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  1. Hmmmmm, this is going by technical standards, but however, the backlash out of it ended up being unjustified, and even though it happened, in a similar event like this, regardless of who is the person for the thread, I don't think it's fair that the mods have to put up with that.I may of been off with the Aaron thread, but I'm more concerned with the backlash, and this kind of thing, although it won't stop, is unacceptable. I'm allowing people to see that these mods aren't here to bow down to them, and they should not be harassed because of some event. Cricket being harassed twice in a row, that's where the line needs to be drawn. I think there's a slight misunderstanding, I wasn't implying that you were making her suffer. However, do understand that sometimes on MSN, she pops offline, and she has to tell me that she's getting offline because you're getting online or something, that's something that you two need to work out. I merely talk to her about other stuff, she talks to me about the KH13 stuff. All I have for details is that she avoids you quite a few times, so you're clearly presenting a problem to her, and one of the problems seems to be something below, which I'll get to a few. I have no doubt that you are nice to Cricket, but there's communication problems here. Figure it out between the two of you, not that Cricket's going to really sign in anyway. We've been over this matter about a member, and I talked to you about. I'm not going to go back to that again because it's been done and over with, and there's no point in beating a dead horse with a stick. I think I was little too underdetailed with this.First thing I noticed when I saw the Sectional Mods was when I checked out who was assigned to what forums. And I guess I had a little test because I checked out the genders of them, and it seems that male mods has less coverage of the forums than the females ones, which may be a small detail, but there's a clear difference here.The problem I see here with the mods is that now there's about what, 2 mods getting online now? The rest are calling it quits because stupid shit keeps happening and this is why the backlash against the mods is what's really killing this site at this point. The mods are getting harassed that they don't want to do it, as far as I can see.I'm not saying that Sectional Mods are a completely horrible idea, but I'd rather take a simpler route and bump them up to mods and see how it works from there. I'm not going to go into much detail, but I understand if you need to let it take time.But my opinion still stands for male mods, because this old habit isn't really working out anymore. For something that was over two years ago, I come to find this detail out LAST YEAR, and this was when Protoman was talking to me about being in the MSN chatroom and I don't know how the thought of me being in it came up, but when it did, I had to find out, at that time, you were talking bad about me. I found out sooner than I should have, and at that point, I was starting to think that there are grudges. I think we can both say that this is not the case anymore.However, in any case, there's no reason to talk bad about me, past or not. I'll leave it that this won't happen again. People referring to the MSN Chatroom. However, I wouldn't know if you were telling other people, but I'm not going to make that assumption.Unfortunately, I'm still going to shed some light on some things in public, hence why the title says, "Some Truths". I'm going to state the truth since if I'm going to leave, I'm want people to know some of these shenanigans going on. And acting like I'm purposely saying bad things about you? I said that you were doing said action, I said I didn't appreciate it (again, it doesn't matter if was 2 years), and that's it. I didn't throw in an insult or discriminate you in any sorts. I have a suggestion. It's called just not doing it. Two ways or not, don't flirt with random people on the Internet, seriously. And I don't know what you want me to say about it in response. She keeps telling me she doesn't like it, she keeps signing off because you apparently sign in. I'm not making this up, she tells me that it's going on. Why isn't she not doing anything, well I'm not Cricket. I can tell her for her to tell you to stop. If I'm getting notified by people that there are issues with KH13 multiple times in a short period about he said she said bullshit or old members retaliating, whatever it is, clearly there's a problem and it's being consistent. 6 months ago, I might of said this site = meh whatever, but right now there's way too many problems and too much drama that things are going to chaos.I had to say what I had to say. There have been a misinformed notion here and there, but if anything is clear, one mod became upset from this. If she's leaving because of these stupid events, then so be it, she's done. But I'm getting this as one of my messages:[2/13/2013 11:23:06 PM] Brittany: So[2/13/2013 11:23:17 PM] Brittany: I don't mean this to come off as rude but...