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  1. So many good scenes in this series, even in the "bad" games. My favorite scene is probably the whole Riku-Ansem scene sequence, and Kairi awakening to a fading Sora. SOO MUCH HAPPENING. If I had to post one not already posted I'd go with.... My summer vacation is...... Over :sad: :sad: Also end of 358 days is pretty feelsy.
  2. Very Very interesting. Kh2 was pretty good, but Roxas was interesting. Let's just say 358 ends with Roxas beating Riku, and kh2 is Roxas trying to defeat the organization, beat Xemnas, and free kingdom hearts. Sora's prologue could be him in his subconscious or something trying to fight to awaken, and ends with him accepting Roxas as the hero.
  3. Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved.
  4. Kh1: Riku-Ansem - Difficult. Climax of game, and end of best world. Sexy voice, fighting bff for girl. Epic. Com: Kind of difficult- None of the bosses really stick out, I like them all, but none stick out. I like Lexaus's fight, but I think I'll go with Zexion because of the build up and meaning, even though I'm not a huge fan of the fights play. Kh2: Xemnas final - My favorite fight to date. Just all around bad ass. Lasers. Days: Riku - One of the coolest fight scenes to date. BBS : In terms of actual gameplay it's kind of annoying, but Lingering Will vs Terranort, or Terra vs Xehanort is probably one of the more cool battles, and one of the few bad ass Terra moments. Re coded: Data-Roxas- Really cool fight actually, and means more than most people think. DDD: - Xemnas
  5. It's much more likely we see Riku-Ansem guys, except without sex voice this time :sad:
  6. COM/RECOM is the best executed (not best) game in the series in my opinion. It could have been a failure, but very few flaws in this game, and I love it.
  7. Tier 1. 8. Unchained x. - Actually kind of fun, but really not even a side game, and more off a spin off. Tier 2 7. BBS - Oh boy. I don't mind how they went back in time to tell a story. I don't mind how they introduced a new trio. I don't mind new gameplay. I just don't like the way they did it. Probably my biggest disdain about this game is how boring the characters are. This is by far the worst trio in any way you try to shape them in my opinion. I also hate playing through a story three times. 6. DDD - This is bridge between 2 and 3 and boy does it collapse in comparison to COM. Very short, Sora's annoying, continuance and the ruining of Riku's character development, time travel, and gameplay is not great. Flowmotion is fun though, and I do enjoy how they continued some of the side elements such as what happened to Lea. The amount of keyblades don't bother me as much as some people. The good thing is I don't think they necessarily need to continue down this path in kh3. 5. Re coded- If the bridge between 2 and 3 would have been just this, I think I would have been okay with it. It's a side game that would just barely tease what the next game was about. I think it does what it does well. It focuses on a point throughout the whole game, and that is about all the people who have been hurt throughout the journey. The only problem is, this is pretty much all it focuses on, so it is nothing more than a DLC. Tier 3 4. Days - I really actually enjoy this game. The character interactions are top notch, and probably the best in the series. No game made me feel for characters like this game did. I know a lot of people hate Xion, but I enjoy her contributions, and how she made Roxas and Axel not just sheep of the organization. I think it's a side game that really establishes what it's purpose is. Only problem I have with this game is that it is quite limited by the DS. The graphics, gameplay, music, ect were all hindered by the DS's capabilities. I really think if this game got remade, it would be in my top 2. Tier 4 3. Re Com - This is a game that was destined to fail. It was originally on the gameboy, had weird gameplay, and following one of the highest rated games ever. But everything was executed perfectly in my opinion. I really enjoy this game. It is THEE perfect bridge between my 2 favorite games. It may be a "side" game, but it really takes it's own twists and turns, and is its own story while connecting the games. The story is unique, the characters are unique, and the gameplay is fun in my opinion. I know people hate it, and I do prefer 1 and 2's, but I enjoy being able to set up my sleights back to back, and being able to use them strategically. Also Riku's mode was done very well. It was short enough, the gameplay was fresh enough, and the story was very intriguing. A game that was destined to fail, but that had perfect execution, and that's why it's in the top tier. 2. KH2FM - When you add the FM experience, it is VERY hard not to put this at one. I truly think this is the one Final mix that actually can purely change your opinion on a game because it adds so much depth not only to the gameplay, but to the story as well. This is a great game. It certainly has the best gameplay in the series. The Roxas/Sora story was very intriguing, and epic. The start, middle, and ending are VERY epic, and top notch. The only problem I have is between those points, the story can lag a bit, but I give it a break because it sets up the climax. 1. KH1 - I really don't know what to say about this game. There's just something about the lore of this game. I love the worlds, and I think they have the best design, and incorporation in the series. I really like how they made all the worlds a part of the overriding story. Hollow Bastion 1 is still my favorite world, and sequence in the whole series. It's just incredibly epic. I also like the whole Ansem thing they did at the end instead of having Malificent the final boss. Sora is at his best this game and his development is amazing. The bosses are amazing, and the little extras in this game are really what set it apart in my opinion.
  8. Agree with Shinobi. 358, and Recom really did the side story aspect well, while keeping things interesting. Even Coded had decent direction. BBS and DDD just take the series in an awful direction.
  9. I saw my own shadow on the day a trailer released. It was a 3 o clock shadow. March Release confirmed. It was also at 11, so the March 11 is looking like the release date. As for the year. You'll have to wait for my next shadow, but I don't go outside so it may be a while.
  10. For a game I criticize, I was still right. I am still extremely hype about it.
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