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  1. You have some good points. There has to be something with the black coat and Darkness.
  2. It's gonna be interesting to see what direction the series will go in from here on out. I'm wondering if it will be a more heavier story. But at least 2021 will allow people who want to play all of the games for the first time to catch up.
  3. I personally would gives this game a 7. The ost is perfect as ever and while I am missing some of my favorite song such as Disappeared and The 13th Reflection I feel satisfied with the sound track. I actually had more fun with the gameplay than I thought I would. It took a bit to get used to but again was fun. It has a ton of collectibles which is great. I’ve always loved Nomura’s art and this game doesn’t disappoint. The story: In conclusion it’s not a bad game if your a big fan of the series and love the music. But if your hoping for a full and detailed recap and the franchise moving forward you’ll be a bit disappointed
  4. I have a theory that it's Sora. I mean isn't the Book of Prophecies worlds based on world and friends he knows or will go to? Also there's picture of the Kingdom Key and a Shadow heartless in it, the first type of heartless Sora ever encountered. It could be a version of him from that time period. Though I could be wrong.
  5. I think it's my second favorite game in series after KH II. It's a very fun game but if I had one nitpick it would have to be that the game feels sparse in content. But that's my own opinion of course.
  6. Im not afraid to admit that I teared up at multiple points in the game. It really is fantastic.
  7. "I've been having these weird thoughts lately. Like is any of this for real or not?" Seriously though it does feel strange about how close we are.
  8. Day 24: favorite trio? I'm going with Terra Aqua and Ventus cause their story is so sad.
  9. Day 23: Basically that Xehanort was another person entirely. Also that Xehanort can travel through time.
  10. Remember "Now in Development"? In all honesty though I think when I first start it up for myself I'll freakout. This series made up a huge part of my life and now that it's almost over I am a little bit stunned.
  11. Day 22: My favorite member of Organization XIII is Xemnas however I also like Xehanort if we can count him because he is the one who created it.
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