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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I require at least 3 dead cattle for every outfit
  2. Loki! Where are you? Did your brother Thor finally kill you or something?

    1. Loki


      Dont worry my fellow hooved friend. Even when my brother tries to keep me away eventually he will come to realize how much I am needed.

  3. Says hell cut spending and reduce the deficit but wont tell us specifics on how hell do it No one wants a voucher system for healthcare Old people wont vote for Romney when hes going to take back Medicare benefits ObamaCare introduced Everyone knows the deficit will never get under control if he drops tax rates on the wealthy Arent Mormons those people who practice polygamy? That’s not going to fly Romney supports “No Child Left Behind” which gives federal government too much control over education Were not going to be energy independent when he wont explore green energy sources Likes to destroy the Earth by calling scientific data a myth, i.e. global warming How long are we going to stay in the Middle East Romney? Romney would rather ship out all illegal immigrants than to give a chance to those that are earnest working people The white card can only get him so far The government should not end federal aid to Planned Parenthood Americans dont want the government to be so carefree about gun control Oh, you support banning gay marriage in the constitution? Way to firetruck us over Romney. Why do you people still take me seriously?
  4. No one believes hell cut spending when hes spent so much in his first term No one wants ObamaCare Old people wont vote for Obama when hes going to cut spending for Medicare Everyone knows the wealthy dont pay tax hikes made on them. They just pass it on to the lesser man by increasing sales cost “Barack Hussein Obama” a Christian man? Whatever you say Obama supports “Race to the Top” grant which gives federal government too much control over education Were not going to be energy independent when Obama is killing the coal industry and oil drilling on federal property Likes to spend federal money on myths, i.e. global warming How long were you lying about a video causing the attack in Libya Obama? Obama would rather hand out citizenship to all illegal immigrants than make sure our borders are secure The black card can only get him so far Federal taxes should not go towards providing abortions Americans dont want the bans on guns Obama supports Oh, you support gay marriage but youre not going to do anything about it because you think it’s a state issue? Way to firetruck us over Obama.
  5. ...I think Im a bit high from these sharpie fumes

  6. Is it sad that I knew the answer to all these and I havent even played the game? I dont even remember where I learned the last one from.
  7. I also like stories with a darker side, whether fantasy or not, so Ill just list some of my favorites and let you check them out Time Keeper by Mitch Alborn The Giver by Lois Lowry Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher Loki by Mike Vasich 1984 by George Orwell
  8. So, yeah, theres a guy I like and today we went one on one. He killed me three times, the last time with an illegal head shot. Makes me want to scream in frustration.

    1. Geralt
    2. Loki


      Well Im glad it amuses you

  9. Why am I independent? Because I dont want to identify myself with a party. I feel like it would be a flaw for me to possibly become emotionally attached to one side and have it cloud my judgement. I also would rather judge candidates as individuals. Their political views are of equal importance to me as how I judge their character as a person, even if all politicians are liars. And, sorry to drag religion in, but its important too. I am Buddhist and believe all life is suffering. Politics seems to be the epiphany of suffering. I can at least choose which individual will be the least excruciating of choices. You can see why I dont want to closely affiliate with such sufferable people.
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