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  1. i gotta drop out of this one sorry for the inconvenience
  2. At a quick pace and heels brushing swiftly against the ground, Anya continued in the same direction before she came across another student and his demon weapon partner. At the other's greeting, Anya simply didn't say anything, instead, a displeased aura sunk into her eyes. On the other hand, Ezra was going to greet them when Anya abruptly stopped, a barrier coming up right in front of her. "What the hell?" She spat in annoyance before a stranger in a cloak appear before the four of them. "...Is this one of the clowns Death was talking about?" Ezra asked a bit hesitantly before the stranger revealed themselves. After Void's sudden outburst, Anya simply lifted her gun, pointing it straight at the female before them. "What does it matter what she has to say?" She stated. "Could it be more obvious that she's a threat?" "A-Anya, wait. Don't just jump to conclusions like that." But she only seemed to ignore him, golden hues glaring harshly at the stranger. "You got five seconds to get out of our way or I'm blasting that pretty little face off."
  3. (throws out my apologies. i was busy...) The two of them listened attentively and silently. As Death concluded, past her frown, the redhead seemed slightly interested as it was showing in her eyes. A small glance was taken towards the other. "Ezra~ You know how much you like clowns, right?" She slightly hummed with a grin as her brother sighed, glancing at some of the other pairs take off to get rid of the threat. "...Let's just rid of all of them." He muttered monotonously before he began to glow, changing into his weapon form and into Anya's hand. The glow went away and a large gun appeared in her grasp. A small chuckle escaped her lips as her finger rested on the trigger. "Aw don't wuss out on me. They're not that scary." A faint mutter could only be heard from the gun before Anya let out a smirk. "Well whatever. Let's get this over with." From where she was observing as to who went where, she took off west, finger firmly rested against the trigger in case she were to be attacked before reaching her destination
  4. Golden optics scanned the the document in her hand as the two of them made their way down to the supposed meeting point. A sigh drew out from the meister's lips as she tossed the letter over to her brother who fumbled to catch it before it fell, apparently tired of reading the same thing over and over. "No surprise there that he would send a letter like this to us. It's been a while since we've even got to go on an actual mission before." Ezra slightly cocked his head to the side in confusion. "...But we've just gone on one a week ago." "What? Some childish assignment that we finished in less then ten minutes? No, I mean an actual mission." Anya crossed her arms over her chest, her brows slightly narrowed. "...Now it's just finding out what idiots will be coming along with us." "I'm sure they won't be that bad. From Death's letter, it sounded like he was summoning the best of the best." He replied with a genuine smile right when they arrive to a whole bunch of bickering and commotion happening at the front of the school, mostly likely a witch's doing being that there was still lingering smoke around. An unamused frown crossed the female's face, not bothering to look up at Ezra, as the mental message of 'I told you so' was surly getting to him. Ezra's hands and the letter found its way into the pockets of his jacket as a nervous laugh escaped his lips. Perhaps it was just best for the two of them to wait until Death started, not wanting to get mixed into all that commotion.
  5. Name: Anya Requis Age: 18 Gender: Female appearance: Weapon / Animal form: Madness form: Appearance is similar for the most part except for a few things. Anya's eyes creates a demonic yellow glow and her hair shows signs of becoming more spikier. A dark yellow aura surrounds her while she is in this state. She becomes more faster an agile when it comes to attacking, showing no emotion Weapon(s) / Techniques / Magic spells: A high tech gun that blasts concentrated rays of energy instead of using actual bullets. How deadly those shots are depends on the meister and the weapon Normal Ability: Agility- Anya's speed becomes more enhanced. Overtime, she has also gained sharper vision, making her shots more accurate when attacking Super Ability: Soul Mence- Anya is able to offensively use her soul wavelength to attack with her bare hands or to increase her speed through directing it out through her feet Death weapon powers: History: Anya Requis is the older twin of the two of them, being older by a minute. Despite her and Erza being the same age, she's seen to be the one that takes charge over things more. Anya and Erza's parents were a meisters and weapons, their mother being a weapon and father a meister. Anya was born a meister, and a rather talented one. When attempted to use her brother for the first time when they turned 5, they had a perfect soul reconnaissance. This only more of the reasons they stuck together like glue, almost never leave the other's sight. Despite not showing it much in her face and pretending that it's nothing, she prefers to stay with her sibling at all times. Ever since coming to DWMA to strengthen their skills, her and Erza only really kept to themselves, not really interacting with any of the other students. Personality: Anya is initially a blunt and cold person, not as welcoming to strangers. She has a bad demeanor when it comes to the way she talks to people, being very sour with her choice of her words, which includes her brother. Although, she never actually means the words she says towards Erza and actually deeply cares for him. Being that she's the older twin, she has a tendency to act protective over her sibling when someone decides to disrespect him. It's rare that