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  1. why is coconut cake so difficult to make

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Skai


      And the conspiracy is disproved.

    3. MyDixieRect


      ...Was good while it lasted

    4. Skai


      You missed a 13 that needs to be a 14.

  2. Just a disclaimer that I'm not directly attacking you as this is more a rant if anything since you mentioned animal rights. Okay, this is what I really don't like. I absolutely hate it when people say, "Animals don't deserve the same rights we do," as if the intelligent ones (cetaceans are among the top) don't constitute as people because they are not human. I used to have a friend who proclaimed he LOVED animals and when I told him about how people are petitioning for a Cetacean Bill of Rights and to recognize cetacean personhood, he basically said, "THEY'RE NOT PEOPLE, THEY DON'T DESERVE IT," when they're just as if not more intelligent than we are. If they don't equate to the status of people by not being human, what does that say about intelligent life forms on other planets? Although in correlation to your post about Seaworld, like Koko said, they keep their orcas (and their dolphins too though their dolphins have a smaller chance of going insane) in small enclosed spaces, never being able to socialize with others like them unless they're performing or being forced to breed. They're fed fish with little nutrients compared to the diets of wild orcas (which consist of not only fish but other marine mammals) and they're basically stuck in a bathtub for their entire lives and they go mentally unstable. Not to mention these orcas suffer from dorsal fin collapse which doesn't help their condition. They are basically money making machines for Seaworld so I don't understand how you don't see it as enslavement where they're forced to perform all the time at the amusement of others?
  3. And if you hear that, it's the sound of the progression of racial equality in America backtracking to the day of Emmett Till's murder.
  4. I'm really glad that Andrew Garfield wants Spider Man to be bisexual and have a male love interest. I know the purpose of the Amazing Spider Man reboot was to be more faithful to the comics and whether or not this change actually happens, LIKE YES WOW WE NEED MORE BISEXUAL EXPOSURE IN THE MEDIA AND JUST TALKING ABOUT IT IN AN INTERVIEW IS SIGNIFICANT.
  5. I think the reason they did that is because Lego is primarily marketed towards boys (all you ever see in Lego commercials are little boys playing with them) and is seen a masculine thing to do? Kind of like video games and how "real video game fans" say "girl gamers" aren't "real gamers" or "real nerds". And stressing gender roles from an early age can have a huge impact when it comes to educating them. So I guess what Lego should be doing when it comes to marketing is saying, "Hey, girls can be included and do masculine things too!" /notgoodatexplaningthis
  6. Does anyone have any persimmon fruit and bamboo seeds they're willing to give me?
  7. Does anyone have any persimmons or bamboo seeds?
  8. Does anyone have any apples, peaches, persimmons or bamboo seeds I could borrow from their town?

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    2. TheApprenticeofKingMickey


      and you can take fruit from my town as well if you like. i have a lot.

    3. Oishii


      I have cherry trees >.<

    4. TheApprenticeofKingMickey
  9. okay well this list might seem like much and it was really hard of me to type this up but i did it anyways. i got rid of toxic people in my life and now i have much healthier online friendships i'm really proud of how i educated myself on social justice despite the difficulties my asperger's syndrome presented me when it came to understanding it well, one of the symptoms of asperger's syndrome is processing information at a slower rate and i'm proud to say that i've successfully exercised my brain over the past few years into understanding concepts and processing information faster than i would have had trouble with years ago i managed to survive five work placements during high school despite my anxiety and social awkwardness i excelled in my grade 12 social studies class and was pleased to realize that i'm really into politics and history my stint as a moderator makes me pretty proud (i never thought i would be good at something like that) despite the extreme stress that made me quit in the end being able to finally come out as bisexual despite being terrified at the thought months beforehand and recently with my gender identity. it was a huge breath of fresh air. also the stuff koko mentioned about me growing as a person i'm not sure what else,,,,,,
  10. Andrew Garfield apparently wants Peter Parker to have a male love interest now since MJ has been written out of the Amazing Spider Man 2. Sounds interesting. o:

    1. MyDixieRect


      Why was she written out?

    2. TheApprenticeofKingMickey


      Not sure. Apparently they didn't want to introduce her just yet.

  11. The fact that the Kingdom Hearts forum is above the Community forum makes me kind of uncomfortable.

    1. Caity


      I find it weird to look at

    2. OthersiderME


      same here... this is unnatural

    3. SoraBlade


      ...Didn't even realize the change until now...don't really go there.

  12. It's more like I'm being bombarded by an array of too intense and too bright colours rather than darkness.
  13. Going to see a psychologist from the Autism Society soon. I'm hoping they'll give me the answers I need. ;w;

    1. Deadshot


      hope it goes well

    2. TheApprenticeofKingMickey


      Awww, thanks, Steve. That means a lot.

    3. Deadshot


      Np, anything i can do to help.

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