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  1. Epic KH Fan_13

    Official Leopardos Union Discussion- NA

    Hi there My id is 31961
  2. Sooo you want it to be like KH1...?
  3. No. Card system made the game unique,and i really like making my own deck and stuff...and the whole point of the story is that you use cards to enter worlds and fight because you visit the worlds from your memory,and you lose all your abilities from KH1 once you enter The Castle Oblivion
  4. Epic KH Fan_13

    A Rant About Kingdom Hearts.

    I second that
  5. Epic KH Fan_13

    What is your favourite Kingdom Hearts game?

    Kingdom Hearts 2 DDD is pretty close but KH2 is something special :happy:
  6. Epic KH Fan_13

    Some Drawings of Mine

    WOW Your drawings are amazing..
  7. Epic KH Fan_13

    Next-Gen consider. Are you gonna wait?

    Well, I don't have a Ps3, but I'm gonna buy a Ps4... So I'm gonna wait for it to come out on next gen (if they release it on Ps4)
  8. Epic KH Fan_13

    What planet are you from?

    Gallifrey :happy:
  9. Epic KH Fan_13

    What continent are you from?

  10. Epic KH Fan_13

    What country do you live in?

  11. KH1...cause it has just 2 dificulty levels But i don't see the point in beating other games on beginer if you can easily beat it on standard...
  12. Epic KH Fan_13

    Laughing so hard right now...