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  1. Hallowseve

    Will KH3 be Fully Orchestrated?

    I would imagine KH3 will have an orchestrated score. KH1.5 & 2.5 were orchestrated and remastered upon release, and I believe 0.2 and Back Cover were orchestrated, too. I hope we get some news on an official soundtrack soon, surprised we haven't heard anything yet. A dream for me would be a KH3 soundtrack that includes bonus music from 0.2, Back Cover and KHUx.
  2. This is a really interesting discovery and changes everything! It got me thinking, what if it is Riku Replica and he has a much larger role than we expected? What if he played a role of some sort in Aqua's "downfall"? That could pose interesting and also make Riku Replica's overall role larger.
  3. Hallowseve

    Analysis of the Trailer

    This trailer has got me speculating like crazy! Also, great screenshots, this part of trailer really flew by. I'm starting to think there's more to Aqua then what meets the eye. Yeah, we know she's become a vessel, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe she knew this tragic fate was going to happen to her. She's been stuck in the Realm of Darkness for a long time and it's definitely affected her. What if someone, likely powerful, pays her a visit and is there to "claim" her as a vessel? She fights them and ultimately loses, but before completely becoming a vessel and "succumbing to darkness", she somehow sends Eraqus's Keyblade to Destiny Islands. Like she makes a massive sacrifice. That'd be epic. Sorry, really in the speculating mood. Also, I do hope we save Aqua. She doesn't deserve a fate this awful!
  4. Hallowseve

    Is Xion Really a Seeker of Darkness?

    There's two ways of looking at this: the first, more obvious and noticed point is that it's Xion. The second, less obvious, more speculated point is that it's Aqua in a black coat. If you look closely they have the tanner skin, that's a common trait for Xehanort's vessels, but they all don't possess the exact same skin color. Also, their hair usually turns white or gray while this hair has the "Aquanort" color. Personally, I'm moreso leaning towards the fact that it's Xion, but it could also be Aqua. We all know how much Nomura loves playing with us and getting us to think. If it's Xion, which once again, I believe it is, this would really be a big deal. We know that KH3 is all about saving those connected to Sora's heart or at least that's a major plot point. As we all know, Xion fades away in KHD, her death had a major impact on both the characters - her friends, and us - the fans. We know Sora's going to be trying to bring people back in KH3, and I hope our favorites do come back, but if Xion was saved so easily, her death would be almost pointless. If Xion ends up being a vessel, that still makes her death meaningful and impactful and it would weight heavily on both Roxas and Lea; it would also inspire and give Lea another reason to fight to save his beloved friends. Now, if she gets saved, which she likely will, her return will have been worth something. Once again, if Xion is revealed to be a vessel, and I hope she will be, this is a huge deal and it'll have a major relevance in the story. Regardless, Nomura is going to be taking us on an emotional (both positive and negative) train ride no doubt.
  5. Hallowseve

    (SPOILERS) Randall confirmed to be in KH3...

    I have always been a fan of the Monsters, Inc. films, so I'm glad to see Randall will be the world's Disney antagonist. I expected him to be, but wasn't sure. This is going to be awesome.
  6. I said before I wasn't expecting a trailer, but I was very wrong and I'm glad I was. Every time a trailer drops, I get more and more excited for this game. As I always say, the hype train continues!
  7. Hallowseve

    Expectations for Gamescom 2018

    Maybe we'll get an interview at best, but I don't think we'll see a new trailer until TGS.
  8. To me, the FF characters play a small, yet relevant role in a much larger story. I hope this doesn't mean no more FF characters in KH though. I would honestly be disappointed. I enjoyed the scenes with the Hollow Bastion restoration group, the Cloud and Sephiroth story, as well as Zack's story. Fingers crossed that FF characters will still appear in KH games.
  9. Hallowseve

    KH3 Confirmed For Youtube Live at E3 This Sunday

    And the hype continues... this hypetrain never ends.
  10. For me, I don't want to see a Marvel world in KHIII, but I'd be fine with it appearing in the next saga.
  11. Hallowseve

    Will you play Kingdom Hearts game after KH3?

    I just want to thank you for acknowledging how big of a Vanitas fan I am. I really want to see him get more development, and I believe he would be the perfect anti-hero post-KH3.
  12. Hallowseve

    Will you play Kingdom Hearts game after KH3?

    Is this even up for debate, haha? Of course I'm going to continue playing the KH series after KH3. I love it too much!
  13. We already know the story for KHIII is going to be juicy. Personally, I'd love to see the supporting characters, supporting villains and minor yet story relevant characters (Hayner, Pence, Olette, ect.) get some development.
  14. Hallowseve

    Atlantica CONFIRMED to be in KH3? For real?

    I think she's just a summon... I HOPE she's just a summon. I didn't mind Atlantica, but I'd rather they put 100% into new Disney worlds and content in the worlds that have already been confirmed.
  15. Square Enix blessed us with those trailers. I was so excited to see Monsters Inc. confirmed as a world, some more Corona gameplay, Rapunzel and Flynn, Vanitas and Marluxia's return, Utada Hikaru's new song, Riku and Mickey's new designs and their little scene... it was just so awesome! The hype continues!