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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. i wanna see who thinks that kingdom hearts 2 should have lasted longer than it did
  2. like totally man like did you like totally like see that cause i like totally did man its like a conspriracy
  3. i think its a great game to play but the story behind seems very dumb a whole journal thing what ev
  4. well it was just a question because you see pictures of them together and stuff on google so i thought i just ask
  5. i dont see the point either i mean the game was about jimmenys journal no one really cares about that
  6. im curious to what other people think what if they were to be gay in the new kingdom hearts game
  7. so like yeah i bored mad an i guess hungry who nu

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    2. Sorafan908


      yah people from the cyber world im special

    3. Koko
    4. Sorafan908


      awh sad face oh well la la la

  8. WWWWAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZ UUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPP and welcome chat with me and you night get money jking but seriously chat with me
  9. im bored doing physics

    1. superbanana


      Physics would be so much more fun if we were in whatever universe portal/half-life takes place in.

  10. well i have have to say tha Sora is all the way he wasthe first person to have anybody use a keyblade which makes him the one original keyblad holder. :blink:
  11. Well i going to get the 3Ds cause of KHDDD cause then i gonna have the one that were created
  12. i think that its a good idea for some of the new worlds to be a lot of new Disney movies but you gotta think about it what would sora Donald and goofy look like if they were to enter those worlds
  13. WOW i knew it from the very beginning that it would be no doubt about it.
  14. yeah it looks awesome i wish i could play the game now
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