[2/13/2013 11:23:35 PM] Brittany: I'm thinking about forgetting all about my internet friends[2/13/2013 11:23:45 PM] Brittany: no one cares about me[2/13/2013 11:23:46 PM] Brittany: and[2/13/2013 11:24:05 PM] Brittany: yeah I need to move onThen I'm going to have an issue with it. And people need to start reading about these things, because if I'm going to lose a good friend because of the stupid shit that goes on there, then I'm going to do what it take for people to open their eyes and see some of these issues.I needed to bring up a few points to you because quite frankly it was necessary, whether you feel it needed to be private. No more of this private nonsense, we need to bring up these things to the surface. And like I said, I said what I had to say with the best of my knowledge of what's going on. I don't hate you, I have nothing against you, but there's some things that needs to get off my chest if I'm going finally leave.I'm not going to argue with you about this any longer. You have valid points, and I have valid points, but everything has been said. Now I'm going to leave right after this post has been made, I wanted to read any particular posts that I would get, so that's it._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Sora96, this one I'm actually keeping short.I already know about your friendship with Cricket, I'm aware of it. This is something oblivious to me.But she feels horrible about that comment that you don't need her, regardless if you meant that you don't need her advice. You're always going to need advice from people, always. You are never done learning, and people always have something to teach you.You're in good terms with her, fine. But never tell that to a person. Because from the logs, after she told what you said, she said that this was the final straw on KH13.I don't get it Sora, she said she was thinking of leaving for good, you tell her that you don't need, now she makes up her mind. It's not hard to put the pieces together. But what's the point in arguing because she's coming back, so it doesn't matter.I'm tired of having her always feeling depressed, and then your comment makes her feel worse. Of course I'm going to be mad at it. It's more to friends that just giving advice, then just going out there and say you don't need her advice. Advice or not, nothing was changed!And I don't want an apology from you, I would gain nothing out of it._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________So this is the final post. After this post is done, I'm signing out and there's no reason for me to sign back it.Everything has been said and done, as stated multiple times, and I got at least most of my points out.To DC and Sora96, it's not all about you when it comes to these troubles, but I feel the need to state my opinions, whether you like them or not.And yeah. That's it. Ta ta.
  2. It was eventually going to happen one way or another, but I'm deciding to choose it now out of all days. Funny that it happens to be on Valentines Day, but I digress. So here comes the why, you know why am I leaving, what is going on that is hindering me from staying on the site (even though nothing is), etc etc. Well quite frankly, I don't really sign into KH13, and if I do, it's because of some shitstorm that a few of the members are talking about, or the mods are talking about some random thing. Keep in mind, I have EASY ACCESS TO ALMOST ALL OF THE MODS, so I basically know that shit's going down. I mean, why bother signing in when you think to yourself and say, "Well what purpose do I have on KH13? News is going to be slower than hell for a really long time, more new members are running the place, and a lot of the old friends I made said firetruck it, I'm leaving?" Essentially, I'm too old for KH13. I was here my Freshman year, and now I'm taking a leave at the end of my Senior year. That's about 4 years, marked in August. But that's not why I'm TRULY leaving, no no no, this may be a long term effect that probably would of made me never leave, but an immediant cause has lead me to turn my back to KH13. Instead, I'm taking my leave after the disrespect towards the mods themselves, particular one that I've grown pretty fond of. That would be Cricket. Now let me give you guys a little history lesson. Cricket and I have been good friends on KH13 since the beginning, about 2009. He would have occasional chats, and this is before Cricket had become a mod. See, I don't suck up to any mods, nor do I intend to. I may have the mods on my contact list but I don't go after them and consistently talk to them in a chance that I might be praised by them or some shit. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Yeah well, it's happen all too many times in the past. But regardless, I've been friends with Cricket for a while, and even after her return from a long break had the conversations started. It was even to a point where that I have her phone number and we could text, but there is issues going on with this texting, so I won't go into any further details. Now I'm going to give you a few details about Cricket, and I know that she may not want me to share some details, but I need you guys to understand her circumstances. First off, Cricket, or as I know her as Brittany, is 21 and working a job (in which the managers treat her like shit, mind you), so she's pretty busy with her life. Another thing that all of you should pay attention to is that Cricket is not quite healthy, and I mean is a few disorders that greatly affects her. Schizophrenia, bipolar, panic attacks, depression, and a few other stuff that she has to take quite a few pills to keep herself sane. You guys may see her in a positive mood and always trying to help, believe me I thought she was perfectly fine, but she's not fine. But she's trying to do her best in keep up with the site and Internet friends, including myself. And that leads me to my last point, Cricket loves this job being a moderator of the site. She likes helping people, she wants to keep everything safe, and she is very fair with the members around here. So what does those three