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  1. The most likely thing going through my head right now is, that the MoM locked something away from himself, shattering the only key into 20 pieces (13 of darkness, 7 of light). To unlock it one must use all pieces alone or the combined ones in form of the X blade. What's inside though? I don't know, could be anything with relevance: 1. The X Blade itself 2. The MoM/His Heart 3. Kingdom Hearts 4. A Lost page/Book of prophecies Really I don't think we can guess this right now, all I can tell that I am 100% sure that the Master of Masters name is "Super" or some form of superbia, like I said in a theory months ago. With this name now standing on the sigil on the chest, I am sure that's the MoM name. Second thing I am sure of is, that the MoM is being represented by a lion and that you need 13 pieces of darkness and 7 of light to unlock the chest. What's inside though is pure speculation.
  2. Hey guys, so some time ago I posted this theory: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/99011-kingdom-hearts-theory-the-master-of-masters-is-vanitas/ In short: The Master of Master is being represented by the Lion and the deadly sin of pride (latin = superbia). As I've mentioned in the theory, the foretellers, Luxu and the Master of Masters are based on the seven deadly sins. 6 out of the 7 deadly sins were already put into KHX, so the only one remaining was pride - superbia. In the Final 2.8 Trailer you can see a box. I think it clearly reads X Super. X - Super perfectly connects to the name of the Master of Masters. Plus the inner of the Sigil looks like it could fit a Lion perfectly. The next thing I noticed is that there's 13 spikes and 7 pieces inside the sigil: I think it's pretty possible now that my theory about the name of the MoM is right. Also I think the sigil was made to lock away something really strong. Either the MoM locked away his own heart explaining why he disappears or he locks away the X Blade with this and you need the 7 pieces (of light) for the Middle and 13 pieces (of darkness) for the locks outside to free it. Maybe it's both and the MoM is strongly connected to the X Blade or Kingdom Hearts itself. Really interesting stuff, but I don't have enough time to go in deep like I usually do when I see something like this. Wanted to share it no matter what, I hope we can discuss it a little, here's the pictures I made of it to see the stuff: http://imgur.com/gallery/fzj0i
  3. Yeah it's funny how you joke about something, but when you actually think about it and start digging behind the scenes, it's scary how realistic it could be
  4. So I was wondering which anime to watch next and I came across Fullmetal Alchemist. Theres the normal one and brotherhood. As far as I understood you can watch brotherhood without knowing the other one, is that correct?
  5. It could, this has still to be seen. Some people think that Ventus might be a dandelion who slept in the Realm of Unchained. If that's the case, The Master of Masters Vanitas could have gone sleeping into his heart similar to what Ventus does with Sora. This would be a way they could be the same person. However, I think it will at least be that he got named Vanitas after the MoM.
  6. UPDATE POST Hey guys, I am here to post a little update on Skuld today! I have done a little more digging into her (that sounds weird, no pun intended) name and I have found some new little things I would like to share here. Like I said, Skuld is named after one of the 3 norns from norse mythology. These stand for past, present (Ephemera) and future (Skuld). However, Skuld doesn't simply mean future, but rather destiny. It means the future that has to happen because of the things that have happened. I found this very interesting and looked up the Kanji for it. The Kanji for Destiny is "Shukumei" and means future that is determined before birth (look here). The first part of スクルド (Kanji for Skuld) also has the starting of Shukumei in it. I think this just perfectly fits the Kingdom Hearts world and theme of destiny that is going on there. This is exactly what is going on with young xehanort who follows his destiny and also with the "darkness will prevail and the light expire" thing in KHX. Thought it would be interessting, greetings guys.
  7. You are really trying to tell me obvious stuff? I think everybody knows the timeline of the games and what happened in them. What this is trying to proove is that throught some sort of connection, Vanitas and the Master of Masters have something in common. Maybe it's just the name and it could be that the Master of Masters has nothing at all to do with the Vanitas that we know. But Xehanorts Master seems to have knowledge about the events that happened in KHX, he told Xehanort about it, the Keyblade war, the foretellers and perhaps, the name of the MoM. In honor of the MoM, Xehanort named the being of pure darkness he extracted out of Ventus after the MoM, Vanitas.
