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  1. keyslinger

    Today is a sad day indeed

    It's terribly sad. He brought so much happiness to peoples lives. He'll always be remembered.
  2. I have the strange feeling we'll be getting a trailer soon.
  3. keyslinger

    Important Message To ALL PS4 Owners!

    Thanks for letting us know.
  4. This game gets better with each announcement doesn't it. They got all the actors they could to make it authentic.
  5. Huh thats interesting. I've never heard any of Skrillex's music sounds interesting though.
  6. i feel bad for him. But if he enjoys it then all the power to him.
  7. Got the deluxe edition with the figures! I'm so excited.
  8. The new stuff was good but hopefully there's another trailer for the sony conference.
  9. keyslinger

    Coverage: Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2018

    I had a mini heart attack. I hope they post the trailer soon.
  10. keyslinger

    Release Date Reveal Idea

    This does seem like a thing Nomura would do. Maybe he would say "information is Coming soon Please be patient"and I have another idea for the end of the trailer instead of 2019 it says Now in development and then it changes.
  11. keyslinger

    Release Date Reveal Idea

    I think everyone would riot faster than the date would change.
  12. keyslinger

    About the last page of the ''prophecy''

    My theory is that either Luxu or the MoM used the keyblade to somehow transfer their hearts into Xehanort and influence him to produce the events in the Book.
  13. Im still in shock that it's coming out this year. I remember when I first saw E3 2013 trailer and how excited I was.