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  1. Maffy

    KH13 v4 - Discussion, bugs & features

    Thank you very much for the immediate help Happy holidays!
  2. Maffy

    KH13 v4 - Discussion, bugs & features

    Hello! Not sure if this is a bug, but when going on my profile, the activity tab doesn't show anything but a notice: " [[Template core/front/profile/profileActivity is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] " I'm not sure what to do with that? I think it was working before I uploaded a new avatar (that I hadn't changed for yeaaars) if that helps. Thank you in advance
  3. Ohh, I'll check that out too, thank you. The more the better to make sure I won't miss anything :^)
  4. Thank you very much I have enough time, so I think I will go with Everglow; the more details the better Really thank you for the links! I will check the official videos as well, just to see if they complement it somehow, but if they are as you described, I will probably stay away in the end, haha. Also, I doubt we are missing that much about UX. The story is definitely not complete, but I'd guess what will remain after KH3 is out won't impact the grand scale of things to an important extent. Then again, if they want the game to survive for some time after KH3 and after the CRAZY power creep that's been happening now, maybe they are holding an ace. We'll see! PS: I'm SO happy someone answered! After the first couple days, I started thinking that maybe no one will ever reply to this, haha.
  5. With KH3 coming, I want to refresh my memory with every single event that happened (well, the most important ones) and everything that leads up to KH3. I own most of the games (I have no idea of 2.8 content only), but since they are so many, I can't bring myself to play the entire entire series again just for that since it may take weeks. It's been yeaaars since I've started being a fan and with so much waiting, I think I'm not fully ready detail-wise anymore since I probably have forgotten some stuff. Does anyone have a complete and good "story so far" (not the bundle, haha) to share? I think KH13 had some news with the official channel making some summary videos, but I'm not sure if those were done? Thank you
  6. I guess Cure is the true answer, but I voted for "magnet" because I generally avoid magic (and keep my mp for heals), but Magnega was very useful in kh2 and I loved using it, so that was my most used spell consciously. In general, other than cure, I'm not sure what I use the most.
  7. It looks really beautiful, even though I generally had the opinion of buying other kind of keyblades. It's not terribly expensive so maybe I'll get it (if it ships where I am, I haven't checked yet.) Edit: They don't. Oh, the surprise >_>
  8. Effing finally! I refused to play the US version cause I didn't wanna be careful of how I get it and stuff and in case I had to switch phones etc. But yay! Europe version!
  9. I was sleeping and my roommate happened to wake up first and use her laptop, so when I woke up the first thing I heard was about the trailer and I jumped up :'D
  10. They didn't even ask if there's going to be a european release... Thanks :v
  11. What did Europe ever do to them? D:
  12. Well, I don't have a choice. I live neither in US nor UK nor France.
  13. The link from the article here you mean? That was the US link, thus no UK or France there in the country choices. The Europe link is another one (the one that Marcomax tried, I suppose) and only people with IP from UK/France can see the CE :I The rest only get to see the LE. Yup, the rest of poor souls that didn't happen to be born there, cannot pre-order it :I
  14. Only UK and France get to order the CE from Europe. For the rest, it doesn't even show up in the site :v
  15. Are you kidding me? ONLY 4 countries? That is NOT giving Europe a chance >_>