points mean? They tie up to the events that happened about roughly two weeks, in which Cricket attempted to do her JOB AS A MODERATOR and received backlash because of it. This regards back to the thread Sora96 made about Aaron. Mind you that this was against one of the newest Random rules that DC himself had made that one thread may not be directed towards a member or group of members, because many people may not get the jokes or it could possibly lead into targeting other members. That's the gist of it. So one mod, Kishira in particular, closed the thread due to violation of said rule. All was fine and dandy, until DC took the opportunity to go against his new rule, that you guys PERSONALLY COMPLAINED to him about, and opened the thread, basically breaking the rule. Now I don't know how Cricket got into finding this thread, but all I know is that she took it upon herself to close the thread, stating that once again, goes against one of the rules implemented by DC himself. And what happened then? Cricket gets backlashed by you guys for doing her job, and I'm talking to you Sora96, you broke the rule and you're going to complain about Cricket? Unfortunately, I'm going to get back to you in a few, so keep tight my little Australian. At this point, Cricket basically said firetruck it, opened up the thread, and this is her last time dealing with this site because she's not signing in anymore. So because of the member's actions and AN ADMIN'S AS WELL, one mod is now officially gone. Was it worth all this trouble guys? Was it really? Now for a similar scenario that also happened a while back. Hatok was getting pretty salty with this whole Random rule that spamming and breaking rules and ruining his own good image in mere minutes was worth it. Cricket had to be the one who banned him for his own sheer actions, and yet, I've had Cricket tell me that you guys were sending PMs or chat messages, whatever you were sending her, hating on her or saying bad things about Cricket. I don't care who did it or who was harassing Cricket, but I KNOW some of you people did it, and even for someone like me who doesn't go on KH13, I don't appreciate it. That's because even though I want to stay away from stupidity of this forum, I want Cricket to do her best in regulating the forum because I know she's a REALLY good mod and she doesn't deserve this kind of disrespect. After the event of Sora96's thread, I was tempted to make this thread back then instead of now, but I did not make such thing. I had better things to do than to tell you guys what I'm saying right now, but I should of done it. Why the thread now? Well I was talking with a member on Skype because Cricket happened to sign in on Skype, and he linked me to this status from a member, and he had figured from this status that Cricket was leaving However, when I read it myself, a completely different thought came into my head because of what Cricket had said to me about this said person beforehand. I will not link you to the status, but I will quote the status and I will tell you after who made that status. Anyone want to take any guesses in who made that status? I mentioned the person above, and that's Sora96. Makes sense, right? The two had been good friends to an extent that is similar to my friendship with Cricket. Unfortunately, it seems that Sora96 doesn't feel that way anymore, and so, I'm going to reveal to you guys what he said to Cricket that absolutely made me angry to no end. I had posted on his status of what he originally said, but he chose to delete my comment, which comes to show that people don't want the truth revealed and to make themselves look better in the eyes of others. So here's the comment: ...... How messed up is that? Do you guys think that's fair that he can say she's a "legend", but make her out to be nothing more than just a simple tool? Do you guys think that Cricket made him a better person when he bluntly told her that he no longer needs her as a friend? Members of KH13, you guys, Sora96, Cricket, everyone here is a person, NOT AN OBJECT. No one should be or needs to be treated as a tool, even if you are no longer friends with somebody. No one is slave, pawn, or a servant to any one and their causes or objectives. You can say I'm taking this the wrong way, I am most certainly not. Friendship isn't some little hobby that you can just drop because of whatever reason, it's a driving force for human beings, it's something that brings us happiness and makes us understand that NO ONE, regardless of any situation, is alone in this world. Never tell me that you have no friends or your family doesn't care about you, there's is always ONE person out that is willingly to come up to you and shake your hand. Never forget that guys. A lot of people I met on here are gone, and even the friends that I made, I myself had issues with, but never once had I questioned the quality of our friendships, nor did I say that the friendship is not needed anymore. This is why I'm upset, and this is why I'm not going to let these things slide by. I have seen hypocritical situations multiple times on this site, and I'm someone who does stand up to it, but this one, I am pouring my entire soul into this post because I've boiled up so things about this site. I stopped complaining about the issues of this site since they never helped me feel better, and I had to move on from stupid shit to focus on my high school. Call me immature back then, but I've grown up, and there's no need for growing, all there is is more knowledge and more wisdom. But I've had enough, the injustice created by some people