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  1. Chopping WAS the easiest, but my favorite one was the salt and pepper one. However, I can't believe there are people voting for the EGGS?!?! Brrr~
  2. Too many details and I suppose the game will still be fairly "easy" to people that like that kind of thing, either way. But new abilities are appreciated! "He said that they really focused on exceeding fans' expectations and wanted to do as much as they could. While other games end up cutting various elements due to cost or time constraints, Yasue feels confident that the team was able to accomplish everything that they wanted to implement." This hurts. I think even a couple spin offs were more complete than KH3 in various aspects, so to say that compared to other games, KH is truly complete... it's a bit of an insult to me. Unless he's mainly focusing on gameplay elements and such, in which case I do agree that I liked everything in it and there was variety in the things you could do. (Though I still don't know why we were able to breathe under the sea in Caribbean. Did Caribbean get Atlantis' leftovers?)
  3. I was torn between Roxas and Terra, but only because those were the longest ones. In the end, I think Terra had just a bit better entrance (though still pretty lacking), because they showed the fight between Terranort and Terra and how Terra came back. Roxas' was a cool scene with everything that was going on, but there were barely any actual details surrounding it. Just whoosh, there he is.
  4. When I first became a fan, only KH1, KH:CoM and KH2 were out, so I didn't have much of a selection, haha. I started with KH1
  5. Many can work with KH easily. Inside Out with all the feelings, Incredibles being awesome (but we did have Big Hero 6 or superheros), Brave with badass Merida and nature (but Tangled is similar nature-wise), but I went with Wall-E, cause SPACE! It'd be an interesting concept we haven't seen before. We had Tron for futuristic stuff, but still!
  6. It now makes sense that the game seems to have such unconnected stories and pretty basic stuff without any real relevance. If you make a story without really thinking how it helps the main plot... what can you expect? :'D I know he probably means what he says, but it honestly looks like he tries to throw Oka and the level design team under the bus since the biggest complaint from people who had complaints was that the stories were meh and the pacing definitely needed a lot of work :'D It's as if he tries to disguise his disassociation with that part of the project as a compliment for other people :'D What trend is that which makes you create 3 mods that are all easy? I understand that "games have gotten easier", but 3 modes! They could have at least tried a bit more. It seems a bit cheap to give a critical mode for free and then make people pay for some endgame content. I haven't played any Mix titles, but at least I remember that KH1 had a few hard side bosses, as well as KH2 which were part of the package. Here you only get battlegates and the secret boss is laughably easy if you have gained a few levels (and I'm saying this when I'm terrible at strategy and even I could do it EASILY cause I had leveled up first). Either way, ofc the DLC will include more than that, but I'd think a couple bosses should be released together with Critical. All in all, a fun interview, though the more I read, the more I get the feeling that Nomura is half-assing everything and gets ideas at the last moment, so it doesn't exactly inspire faith in one's work :'D I see they have a ton of projects now, so hopefully we'll at least get some news soon.
  7. Ahh ok, I was sure I had missed or forgot something, since it seems pretty major, haha. I confused the event of Ephemer and Skuld saving our player as an act of the union leaders, so it didn't make sense meeting later for the first time. But yes, now it's clear! Thank you very much for help I can't wait for the new world and story updates to come forth and confuse me once again, haha.
  8. For around 2 months, no supernova medal has fallen in my grasp. Ofc it was my fault since they were mercy banners, but still! At least the KH3 banners had useful medals, but I decided to not try again for any banner until I gather 30k jewls (and I only have 1.4k now :'D), so it won't be anytime soon~ It's not worth it either way
  9. Xehanort was a huge disappointment, because allllll these games and then that ending... /shrug Kairi was pretty much ALWAYS like this, so not much disappointment there :^) I do agree with another user though, that Nomura is the one that truly disappointed me and many fans.
  10. I have seen the difference, but that's the thing. When the new 5 union leaders first met, there were already numerous keyblades sticking out, hence it must have already been the Keyblade Graveyard. How did that happen?
  11. Thank you, that's what I thought too! This brings me to the question I made in my parenthesis, how did the new union leaders meet for the first time in the graveyard when the graveyard itself existed AFTER the war? The data world first existed before the war, because they were already taking dandelions there. When they took our player to the data world, it was during the war, so there shouldn't have been a graveyard beforehand. Was there any explanation that I missed/forgot or no info yet? But yes, that makes sense. Seeing the glitches happen both inside the tower and outside was an obvious sign that no one was in the real world. I had just understood some scenes wrong and came to the conclusion they must have been outside to be able to maintain the data world. Phew~ It's confusing to always be sure of whatever happens. At first they only mentioned worldlines so I had assumed they had changed a worldline, but when they started specifically talking about data, I changed my opinion. So, seeing some comments like that shake my beliefs since they tend to change easily with every new piece of information, haha. I'm glad I was still on the right track. Thank you both for answering!
  12. I like how they put it indirectly that there will be "at least" one game. We all know there'll be way more :^) Although I do like the spin offs, I don't wanna see 3 games before kh4... It gets ridiculous and each game tends to want a different console. Eiiither way~
  13. That must be the most hilarious thing I've heard :^) "Oh nooo, it's just a coincidence that almost every character looks similar to FFvs13's". As for the rest, I'm not THAT excited cause it's either information we pretty much knew or he says "you'll get to know later". Duh, Nomura, we know we'll find out things later, we just wanted something more specific than that. Nonetheless, a couple of things were a bit nice.
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