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  1. They updated the notice saying that Proud Mode comes in January. I guess that's enough time for F2P/C2P players to get enough guilt? lol who am I kidding? Proud Mode is nearly impossible for people with terrible RNG. Our party members that still play INT actively don't even have a chance. Even for the very few who (also don't play anymore) did get a premium medal can't even guilt it. I don't know how they expect normal players to participate in Proud Mode.
  2. That's it? That's all to the epilogue?

  3. Holy mother of Kingdom Hearts. That Chi ending.

  4. It definitely does lag. A fellow party member or two has it crash on them. Lag was the main reason I used an emulator to play while at home. The reason is probably just a weak device. But who wants to shell out double the amount of money just to play a game smoothly? You'll just have to avoid those abilities. Also, as a warning, Riku Replica (not in INT yet) has the same ability/animation.
  5. Team Instinct! There is no shelter from the storm!
  6. Move aside Valor and Mystic, Team Instinct is where the best trainers are! just kidding I'm playing only with wifi, unfortunately, so I finally got to level 5 today. Nothing spawns at my house, so I have to walk to my internet provider's "free" wifi around the malls and whatnot. It's not officially out in Canada (yes, I got the apk. I'm sorry), so once it is, I'll be wandering out with my friends. I was lucky and caught a wild Pidgeotto...with 46 CP. <THERE IS NO SHELTER FROM THE STORM>
  7. Canada. I've taken a peek with an .apk, but it gives me an error once I create my character, so... Yeah.
  8. If anyone uses emulators to play, the update breaks it, just like the JP version. So make room on your phones, or tablets, or whatever.
  9. July 1st was our special day. So nothing.
  10. >Checks Steam wishlist >Everything is on sale >Cheers



  13. Time to get Marluxia and Zexion again. I'm confused on why they brought Sephiroth back since there are four limited medals they'll be skipping. Square Enix NA does what Square Enix NA does.
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