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  1. I am pretty open minded about any version they choose of online mode.
  2. You do not need to be a master to have armor though.
  3. Actually it is not his soul = the soul does not leave the body because it is it's life force basically. It's his thoughts manifested.Nomura:13: What is the true form of Lingering Spirit?After Terra lost his body, his thoughts gathered into his armor. At the end of Terra’s scenario, Master Xehanort had commandeered his
 body, so his thoughts took control of his armor. Afterward, the armor 
stayed in the Keyblade Graveyard, until KHIIFM where “Lingering
 Spirit” went up against Sora. Because he saw that it was not his chosen
 one, Riku, using a Keyblade, but Sora, he grew suspicious and thought he
 had something to do with Master Xehanort and attacked him. After fighting him, LS feels Ventus inside of Sora.
  4. Have you read any of the posts on this thread? There is only one true way to forge the X-blade as Xehanort stated himself not only in the report in BBS but then admitted in DDD himself that he "screwed up." The way in BBS was false and it was incomplete just like the Kingdom Hearts shown in it.
  5. Happy birthday Sister . It's hard to not celebrate in person anymore since you moved to North Dakota. I miss you .
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