she makes friends with anyone else besides her brother. Name: Erza Requis Age: 18 Gender: Male appearance: Weapon / Animal form: Regular Form: Carnificenm Mode: Madness form: Weapon(s) / Techniques / Magic spells: Requis Shot- A regular attack in which Ezra shoots out powerful bullets of energy Necro Carnificem- One of his more stronger attacks in which his weapon for changes form slightly. The energy of his blasts becomes more concentrated, shooting a large laser instead of short shots. In this form and with Anya's precision, he can act like a rifle as well. ​(more will be added as the story progresses) Normal Ability: Super Ability: Death weapon powers: Ezra is able to change the radius in which his energy shots fire. They can go large to civer more ground for damage or become more narrow and concentrated for a deadly shot. History: Ezra is the younger of the twins and due to his easy going personality, he's more submissive towards Anya and her bossy demeanor. Being together since birth, they've grown a strong bond with one another after creating a soul reconnaissance. After their parents sent them to DWMA, they've mostly stayed together as partners, and a talented pair at that. Although he does try to interact with the other students on some occasions, Anya would usually complain about it. Personality: Unlike his sister, Ezra is more accepting and open minded towards people. He's more of a soft spoken type of guy and has a lot of patience for people. Despite the fact that Anya does talk a bit rudely to him, he's known her long enough to know that that's how she is, and never gets offended by it. Even though he likes getting to know new people, especially other demon weapons, he prefers to be with his sister. He does tend to get violent however if his sister gets into a drastic situation where she's hurt, but it's rare for that to happen S O U L E A T E R
  6. It'd be nice if we could see some more animes that are not adaptations from a manga or light novel SAO II should honestly be called Gun Gale Online, like seriously, they aren't in freaking SAO anymore. Also, SAO II is boring me even though I gave it a chance The whole Subs vs Dubs debate is stupid. Let people watch what version they wanna watch. It doesn't take away from the anime itself. I'll go for dubs first because it's in my native language but if i have to read subtitles, I will. Deadman Wonderland needs another season RWBY isn't a goddamn anime. Unless the fanservice is as bad and ridiculous as Eiken, it doesn't bother me.
  7. "You actually did it..." She sounded a bit shocked as she stared at it. It was a legit portal, however where it lead to was unknown. Sonya slightly blinked at her question. "Oh me? Ah- " The first thing that came to her mind was her bike that she used to plow down heartless that just happened to be in her path. Although, such a thing couldn't be considered much as a weapon,as she was simply throwing caution to the wind. Her hands moved onto Naomi's shoulders. "Don't worry about me. I've managed to take care of them using my wits after all. I'll be fine." She said firmly, although she was trying to convince herself that she would be okay without any means to protect herself. Sonya turned the female's body around so that she was facing the portal. "But come on, we need to get going before anyone sees this thing here."
  8. "Well, having your eye ability, you could say that you were always special." She sighed as her arms crossed. "It's like a sword. You use it to kill these things called heartless. Although, there's none around here so we're fine." Sonya raised an eyebrow at her in surprise before glancing away. "You know- a thing to get around or something. Like free transportation." She rubbed a finger to her forehead. "I dunno, hold the keyblade in front of you and imagine one popping up. I can't do it so you have to." She said this as a bit hastily, wanting the girl to make one so they can leave before her family changed her mind and tried to come after her.
  9. Sonya followed behind the female, slightly waving back at the speechless family before softly closing the door behind her. A small sigh escaped her lips before looking over to see that Naomi has out a weapon, a familiar one at that. "Eh- Whaaat!?" She pointed a finger at the keyblade in shock. "You're a keyblade wielder!?" She remembered her run in with Ciro and sighed. "Yeah..it probably is. But you do know how to use it, right?" She only reckoned that she didn't, being that the girl already had amnesia or something. She tapped a finger to her chin in thought, her other hand sliding into her jacket pocket. "Ah whatever. You'll learn somehow. But for now we need to leave here." Her eyes went back to Naomi. "Do you know how to make one of those portal things?"
  10. Sonya blinked, a bit dumbfounded, at Naomi's response. She didn't exactly expect her to agree and had a feeling that she was going to have to drag her along if she needed to. This made things much easier for her at least. "Y-yeah. Of course." She watched Naomi disappear around the corner for a few minutes, slightly staying silent as her eyes slightly shifted over to her parents and brother, as they were, too, a bit caught off guard by this. They were probably going to hate her for taking their daughter but for some reason, she wasn't really caring that much, as she had her own goals to accomplish. Sonya watched as Naomi came back with a few things in her hands. I didn't mean a road trip literally! Although the case in her hand caught her interest, as if a sword was in there. She was beginning to wonder why Naomi would have such a thing in her possession at all. Regardless, Sonya planted her hands on her hips, a cheerful grin on her face. "Thanks! Odin's a real cool guy. You'll get to meet him once we get him out! We can even try and get your friend too. But..." She pointed a finger over to the case conealliing a weapon. "What's that?"
