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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. You alright there? :biggrin: Oh well even if they don't show KH3 at E3 it's finally coming this time...in a few years :ph34r: Half-Life Fans would love to be in our position trust me :biggrin: PS:If they don't show 2.5 Remix News at E3 tho...I will join you to scream once more :ph34r: :biggrin:
  2. It's not like there are millions of copies of KH1,KH2 and basically every game of the series out there Oh wait....THERE ARE Good firetrucking Lord are you people dense Square Enix did not recreate the first game from scratch...the reverse-engineered form a Retail Copy of the Game There's no way in hell they could have recreated KH1(or any game for that matter) exactly the way it was without any sort of reference
  3. Just scream at the top of your lungs now and get it over with...there's very little chance KH3 is going to be at E3 knowing how Square operates these days
  4. I love how you basically read 3 lines of my post and not the whole post Is that what people do nowadays? OK suit yourself I wasn't raging though but I guess you didn't read my post at all and you just read some sentences...I was just going full on Sonic Nerd/Fanboy Mode...but whatever You getting offended by my post is the most ridiculous thing of all...how you could get offended by an insignificant thing like that I have no Idea The FF and KH Fanbases aren't any better...in fact most Fanbases suck...the only legit good fanbases you'll find out there are Fanbases about Games with Cult Following Fanbases of Popular Series always suck I don't associate myself with that Garbage Fanbase btw...most Sonic Fans out there are furries...and the ones that aren't still buy the games and support this series no matter what(even if it turns out they dislike the game) which is something I'm against I'm not a Fanboy of this series(or any series in general) despite how much I could praise the good games in the franchise I like some games in the Sonic series and hate alot of them...thought Sonic had a huge potential at some point of time but crashed and burned pretty fast...it's a shame that Crash and Spyro are dead while Sonic gets to live on churning awful/average game after awful/average game
  5. Look kid...we're not idiots...we don't need explanations...especially from fanboys such as you We know how much time a remaster takes...about 2-3 months at most Square is not an individual you *****(censoring this post so some mod doesn't delete my post like they did some previous times) it's a multibillion dollar company with hundreds/thousands of employees working on single games The sooner you stop being a "Square's White Knight" the sooner you will "Grow up" Have a good day...sir
  6. Well I did post an extremely unpopular opinion but noone seems to have read it I can redirect you to it if you want http://kh13.com/forum/topic/23439-the-unpopular-opinions-thread/page-186?do=findComment&comment=1409014
  7. Ah good old Spongebob...no matter how terrible Season 4-onwards is...Seasons 1-3's legacy will continue on for a long long time
  8. Man...don't kid yourself...Gohan,Goten and Goku all look the same They all have the same face...that's all that matters Gohan's hair was always different from Goku's but his face was exactly like Goku's LOL I love AT's Art Style but he has "Same Face Complex" like most Manga Artists out there Bulma's Daughter also looks like Bulma herself...and Android 18 sorta reminds me of Bad Launch BTW Speaking of Launch...Akira Toriyama's reasoning on why she never made an appearance in after Dragon Ball is that he simply "forgot about her"...Screw you AT <.< DB>DBZ
  9. The Character Design change just gives me the idea that this team has no clue what they're doing with Sonic(not that I'd blame them tbh since Sonic is tough to figure out how to be good in 3D).Tails looks even worse and even more of a Nerd then he already was(in fact he hasn't looked respectable since the Classic Series his Modern Design always made him look derpy and I hated how the Adventure Series made his personality insecure when he was a badass in Sonic 2 and 3 and saved Sonic multiple times before...and he even had his Super Form with his Flicky Army of Death which was awesome...so why the hell make him insecure in SA1...it makes no sense...Tails was a strong character ever since he was introduced)...Amy looks slutty in the redesign(but they should just drop Amy altogether...ugh) The main problem I have with these redesigns are they're wearing so many stupid accessories...like the bandages and shit...and yes Knuckles looks stupid...this is the kind of character redesign I would expect from some Deviantart User not professional