are not being accounted for, and my friend, Cricket, had to put up with so much of it that she actually began to SUFFER. And I don't use suffering lightly, there is no means of over-exaggeration. It's to a point where she broke down, she had to avoid the site, she even had to avoid DC, which congratulations DC, you must be doing something right for her to do that. And this is the final straw that I will send hardship towards Cricket. So to Sora96, I know you were will more than likely report this thread because I'm calling you out, but this is by no means of slander towards you. I have no hard feelings for you, I don't even hate you, even though all those times I kept saying to myself, "I'm really despise this kid", I never thought you were truly a bad person. Maybe not quite bright (that's my opinion of course, you've already proven to me how so, so don't question it) and way too firetrucking egotistical that it pained just about everyone to see, but you were by no means a nuisance to the site. But that status you made that tried to make you look all high and mighty and the oh noez Cricket's leaving, she was a legend excuse, now it's the final out with you. I am fed up with your crap, especially deleting my comment on your status, because that made me more mad than making the status itself. So there's nothing to hide about how you truly are to other people. I honestly do not care how people look at you or treat you after they read this thread, but I'm going to make this thread for people to see this, no matter how ridiculous this all sounds. I'm tired of it, Sora96, and your actions alone was the reason why Cricket left, and was fed up with this site. You broke a rule, you complained about Cricket, you got your way. How is she a legend to you if you don't need her as a friend? No respect bro, and that's why any remaining respect I had for you is gone. You probably don't care. That's fine, but don't think I'm not going to give you a piece of mind for it. And that's all I have to say to you Sora96, because frankly, I already have this hunch that you're going to try and remove this thread from the Personal forum. You'll probably get you way most likely, but any remaining time this thread has is going to for members to see these bullshit being pulled off. If you really REALLY want any redemption, then I expect some form of apology from you, but just know that this is the final straw. Cricket's not coming back, she set her password to something she will not remember. She is never signing in again. Now you can see why I'm calling you out of all people. But I'm not just done yet, I have other final message and that's to you DC. I'll keep this one short though, I don't have much to say. A) I understand that recently members have been giving you a hard time because of this new rule, and because of this new rule, everything has filled with chaos and arguments. I understand that hatok's actions are quite outrageous, if anything, and it was to a point where even I had defended you because it was just pure nonsense, but breaking your own rule does not set an example for the members. If you do not want members to break your rule, do not be a bystander and let it be broken for "special occasions". This is why I particularly grown distrust for you in the past because you did it how many times? And when I confronted you about it, all there was is, "I did nothing to you". Maybe so, but that's being hypocritical and even though you did this action after hatok complained about it after the rule, you did not help your case at all. No hard feelings, I mean, you did bring upon yourself when you chose to open the thread. B ) Are you ever going to grow out of this female mod appointing that you absolutely refused to just appoint male mods (I still don't understand why people like baylaust are still not a mod, I'm being completely serious when I say that someone like him is a perfect example of a mod)? Sectional Mods don't count, especially since those that are male mods don't even had much power than the females ones. I don't even why Sectional Mods was a good idea when they can only control a certain portion of a forum. Now that one of your mods is gone ONCE AGAIN, and the few barely get on to help you prevent further problems, Sectional Mods are not going to solve the clusterfiretruck of problems with your own mod team. Just saying. C) I understand you don't like me for some reason STILL, even though you tried to come to me about letting our differences go, but telling the other mods or the people in the MSN chatroom that I scared away one of your own mods, aka Jeny, none for nothing, but slander against me is a douchebag move, and I really don't appreciate it. I don't go around telling everyone you're a bad admin. I could but what would that solve? It would just make me look like idiot and then just get banned. Not even worth the trouble. Again with Sora96, I don't hate you or think you're a terrible person, but you're making yourself look really bad. D) One last thing, hitting on the mods? Seriously? Don't you have a girlfriend or something like that, unless the only relationship you're carrying around is your hand. Either way, hitting on the mods is pretty much a big no no, and yes, Cricket tells me about it. It's disgusting dude. Look for other Aussies in your area, not random American or whatever girls that you appointed to do work on your forum. Is every Australian person this much trouble? This is more advice than me explaining my opinion, since right now your site is crumpling into massive amounts of chaos, and nothing is really being done