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  1. yea i got SP roxas and and the other roxas like a few weeks back, and i got sp xion when they first released the trio. i was hoping for axel this time around. ohwell =/ also i can most certainly guilt the queen i had a lvl 5 queen with 1 guilt before i got all of those....so yea~ fun lol
  2. this pull is some sort of sick twisted joke.... all i wanted was Axel i have both xion and roxas i just wanted axel to complete the trio >_<
  3. You shall be Xammed ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

  4. positive i didn't im using judy&Nick with defense boost II, timelessriver sora, aerith with defense boost I, minnie with poison, sephiroth with attack boost, and then a random shared medal which i tend to just normal attack with i dont use its special unless its a heal medal. maybe she hit me when i didnt have the defense up maybe i forgot to use it =/
  5. 5110 hp, i agree very weird all her attacks dont do as much dmg but randomly she does this one attack that will take me from full to 0
  6. i had the defense buff from the judy and nick medal, and a defense boost II that triggered when she did the attack, it still took me from full to zero
  7. OHHHHH i see hahaha yea i dont have access to either of those welp i guess ill continue to mess around see what happens ^ ^ thanks ok sooooooo she does this attack that takes me from FULL HP to 0 HP ....is that random or is that something she does when she reaches a certain amount of HP cuz i had her down to 4 bars left (not x4 but actual 1 full hp and 3 mini hp bars...if that makes sense to anyone) and then she killed me when i was at full hp like JEEZE
  8. as i stated above no one in my party has alice. also no one has namine. im not in a huge party im in a party that i made with a few of my friends. what does SGD stand for is that sora goofy donald? how would i take off her attack boost? how do i know when she is on defense or when shes on attack? thanks for the info ^_^ well one aerith has defense boost the other has a status effect on it, i guess im ok with the one defense boost ill try that out thanks ^_^
  9. nope no one with alice medal, =/ i honestly hate minnie medal i only equip it when need be. (which seems like i'll be doing) yeaaaaa my only def boost medals are my medals that boost dmg like aerith and judy. sooooo...throw minnie on ladyluck...however if i do that i only get room for 3 more six star medals. i'd perfer not to use jewels to revive myself cause i want to get the 150 jewels from this.
  10. welp i tried i managed to get into 5997....then instantly got kicked down to 6040 place on the high score ranking and im out of ways to get my score any higher =/ sucks cuz i really wanted that medal
  11. slightly annoyed with this highscore bs >_< i didnt get the last one they advertised...or the one before that i can never make it high enough to get those medals why do they do this >_< and i have yet to pull roxas, xion OR axel i want atleast one of them! and i ended up pulling the TR sora in the last one -_- and im up there with you kingdom kid i have 160Cost i can have 4 6stars IF they all have -10 from cid =/
  12. i guilted her last night honestly i found guilting her to be alot easier than snow white, and easier than the KH3D ones simply because i i could farm 4* queen's and 4* cards in the last level, yea it takes awhile but i had some pretty decent luck and i actually got all the queens i needed after doing all the missions once (actually i had 1 extra LOL) in the end i got super lucky with my end result because when i fused both my 6*'s i got 25% first shot soooooo i dont have to make another
  13. i wanted to try my luck i was hoping for some attack medal that was not a story medal but blah that was awesome as fck
  14. THIS is why i cant stand having story medals in the jewel draws!seriously.... olette my guarenteed 6star is a freaking story medal and the worst one of them all!!
  15. i hope they bring these medals back at a later time cause there is no way im getting high enough in the rankings to get a darkside medal within 2 days i thought i would but i need more cid medals and more cost on my keyblades >_<
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