  8. Nice words and you actually speak the truth. The reason why I am hyped for KH3 at the moment is, because we are getting KH2.8. I know that sounds weird, but let me explain. Since KH0.2 will be very close to the graphics and combat of KH3 and both KH3D & KHXBackcover are going to connect to KH3 this games makes me hyped about KH3 because I know once I have finished 0.2 I want to have more since it will not be enough to satisfy my thirst for some Next Gen KH Gameplay
  9. Yeah why did they take Exeggutor? Tropius would have been the much better choice for such a design I think. This Form of Eggy looks horrible
  10. I really like your ideas and here are some of my thoughts on it: 1. I also think we will get some form of trailer, San Fransokyo is very likely I think, and maybe we will see a completely new world, where we could speculate some days on what world it may be before they tell us. I guess this would be fun. Also I would love to see Riku, Kairi and Xehanort in their KHIII renders, I think they would just look absolutely cool. 2. I don't know about a story trailer. When it comes to these, I don't really want to see too much story before playing the game myself. I really want it all to be fresh and new when I see it the first time. If they are going to show us something, I hope it's only something minor, maybe some disney world plot that doesn't matter that much in the big picture. 3. I don't think we will get the release date. And I also don't think that KHIII is coming in 2017, even if there's some things hinting towards it. I guess March 2018 will be the time we get the game, hopefully I am wrong 4. Treasure Planet was one of my favourite movies when I was a little boy, so I would absoluteley love that! There's just so much potential for possible world designs and stuff like this, I really want to see this come true. Also other worlds on my wishlist are: Atlantica (where we're actually on land when Arielle becomes legs and wants to reunite with Eric), Jungle Book (one of my favourite movies as a kid), Wreck it Ralph (I think this could work greatly taking the datascape into consideration) and last but not least, my all time favourite the lions king. 5. UTADA HIKARU THEME SONG OMGGGG!!!!!!111111eleven Ok sorry for freaking out, but I would absolutely going to jump on a mountain if that happens. Announcing that Utada Hikaru is back making the music for KHIII would just kill it. Along with that, play the KHIII version of Dearly Beloved or something to us *__* 6. Kingdom Hearts 3: Unchained I would call it. I can see this event happening. You can see they're going a similar route with FF15 and KH3 so far, they give both games a movie to release before the game (X Backcover // Kingsglaive) and I would love to see them giving the dieheart fans the pure fanservice event like they did with FF15. I wasn't even caring for FF15, but after watching this event I was totally hyped and instantly preordered it. I can't imagine what I would've done if I actually cared about the game before this event. They could showstuff like: a) Utada Hikaru & Theme song b) Cover Art for KH3 c) Special KH3 demo where you get to play as Kairi that is not available in the game itself d) Gameplay Trailer e) Story Trailer f) Special Edition & Collectors Edition g) Release Date So you see there would be enough things to show us that would be absolutely insane Greetings, DommeUG
  11. Hmm I thought about it again. Like I said that was a spontaneous idea I had yesterday and I just gave it a little thought. After rewatching all these scenes and hearing what HMK said on the topic, I felt there must have been something similar that has happened to Riku. I guess it's still possible that he sought out for other worlds because he once was (kind of) a vessel for Xehanort when he got possesed by Ansem. However, I have to agree with you guys that it kind of would take away his developement as a character that has mastered the balance between light and darkness.
  12. Yes I can kind of understand your thinking, which is why I am not sure if it's really Xehanort himself who is behind this, or if it's kind of the next enemy after the Xehanort Saga. Young Xehanort said it himself, that Master Xehanorts Weapon is the most ancient one and that it is a will passed down. This will, after Xehanorts defeat will need a new Vessel, where Riku could be a candidate. Also it's never stated that Riku is resistant/immune to the darkness, that's just a common thing that people misunderstand. And yes I understand where you come from, since Young Xehanort mentions in one sentence that he buld kind of a resistance, but what young xehanort doesn't know is that right before this, Riku says "Accepting the darkness and return it to the light" when talking to Ansem SoD. Yes Riku knows how to handle darkness and how to use it, but because he uses it he cannot be immune to it, that makes no sense at all. Using it he proofs that he has darkness in his heart, he just can control it. But that also means, that Xehanort has the darkness in Rikus heart which is needed. Terra too could control and use the darkness, Xehanort just happened to be stronger than Terra, and I am sure that he would also be stronger than Riku when it comes to fight over his body. Riku might have overcome the possesion by Ansem, but not alone since Sora beat the hell out of him. And Xehanort as a complete being will be stronger than Ansem. And still being influenced to see other worlds doesn't make a little kid not be afraid of the darkness. It was his heart that didn't fear the darkness at all and this I think is because it already knew that this was the path destined for it. Another spin on this theory could be, that when he was shown his destined path as a Xehanort vessel, Sora was not taken into consideration (which was why Xehanort had to replan). So he knew his path, went down the path of darkness, became possesed by Ansem (so kind of was a Vessel) but then the Sora-Factor came into play with which Xehanort didn't plan because Sora wasn't meant to get a keyblade in the first place. That ruined the plan, Ansem, Xemnas and so on got defeated and they had to rebuilt the 13 darknesses.
  13. Riku says that he didn't start thinking about there being other worlds until Kairi came from another world. I think that this could be a catalyst that pushed his heart to lead him stronger into his destined path. Since I still think it's a little weird that just because of Kairi and Terra's visit he's not at all afraid of all this darkness when Sora clearly is feared and tries to stop Riku being swallowed into darkness. So what I mean is that Kairi/Terra acted as a starting point for his heart to lead him onto the path that was branded into his heart.
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