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  1. If it makes you feel any better, in the japanese version, once you get to lvl 200 or so with all HP ups, and have almost a full deck of 6stars, you can survive a lvl1 or 2 boss attack, if they only have a single hit, and you get defense up S or M to activate...haha... Or, you know, there's always the last live(second chance/once more in english) ability that will come out eventually.
  2. [Luxen Vulpies] *Old Thread: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/90343-vulpeuskingdom-hearts-unchained-x-english-party/ Members *Those who have not logged on in the past 30 days must relinquish their spot to a new member if there is no more space left [JPN SERVER] Current Member Count: 30/30; Spots Available: 0 {MAXED} [NA SERVER] Current Member Count: 26/30; Spots Available: 4 Once the NA game is released, or if you want to join the Japanese party, post below with your Player ID if you wish to join! Our Party's Ranking for 5/1/2016: [JPN] 185 [NA] ... Proof in posts below Welcome to our party's official thread! We started out as an English speaking party on the Japanese servers to aid players in playing the game in a foreign language. However, now that the game is having a North American release, we are expanding with a second party in the NA servers! You are welcome to join the NA and/or the JPN server parties, just note that both parties mainly speak English. Group Activities! Our party is avid at Raid Boss Events, with plenty of active players who aim to rack up the Lux for our party! Along with chatting in the in-game chat box, we also offer a lively out-game chat using the messenger app 'Whatsapp', where members can do anything from co-ordinate Raid Boss attacks during the 'Golden Hours' to having casual conversation. Participating in this chat is purely optional, as we keep the in-game chat up-to-date with all of the party's announcement. Rules: 1. Just as stated above, if you don't log in for 30 days or more, you risk losing your spot in our party. You will not be removed if the space is not needed. 2. If you need help understanding the Japanese or are confused about some new news post, ask. If you see someone else asking a question, answer if you can. This isn't so much as a rule as it is our purpose. Our party is made for helping everyone out, so don't be afraid to ask questions! 3. Having casual conversation in the chat is encouraged, you can use it for more than just questions! Beginners guide for the Japanese server made by our wonderful member, Rinax: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/95381-khux-beginners-guide/ Despite the language changing, the UI should still be the same for the NA version.
  3. Nice, the foxes need all the help they can get. Invite was sent.
  4. I guess you're right, I mean I don't know actors so I had to look up every one of the names, but that's probably just me.
  5. Maybe I'm just actor illiterate but it would be useful if you put which game/version of xehanort each actor voiced to make it easier to remember. Leonard because reasons
  6. Confused I am. Grammar we must.
  7. That's probably a good idea Lol, no problem. If you ever come back to vulpeus we'll probably still be here.
  8. Yup we have spots, I haven't updated the first post in awhile but we usually get between rank 50 - 100 on a weekly basis. Just post your ID and ill send an invite.
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