about it. So chop chop, because I'm done being around for this dump, and after this point, good luck with some of the people here, you're really going to need it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now that all this is said and done, I have no regrets, and I take nothing back, even if this thread doesn't last long enough, because even though I stuck to giving out opinions and showing the truths to everyone here, some people won't appreciate it and it'll be gone before you know it. I won't pull out the First Amendment freedom of speech bullcrap, but I hope that I'm going to have the right to allow others see this. There is a chance that this may make people angry or frustrated at what I'm saying, hell you might even think I'm a ridiculous sack of shit, hey that's fine by me, but you're still going to read this and find out that you guys need to know some of the stuff going on and understand that these things shouldn't be happening because of it, regardless of any negative notion towards me. I realize that over the course of these four years, I've changed, even to become a complete douchebag to many people. I would say I'm sorry to these cases, but some people deserved it, and that's something to keep in mind. I may act hostile towards a lot of you because either you drive me bonkers or provide unnecessary drama to the site, but never think I'm a bad person. I have good intentions, and I will be completely honest with everyone here with anything I say. Hell, if I have to bluntly say you're annoying to you specifically, I will say it and I will say it straight foward. When I say some things, a lot of you guys take it as a joke. When I say I despise a lot of people on this site, I really mean it. So many people in a span of 4 years has made this site unbearable for me, and it's driven me away. It can't be helped with the mass amount of new members joining the site, but some of you people have not seen the worst of this forum. You think you've seen worse now with this Random Rule nonsense, but guys, it's been worse, and you can only imagine how upsetting it's been for me. That isn't to say I do not like everyone on this site. There are some people here that I do not mind, or at least finally put up with. I'll give you guys some examples. I'm going to bring up my two favorite stalkers, Apprentice and Shana. When you two first signed up on this site, I want to rip my eyes out of my head, you guys drove me insane. And despite me being a douchebag constantly to them, both Apprentice and Shana like me, because they know I'm a good person. I mean, I may of not enjoyed Apprentice's company, but when people made fun of her aspergers or bullied her, you can bet my ass I was going to defend her. No matter what, even if you guys may annoy me, I will still stick up anyone who has to go through this trouble. Let me you give a wise quote of Volitare himself: It's like that, just not in an argument sense- oh you guys know what I mean. Consider it that there a few people I like on here. YOU READ IT HERE FOLKS, THERE ARE PEOPLE I DONT MIND, HOLY SHIT CALL THE POLICE. With that in mind, I'm going to actually put out my Skype to those who actually want to contact me and continue talking to me. I don't expect everyone to add me, nor do I expect those who don't like me to add me, but I'm going to put it out there in case people actually want to keep in touch with me. So my Skype name is dantesmandess15. Add me if you want, but only do it if you still want contact with me. I won't bite, unless you are a person that annoys me, then I might take a nibble. I've got sharp teeth mind you know. Also, in case anyone did not get the memo, I do have a YouTube account where I do Yugioh videos, and if you like Yugioh, go check it out, or just check me out to hear my voice since I do commentaries. That YouTube name is also DantesMadness15. I will check back on this thread later on, and hope that it's still up, regardless if it's closed or not. After that, done with KH13. If I ever come here, it'll only be for the news, and news right now is slower than shit with HD Remix 1.5 or whatever. It's been fun for the first two years, four years is way too much. Goodbye cunts and cuntettes...or just cunts, that'll probably represent everyone. Later...uh need some video to make this goodbye seem like an actual goodbye...SK3 took the ending of Cowboy Bebop....GOT IT, DRAGONBALL Z, PERFECT SCENE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSdFhpmAu4U Feels ;-; P.S. I have no one for Valentines Day Maybe something will miraculously happen and dem kisses being given/received. I'll update on that later. Still going to wear my Bullet For My Valentine shirt anyway
  3. Tom


    You're gonna carry that weight.
  4. Guys. This guy. He earns a like. Take note that I rarely give out likes. He's earned it. I still don't know who you are, and I think you got the wrong person...still. THE LEGENDS WERE TRUE. THE HERO WOULD ARRIVE AGAIN ONE DAY TO SAVE THE LANDS OF HYRULE. This is RoxSox folks. We go way back, Dis guy ladies and gentleman, dis guy. I want you all to treat him with the utter most respect. Either that or you can take a week of waterboarding treatment. It's what terrorists get on a daily basis. Don't be a terrorist. I'm Tom and I approved this message. Also a quick edit, I forgot to sign out soooooo....yeah. Here I am again. Woot?
  5. Where the firetruck have you been.
  6. Sir let me inform you of this joke.
  7. PROTOMAN. BABY. LOOK. LISTEN. Dr. Light say no more forest fires. YOU told me to burn it down. I caught hell for it. Now gimme your shield.
