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  1. Honestly, I haven't played enough of FF XV to know for sure, but looks pretty good.
  2. Hey guys, Tag here. Been a while since I posted anything, but I need your guys' help. I am making a KH 3 fan game in RPG Maker, and it's my own interpretation of what KH3 will look like. It is called Kingdom Hearts 3 RPG Maker Edition. What I need from you: Experience coding in RPG Maker Sprite designs GUI designs and more. If you are interested in this project, by all means, reply to this post and I will make sure you get added to the Dev team. Let's hope that this turns out well. Thanks! Tag
  3. I think we all want that. Me: "Don't heal me!! I already use Cure!" Donald: "Sora!" Me: "Damn you Donald!!"
  4. Hello everyone. I recently saw that Skywardwing uploaded to his channel a wishlist for what he wants in Kingdom Hearts 3. Well, I am going to do the same thing. Without further ado, let's begin. I want the worlds to be all inclusive. By this, I mean all the events and characters in each world. I want the events leading up to the end of the movie that the worlr is based on, as well as the characters. I will use a possible Frozen world as an example. I want to see Elsa cause eternal winter, Anna going to confront Elsa, and everything else leading up to the end of the film. Next, I want there to be a definitive end to the Xehanort saga, no strings attached (a secret episode leading up to the next game would be nice, too). I want every. Question. Answered. Pretty self-explanatory. I would like to see casualties, maybe even a death. This is the end of the Xehanort saga, and I expect there to be casualties. Last but not least, I want to see Ven, Xion, Terra, Roxas, and Namine be restored, and Aqua saved. What do you guys think? And what is your KH3 wishlist? Let me know.
  5. 998 hearts hang on the wall, 998 hearts. Will I lose, I fear All I hold dear, 998 hearts on the wall.
  6. Excellent! Thought no one would catch that. I assumed they would all say Axel. And yes, they are purple.
  7. No problem! Look for me in-game. Character's name is Hikari.
  8. Sorry that this died out. Will try to fix that. Now, this next one is difficult if you don't pay that much attention to detail, and have never played 3D.
  9. Sorry that this is late; I was inactive from KH13. I think that you can email Square Enix and they will help. Check online, not sure what their email is. Hope this helps!
  10. Hi! I am recruiting for a Leopardus Party in Unchained X. What do we do, you ask? We are a casual group, where we mainly just hang out and chat. This Party was founded on Monday, July 25, and we are recruiting. All Members of all Lux levels are welcome! Yes, even someone just starting their first steps as a Keyblade Wielder! Some of our rules:Be kind to others, even the newbies.No hazing.Help others!A bit about my character:Name: Hikari (Japanese for Light, which, for new players, is a key term in Kingdom Hearts).Level 49.Daily Unchained X player.Hope you will join!
  11. All of those who answered, I am going for First Gen. Based on your opinions, I have gone with Bulbasaur in FireRed.
  12. I am playing Pokemon (not for the first time) and I would like to know which Starter type is the best? I've always gone with Water, did Fire once, but never Grass. I hear Grass is good, but it also has the most weaknesses. Anyone know? I'm a person who likes to be dominating the different Trainers and whatnot if that helps (which is why I choose Water a lot).
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