  11. Sonya looked rather uninterested as she saw their father sent flying across the room, calmly taking her medicine. She wanted to shout 'I told you so!' but she was wasn't in the mood for it. Another gulp of her water was taken before the water was placed quietly on the table, slightly clearing her throat. "Well, is that not enough proof for you or does she have to severely injure someone in order for you people to get it?" A slight glance was taken towards Naomi before she continued. "But anyways, there's this place called the Heat Haze. Apparently people die on the 15th of August with another person in order to be brought back to life and get abilities like the ones Naomi and I have. I died with...my brother....and he's stuck there so I'm trying to find a way to bring him back. So-" A hand was placed firmly on the table. "If there's any way I find out how to get my brother back, I would like to know. Any information would be appreciated." Her brows narrowed as they dared towards everyone in the room, her tone darkening. "And don't you dare protest with me that that daughter of yours haven't died before. That's the only way she's able to do that." Sonya got up to her feet and crossed her arms. "Unless you don't mind me borrowing her for a small field trip to find others like us. I can be like a big sister to her after all~!" Her eyes averted themselves away from them. And I would love to leave this goddamn place already... Meanwhile It was rather rude for people to stare with weird looks on their face, especially at a person who just got brought back to life and doesn't know where she is. As she was receiving many stares, Anya was also feeling rather drowsy. The goggles remained off of her face as she walked out the streets of Hallow Bastion, not bothering to utter a word to anybody despite trying to find a way back home. Meanwhile, a familiar man walked out of a clinic that she happened to be walking by. It was Ciro, his face still somewhat cringed in pain as there was a white looking bandage across the bridge of his nose. He slightly waved back to the nurse that escorted him out before his eyes fell on Anya, silence drifting over him. She too stopped walking, as he was blocking her path. He noticed that her eyes were red and quickly placed his gaze elsewhere. Anya slightly raised an eyebrow before slightly huffing. "You're in my way." She muttered, crimson eyes glaring at him. "You don't happen to be wearing contacts..do you?" A frown made its way on her lips. "Why the hell would I be? Now move out of my way." He was about to say something else when he found himself taking a step back without thinking. As he was baffled, Anya simply walked past him, rather annoyed. "W-wait just a second miss!" He reached to touch her shoulder. Just as he did, Anya swung her arm at him to shake him off. "Nng, get off of me!" Although Ciro caught her arm before it could hit him in the face, a smile placed on his lips. "Do you realize what you just did to me miss?" "....?" A small pocket mirror was pulled out of his pocket and held in front of her face. Her eyes widened as she saw that her eyes weren't their natural brown color. "Pretty neat, huh?" Anya pulled her arm away. "No it's fking not!! How did this happen to me?!" So she's not aware of her eye ability... Ciro clapped his hands together, amused. "Just an ability that you possess. Apparently you can control people somehow. But-" A finger was raised up. "You've yet to fully understand how to use it. so how about letting me mentor you?" A hand was offered to her as she just stared at it dumbfounded. There was a slight silence before she snickered and turned her back to him, crossing her arms. "And why should I trust someone like y-" "You did seem lost here. Perhaps this isn't where you live? I can always take you to your desired destination." Anya fell silent before she glanced back at him. "..Really?" "Of course! I don't lie, although in return I would like for you to do me a favor." "And what is that exactly?" Ciro simply brought out his keyblade before opening a portal. "The specifics can always be discussed on the way. shall we get going then?"
  12. I really don't see why people are so persistent on having Kingdom Hearts become an anime so they can complain about it later when all their favorite moments couldn't get put in or some other stupid thing like animation or whatever. Kingdom Hearts is a long series, so it's really too much to mold into an anime. I don't mind the manga but geez people, a Kingdom Hearts anime is never gonna happen. Period.
  13. The brunette walked in and looked around for somewhere to sit as there were no chairs, just cushions on the floor. An eyebrow slightly raised in confusion. They don't believe in chairs here? A slight shrug of the shoulders before she sat down on one of the cushions and waited for their mother to return. When she came back, she went straight away to dabbing her cuts with rubbing alcohol with cotton swabs. Sonya didn't cringe at the stinging though, as she was used to this by now. She always used to her herself after doing something stupid and Odin would patch her up. If anything, this was bringing back nostalgia. She looked over to Naomi and her father, listening in despite them speaking back in their native language again. "Ah..." She immediately butted in, even if she didn't know what they were talking about. "Did you know that your daughter has amnesia? Or that she's pretty violent for that matter?" This was probably going to make Naomi look bad but she was still persistent for answers.
  14. She looked around as they she approached their dwelling. As expected, it was different from her home in Twilight Town. She stayed silent as Naomi spoke to her parents before feeling a push from behind. "Hey, don't shove me like that!" she hissed before looking back at their father, slightly blinking. Not knowing whether he even knew english like his children did, Sonya slightly waved her free hand as a greeting, not knowing whether they even took that as a greeting here. She pretty much gave up with trying to talk to anyone here besides Naomi and Ren. Judging from his reaction, he didn't know about Naomi's eye ability either. A slight glance went down to Naomi, an eyebrow being raised. Perhaps she'll finally tell them...if she even remembers at this point...
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