  8. I didn't do it. IT WAS PROTOMAN. HE TOLD ME TO BURN DOWN THE FORREST. I TRIED NOT LISTENING TO HIM BUT I COULDN'T RESIST. But yeah, Protoman did that. Along with the avatar...and the profile...and the member title....and yeah. Blame her.
  9. Then you're not going to like me because I'm filled with the sunny rays of sarcasm. Which means you're accessing my shit, which is kinda weird brah. I don't need no more stinkin' stalkers!
  10. K. Second one is the music video, this one is a challenge. Feel free to leave your thoughts about it Oh no. Oh you existed on here 4 years ago? That's impressive. How come I haven't seen you around? AND I WOULD OF GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT TOO, IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU MEDDLING INTERNET USERS AND THAT STUPID KH FANSERVICE. Here's a little typical meme for you. One Does Not Simply Figure Out Tom. But srsly, figuring me out when I barely sign in? Nigga you crazy. So I've been told.
  11. CHOO CHOO. CHOO CHOO. CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA AH BOOM. MILLIONS ARE DEAD. Yep. I'm here Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10pm Eastern, 8pm Central.
  12. Lame, Genny, lame Funny, it seems that I've been taken by an IRL female companion, but whateves, kinda just in that mood where I really don't care. And I'm a futa. Let's see who gives a shit first in this scenario.
  13. Jimmies be rustlin', rustlin', rustlin'. Genny, the slightly lame blue color to your name is still throwing me off. Oh wonderful, didn't realize I could use another stalker to love me. And preparing to flip titties in 3....2.....1.... Still calling me that? Well, better start fighting over me. Tissues on your right in case you need them. Megaman and Booster? Ah shit, PROTOMAN. WHO IS THIS PERSON? THIS PERSON REMINDS ME HIGHLY OF YOU AND I DONT LIKE IT. That's because I don't make threads about you, and I usually miss out ones that other people make. Oh well, the jokes were getting old anyway. I'm rather surprised you haven't after knowing you since Day 1. And here's my imaginary likes for all you guys liking everything you see fit. Ah, well I believe this is the Shana I know, but we can have try outs if you guys are wiling to commit acts of murder and identity theft.
  14. Alright, so I've probably attracted the old members...that or half of you are going to be Grammar Nazis smelling some of this shit coming your way, which in either case, you're going to read this and say either A) I love you, B) You're an annoying asshole as always, or C) You're Shana and you still love me regardless. Welp, I'll start with the old members or the guys who at least have an idea of my mythical tale of the Legendary Sir Tom, which dates back to the 12th Century mind you...HI GUYS, YOU REMEMBER ME? THAT GUY THAT RANDOMLY SIGNS IN WHENEVER HE WANTS TO AND ABOUT OH IDK 40-80% PROBABLY DISLIKE AND/OR HATE? YEAH WELL HERES ANOTHER PERSONAL THREAD FOR LULZ. YOU SHOULD SEE ME EXCITED! Welp, there's me living the "emo" lifestyle. I mean, look at all the hair on my head! I'm even hiding away my facial hair! God did I change in so little time. Also, spot the two Kingdom Hearts objects in my room, in case anyone wanted to freak out about the fact that I like Kingdom Hearts as much as the next dude. Just make sure you have a box of tissues right beside you to clean all the nerdyness that you got all over your computer monitor. Should probably replay KH1 and KH2 again when I get the chance. OH PS2, DON'T FAIL ON ME NOW. Ahem. So uh, I guess this thread goes out to the older members who wanted to know how I was doing, including some of the people I have on MSN (Hi Space Cowboy!). Yes, I'm once again depressed at the moment, as you can see why I'm signed in (I don't sign in and say hey I'm in a good mood, because that's usually not the case). But uh good shit's been going on. Although I've been getting in and out of this relationship with this girl (exploring "other" options, but hey, I gotta do some of that shit here in New Jersey, gotta get my old mojo back), I can say that a long term relationship is soon to be expected. Wouldn't that be the first of me. Tomster is gotten the feels of love guys, you should be proud of him. By the way, she like Pokemon. WAIT WAIT WAIT, BEFORE YOU COMMENT, TAKE OUT A FEW TISSUES NEXT TO YOU BECAUSE I KNOW YOU GUYS, GRAB A FEW AND DONT GET IT EVERYWHERE FOR firetruckS SAKE. In case some of you guys never noticed back then, around last year I've started do "professional" commentaries on YouTube. And uh I do Yu-Gi-Oh shit, you know children's card games on motorcycles? Oh wait, that was a few years ago. Right now it's card games in space. So I do some of that stuff, if you're interested, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/dantesmadness15 And no, I'm not advertising in any way, I just thought about sharing my channel