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  1. aw cant believe its already been 10 yrs since the game was released here in the us * ___ * i dont remember much of it since my brother was the one that bought it around the time it was released but it doesnt even feel like 10 yrs omg lets hope theres more yrs to come from the best game series ever
  2. omfg i love donalds "im sorry about the ice cream" literally the first thing i thought when goofy "died" was "what" sora donald & mickeys reactions are hilarious as in overly-dramatic-buttheads-hilarious.
  3. sooyoung is such a hottie sigh loving this thread btw
  4. aw i dont think coded is the worst game (not a single kh game is bad as corny as that sounds) but its definitely one of those games on the bottom of my list "games i can replay & never get tired of" like you said i found it a little unnecessary for them to make a game (as short as it is or even because its on the ds its still a game) purely for them to say xehanort is alive etc etc i dont regret playing it at all, the plot was rather confusing at first ---scratch that when is kh not confusing--- but made you kinda gasp at the end. same thing i felt when i played re:com idk im still trying to wrap my head around this entire plot that we call kingdom hearts u _ u
  5. thank you, this honestly clears up all my questions about the game i had an idea that the game was related to bbs & 358/2 days but i couldnt understand how it was connected thank you to everyone else that commented : ) i read your comments to, thank youuuu♥
  6. well kingdom hearts in general doesnt actually show romantic interests between the characters (maybe sora x kairi but still...) most of the times they just imply it & us the fans usually are the ones that end up making pairings between the characters, kingdom hearts is mostly about adventure & friendship anyway, not rly about romance. i love terra x aqua too but i feel like their relationship is more friendship than anything else same with aqua x ven or terra x ven
  7. ok so hi to anyone that remembers me im jenny, i got disinterested in kingdom hearts about a year ago but some days ago i have gotten interested in the games again so my friend let me borrow her copy of re:coded so i could play it (because i am too lazy to buy w/e) so i played it for about a week & i finished it & im making thread to bEG to you guys something: someone pleaseeeeee explain to me what was the purpose of the game, i honestly did not understand the whole data crap & especially the ending parts in castle oblivion if someone could just give me a brief summary about the entire game i would honestly really appreciate it : ( maybe its bc i have not played the games in a while that im so confused maybe? idk ps: i saw the secret ending & thats probably the only thing i understood of the entire game NOT EVEN KIDDING LMAO
  8. this is random but i have been wondering the same thing actually i havent had the time to actually go look up more interviews with nomura over Days explaining these things but i was stumped over whether roxas just took form of vens memories or if he literally is ven.......he technically isnt a nobody bc his somebody (sora) regained his heart & was actually really near him (castle oblivion) idk after i played bbs & days i feel like i have more questions that answers sighhh
  9. this definitely clears up things! i was honestly very surprised when i first saw castle oblivion & the guy in the black coat & then when i FINALLY got to fight him i figured out it was roxas. the whole castle oblivion/namine/roxas thing confused me a whole lot bc coded was hard for me to understand because of so much information & cutscenes they fit into the game (that & i had not played kh in a long time), i had never really thought that namine had not purposefully added data roxas into CB im glad i saw this post ; _ ; ♥ thank youuuuuuu
  10. aww poor nomura he keeps talking about his age...its almost unbelieveable that 10 yrs have already passed, it seems like such a long time ago "Q10. For you, what does Kingdom Hearts mean? Q10. I’m in my thirties." I LOVE HIM OMG
  11. your post is lovely (*´▽`*)♥ but i really do agree with you!! i honestly loved both of namine's VA's (or maybe im just biased??) & i didnt think terra & aquas voices were too bad. ive definitely heard worse so... i love most of the VAs in kh simply bc they have grown on me. im not a VA myself (or will i ever be) so im not going to go off judging them either : (
  12. im still playing coded right now but i can definitely say its not the worst game i still rlly dislike re:com simple because of the card system; the plot was really the only thing that kept me playing the game tbh coded isnt...bad, but it is pretty unnecessary lmao i am pretty annoy that i basically played kh1 all over again but it was enjoyable, it makes you want to anticipate the (hopefully) future games
  13. not all spanish ppl eat this every day lol my mom is super mexican & wont cook any thing other than mexican food but not all our food is "beans, cheese & spices"...
  14. do you mean that maybe they will do another kh game on the ps3 or any other playstation console...? i think i read around somewhere that there are rumors going around that kh3 may be on the ps3 but idk sigh i just rlly dont want to buy another console just to play the games (even tho i probably will bc i love the series too much).
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