanitas is wearing his mask for two reasons: first its iconic(obviously). Second if anyone isn't fully caught up on KH and decides to play KH3 will be surprised and confused when they see that he looks like Sora. But idk, I'm brainstorming out here lol.
  3. At this point I'm less interested with what they are going to show and more interested in what is deemed too important to make public. On the other hand, I'm so hype that they could show a 5 second clip of pluto wagging his tail and I could die at peace.
  4. Rodman

    The Hiatus Has Ended

    A long time ago I told myself that I would take a break from kh13 until Kingdom Hearts 3 got a release date since I was obsessed.................. 6 LONG YEARS YEARS have passed... During this time I forgot about this site and I forgot about my promise. BUT when I saw that release date boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you already know I guessed that password on da first try. This wayward son has finally returned home and he is HYPE!
  5. I hate wonderland but we needed Alice but besides that we didn't need it.
  6. Rodman

    Do you like Summer?

    Yes I like summer as a season I rather it be hot and rain just about everyday(where I live) than it be cold.
  7. I'm back and hopefully this time I won't leave.

  8. They better not they'll make me very mad!
  9. Rodman

    Uh... Hello?

    Nice to meet you.
  10. Rodman

    Last Post Wins!

    I wonder if there is a prize.
  11. Rodman

    You all owe me a dollar.

    You need to calm down. We are too broke to give you a dollar.
  12. Rodman

    Keyblade Free-For-All

    There are way too many people in this free-for-all.
  13. lol, that was probably the funniest review I have seen in a long time.