on this thread, and if you dig the card games, then you're probably dig my channel since I'm starting it back up again. And if you just want to hear my commentaries, that's fine too. Spoiler alert, I sound monotone and I'm nerdy just like everyone else. Not much to expect from me. I've been getting out of my house more...and stuff. You know, you would think living in Jeresy you'd expect the Jersey douchebaggery everywhere, and it's there, but I got a chance to find a group of people who aren't like that. People who are like me, probably like you guys, and overall, you can feel the "difference". It's amazing gais, it's amazing. Brings crocodile tears to my eyes. But yeah, guess social life didn't go down the drain. Also, last year of high school. Remember me when I was still a Freshman on this site? Yeah well now a full fledged, fully matured Senior here on your beloved KH13. Now I got about 5 months until I'm finally an adult and out of school, looking for a job. Not sure I'm excited about it, but uh, we'll see how that goes. It;s only 9:17 at night writing this and I'm about go to bed. This is what happens when you fix your sleeping pattern. I remember the old times writing stories or roleplaying on this site until late at night. Ah the good times, that's when I didn't despise about half of you. Now more than 3 years has passed and humble me now takes naps during the day time and thinks about his so called "future". What a wonderful life its been. Can anyone inform in on this whole Sectional Moderator bullshit that I'm seeing? I come signing it to see some blue names flashing around. I'm only used to green (which is now red), pink, and purple, where are all these colors of the rainbow popping up? Wouldn't it make more sense to just appoint more mods instead of placing people on certain forums? And ah yes, the female domination is still here, since what all of the females got 10 forums and two dudes got 2 forums to cover? Gotta love that. I heard you can apply or sign up for a Sectional Moderator, is this correct? I'd do it for shits and giggles, but I wouldn't get picked. Old Daniel here will probably think I'll scare another mod away, like I so called did with Jeny, I know, can't believe it either right, well I guess it's true since the old coot thinks that way of me. Yeah...well, I'm not here for slander, just here to drop by and say hi, there's no point in talking down on people, not that it would matter since I just come and go as I please. But just know I like to stay open to you dudes about these things. And the uh...stuff that's been going on with hatok. I won't mention him here but I've been told about the situation and I'm a little shocked of what I heard. Shame, but shit happens, and frankly, well I kinda just don't care at this point. Would be nice for some people to send me a PM about all the butthurt, but probably won't read it until like a month later when I remember to sign in again...or if I forget to sign out but just don't visit the site, yeah I keep doing that and I'm just being a complete idiot in doing so. Anyone still outraged with the new DmC game? I'm still butthurt from it since Day 1, and I've played the demo (actually really sweet) but man o' man they should of just not called it Devil May Cry. Uh...Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself to the new members I see running around. So here we go. Hi. My name is Tom. Chances are, we're not going to be friends, But I'm an old OLD member, dating about almost 4 years. I kind just pop in now to see the shitstorms and just randomly place statues and threads for you guys to enjoy, since some of you guys did in the past few I've done. Also, I still like to make fun of Sora96 even after all these years. #FeelPain. If you would like more info about me, check out my page. You can thank Protoman, my lovely White Knight of the West, for making my page. Seriously, thank her, otherwise you'd be trolled by loud heavy metal music right now. There should be a link there about even more info about me, just a way to know me more, or if you already know me, have a refreshment. Even I leave any important details out because I'm tired of writing, insert them below and I'll be likely to give a damn, possibly. Speaking of Heavy Metal, here's a link to some music. Spoiler alert again, you're probably not going to like it. Cheers to metal. I'm actually feeling lucky right now, have another song. Probably won't like this one either, but oh well, I dig this shit. Be lucky I didn't give you guys Korn. That would of made you cringe. tl;dr since I know you guys so well: Hello. You're all still cunts. Goodbye. Hugs and Kisses, Tom.
  15. Hmmm You've seem awfully familiar.

    1. Tom
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      Cyber Shaman

      You're Deathskull huh?

      Nice to see you.

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