artists who work in the Industry Come the firetruck on...putting the Modern Design in Sonic 4 was a slap in the face to many people when they saw the title "Sonic the Hedgehog 4"(though in hindsight since Sonic 4 sucked I'm glad the Classic Design wasn't in it) and then rubbing salt to Injury they put Classic Sonic in Generations And Sega trying to convince us that the Classic Series links with the Modern Series makes no sense at all since if Sonic 4 happened before Sonic Adventure why the hell is Sonic even taller in Sonic 4 then in Sonic Adventure....and the fact that both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic are 15 years old as stated on their respective manuals says it all So as far as I'm concerned the Original Series and the Modern Series(Adventure-onwards) are on a whole different universe(and to me Sonic is a whole different character from Modern Sonic...kinda like Megaman/X) But what can you expect from Sonic Team when they were trying to convince us that Sonic's Story and Knuckles Story in S3&K happened at the same time lol(which makes no sense at all) That is an awful choice(I don't get the popularity of SA2 tbh...it's a bland game at best...not great,not horrible...sometimes ok....sometimes awful)...though not as bad as Sonic Unleashed or Sonic '06(yes there are "people" out there who enjoy Sonic '06...ugh) SA2 had some good parts but also some really shitty ones(Knuckles/Rouge levels,Tails in mech(I didn't mind Robotnik on Mech cuz it made sense))...the level designs were more linear than in SA1 but I loved Final Rush(even though most of it was grinding on rails)...that's like the closest Level Design I've seen to the Genesis games in 3D But the game has alot of problems...introduces some characters I don't care for(Rouge,Shadow and GUN Soldiers),the game's artstyle starts to be more realistic(which is a downfall from the art style in SA1),story is awful and wants to make me puke(same as in SA1),you fight a generic monster at the end(same as in SA1),turns out Robotnik has a grandfather who tried to destroy the world(which is pointless as all hell) and lastly Cannon's Core and Mad Space can go firetruck themselves The way I would describe SA2 is a very disjointed and inconsistent experience...I could go on and on about what I don't like about SA2(and any Sonic game in General) but this post is already long enough as it is...all in all SA2 just isn't that much fun for me to replay and that's a huge flaw in a Sonic Game The controls are okay(mostly for Sonic/Shadow),Music is great(yes even the horrible rap I enjoy for some reason),playing as Dr.Robotnik is cool(at least as a novelty) but that's about it I guess...still think it's worse then SA1...the Sonic Stages in that game were consistently better,the Knuckles levels were far more tolerable,the Tails levels were actually fun cuz you get to fly around(even though it sucks you're constantly forced to race and have no time to explore),Gamma levels aren't as long.Amy and Big suck but their story is far more shorter than Knuckles/Rouge so it's not too bad in comparison and the Music in SA1 is even better than in SA2 Overall the Adenture Series is a very mixed bag....and I prefer Sonic Advance 1 over them both
  10. Are people still defending Square in here?This fanbase can be delusional sometimes
  11. Akira Toriyama:Hey! I resent that....Gohan looks nothing like Goku....nothing at alll
  12. I judged Sonic 4 based on 3 seconds of gameplay and it turned out to be awful Sonic Boom reminds me of Sonic Heroes and no that's not a good thing...at all And the new character designs are even more horrendous then the usual modern ones I can't see anything to be excited about Sonic Boom personally I'd like this franchise to be dead already as much as I love the Genesis games...I don't think Sonic will ever reach those heights again sadly Won't happen though...I'll just have to sit and watch as they destroy this franchise more and more
  13. But a port doesn't take a long time man...wake up They have many people working on this...there's no reason it should take this long None of the other HD Collections in recent years took anywhere near as long as Square takes with their collections And before you mention the Re:Coded Movie(which is pointless as all hell anyways) they're not really making it CGI or anything that would take the movie a long time to render...they' just doing the same stuff as the 358/2 days movis...making some low budget in-game graphics which don't take that long If they would have actually remade 358/2 days and Re:Coded fully I'd understand(and considering most of the stuff 358/2 days uses are KH2 Assets it could have been easy to remake it)
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