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  1. There's ALOT of mental gymnastics going on here in an attempt to defend trash. "Well it's a mobile game it's normal to have pay to win" really dude lmfao
  2. I don't like the drop. Future bass or whatever, doesn't matter, it all sounds the same: EDM, dubstep, future bass, or any of the 1 million different variations of it. Don't blame people for not knowing the different styles. There was this comment that perfectly captures why people don't like this particular part. It kinda goes like this: "Imagine Interstellar with EDM". The song could have done without the horrible drop. Sounded like some stupid generic childish Youtube intros that are practically everywhere. It just doesn't fit. And no, it doesn't pump me up. I keep trying to convince myself that I'll like it more if I keep listening to it, but I just find myself stopping the music when it's about to drop and I'll listen from the start again. And don't compare this to Simple and Clean and Sanctuary, the new song is completely different from those two. They don't have that garbage modern crap Face My Fears has. Love the rest of the song though, it would have been just fine without crappy EDM/Future Bass(I don't care what it's called stop lecturing me).
  3. Yet another EMC in which I always don't have enough Jewels for, since I ran out of story quests, and stuck on Ava. No permanent Jewel quests, lame daily jewel amounts, just no way to get any jewels without spending money...
  4. This is what I got for today's pull. Didn't screenshot the actual pull because I was mad admittedly. You see those first 4 selected medals? Yep... I have never been so done. The only good medal I have was the Larxene one. TR Donald lowers enemy defense for 1 tier, for ONE ATTACK, and to top that off it has a THREE GAUGE COST. What a complete waste of hard earned 3000 Jewels. I'm F2P and I've pulled for every single epic medal pull there was, and have gotten nothing good for all of them. And quests 400-425 is a legit paywall. Why does the NA version have to suck so much a**!? Sorry for this rant but it's gotten WAY out of hand...
  5. Japan is more generous with its own users than the rest of the world.(Or Square Enix of NA is running the NA version? Idk). 3000 jewels per week, and it's permanent and completely free! Khux NA is like the ghettos compared to Khux JP. The struggle is real...
  6. I can't seem to get more of the Queen of Heart medals anymore. Now I can only farm the Cards. This sucks for me because I need only one more 4* QoH medal, and the only way to get it is to one-turn the target enemy in the Legendary quest...
  7. There seems to be a problem in which the special attacks of medals such as Xigbar seem to be too "intensive" for my phone and it just crashes. So I'm sitting here with a maxed out Xigbar, not being able to use it to its full potential. I have a Samsung and some of you might know that these phones always have some sort of problems. So it might be that(SE did fix that quest crashing bug though). Does this happen to any of you?
  8. If the constant server maintenance problems are passed on to the English version, I'm going to be severely disappointed. I downloaded it on the release date and still haven't been able to play. The 800MB download plus the constant server maintenance, it's quite troubling.
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