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  1. You're not the only one, I had a tough time attaching the keyblade to his hand. At times it felt I was gonna break the fingers but they still held on. I used a flat head screwdriver to pry the hand open enough to get it on.
  2. After myself and other people brought it up during their 2.8 live stream earlier today, they mentioned they'll look into it: https://clips.twitch.tv/squareenix/ExcitedJackalHotPokket
  3. Actually they do. I was able to preorder the mug from Amazon JP. Unfortunately they couldn't ship the Lea Keyblade keychain here. A friend of mine preordered Utada's new album and the mug from Amazon JP as well.
  4. Update: The official Japanese Square Enix e-store has updated with the Kingdom Hearts mugs, as well as Lea's Keychain from Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. The release date for the mugs is September 10, 2016, and the Keychain will be available on November 28, 2016. The original article follows. New Kingdom Hearts series merchandise has made it's way on to Amazon Japan's website for pre-order, including 2 new mugs and a keychain of Lea's Keyblade featured in Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. The mugs feature artwork of a Shadow Heartless and Sora's crown surrounded by a pattern based on Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. Last but not least, there is also a new wallet style smart phone case decorated with a KHUX design now available for pre-order through the Japanese Square Enix E-Store. The two mugs will be available in September of 2016 for 2,200 yen each, while the keychain of Lea's Keyblade will be available in November of 2016 for 1,900 yen. The smart phone case will be available first, with a release date of August 30th, 2016 at the price of 4,940 yen. You can find images of all the new merchandise below. Thanks to Twitter user @aibo_ac7! Which item do you want to get your hands on the most? Let us know in the comment! Click here to view the article
  5. Hi there, Mr. Churro. :) I see you were looking at my profile. xD anyways, it's nice to meet you.

  6. I'll be by his side so you can follow me too: @churroz
  7. Which is why I endured news reporting for 14 years lol. It can be boring waiting for news but when it comes, it comes unexpectedly which creates stress.
  8. They don't sell any merchandise at the booth. It's just a big booth with a huge screen that plays trailers, game demo areas, and their Square Enix Presents live stream booth and the inside of the booth where staff and meeting rooms are. E3 does have it's own merch booth outside of the halls where you can buy shirts/jackets or other things like battery chargers or selfie sticks. One year they even sold condoms, lol I wish I was kidding about that. The Nomura roundtable interview was last year, Square Enix set it up with me and I got everybody who was part of the fansites in there. You could invest in a tripod and a cell phone holder like a glif and attach it to the tripod so you can do your own style of recordings. I carry mini ones on me just in case. Don't get too nervous, I'll be at the event too. Just take it easy and have fun and just come up with a bigger plan than just covering KH because once you're done touring the booth, there's a lot to see.
  9. All these questions were based on everything we learned from the trailer from all the translated Japanese tweets before we even saw the trailer. People asking why didn't we ask about the English Unchained X release is because release date questions get answered with "Cannot talk about it". Nomura doesn't really have a say when it'll get released outside of Japan. That's all the local branch teams working on localization and QA with the games. Also Square tells me whenever I meet with Nomura to not ask for release dates, spoilers, or anything else related.
  10. Right now we are hoping this won't affect Downtown Disney (where Disneyland of Departure mainly does it's event). But we are currently waiting to have a group meeting about how we are going to approach this since most of our group is finishing up finals.
  11. A new Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ commercial has released today in Japan. The commercial shows a girl wielding the Starlight Keyblade as she appears to be travelling through the 2D version of the Disney worlds, Wonderland, Agrabah and Dwarf Woodlands, as seen in the game. We then see some in game footage that showcases Unchained χ style of gameplay and the commercial ends with the player enjoying the app. You can check out the commercial below: Have you played Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ yet? What are your thoughts on Square Enix's new commercial? Leave your responses in the comment section below!
  12. It was! I don't believe I remember you though! I was running around testing out Periscope in that garage area.
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