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  1. I have a Windows phone, so even if it was out in English, I wouldn't really care about any news like this...
  2. Or the people who paid for the event should be shown exclusive content, since they...you know, PAID to go. What's the point of going to any event if it'll all be shown online eventually?
  3. Hikari, the orchestra version. That song gets me every single time I listen to it.
  4. eBay, man. People are selling them for only thirty to forty dollars.
  5. Still waiting for a Windows phone announcement...or the Android app support announcement for Windows phones.
  6. Bloodborne is made by the same company that makes the Dark Souls series, and all of those games were on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Bloodborne was PS4 only. A lot of people went online complaining about it only being on one system, like everyone is with 2.8.
  7. Anyone else getting Bloodborne flashbacks from all these threads like this?
  8. You're a bit late on the news, actually. The release year was announced a few weeks ago. =P
  9. Well, first of all, of course all a company cares about is making money. Without money, they can't make more games, or more of whatever they're business is. Some companies care more about their fans than others, but at the end of the day, every single company in exsistance wants to make money in some way in order to keep going. Even charities; all they want is money because otherwise they can't support anything. And about the money thing; yeah, sure, it gets expensive if you're just getting into the series today, but from my perspective, it doesn't seem like a lot; I bought each game as each one came out. Well, sort of. I played KH1 in 2004 when I randomly stumbled upon it as a kid, then KH2 two years later, then Chain of Memories for the GBA shortly after. So, that's about thirty dollars spent for one day, then about forty or so spent two years later. They were for systems I already had owned and was given to by my parents as gifts, so to their eyes, adding to my collection wasn't that crippling of a desicion considering the timeframe. Then, this continued on and on for the other games, so I won't get into it further. But, you don't HAVE to buy the games. You don't NEED them. It's your own fault for spending hundreds of dollars for buying the stuff, not Squares. They didn't threaten you or anything to buy it. But yeah, to YOU it may seen expensive, but it's all about perspective. Sorry to say that, if you don't have the money, or you can't afford to spend money elsewhere, then tough. That's how it is with everything in the world. I have a job, so I can easily pay for every game that I want that comes out, but it's at a steady pace, so I'm not crippling my savings by doing this. And now about the story; I love it. It's got that ridiculous complexity that I love, but isn't TOO complex. It takes a little homework to understand, but it isn't hard to follow whatsoever in my eyes. If you want confusing, play the Metal Gear Solid games if you haven't already. Speaking of, I felt that it should have ended at MGS4, but I still loved all the games after that expanded the world and story events, and I loved discovering what they were going to show next. The same with KH; I love every game because it expands on things that we didn't know yet, and makes what was at first a simple universe into a much bigger one. But anyway, the story is a matter of personal opinion with any series. So, with that said, I will gladly buy 2.8. I want KH3 as much as you, man, but I like to look at this as Square Enix giving us one last thing to hold us over before KH3 is released and is still being developed, instead of just a cash grab or letting us sit here with no news at all while we wait. But, at the end of the day, you're allowed to hate on it's flaws as much as you want. It clearly has some. This isn't me trying to change your mind, but just giving you my two cents on this.
  10. Kingdom Hearts X Unchained would be the only game I wish to come over to PC. I have a Windows phone, and those don't have any of the modern day popular apps...
  11. Xehanort is the sixth foreteller, I tell yah! But I dunno. Never played KHX and I can't play KHXUnchained because I have a Windows phone, and it seems like it won't be coming over to that and I won't be able to make a good guess to it.
  12. Don't really see any huge differences, really. I don't think a full sixty dollars is worth it for just updated graphics, and I don't really care about pre-order bonuses or anything like that.
  13. Random question; in anime, the term for cat girls are called, "nekos". Is there a term if they are a rabbit girl, or a mouse girl, or a dog girl, or anything like that? Just curious.

    1. Saber Lily

      Saber Lily

      I don't think so. I use catgirl, foxgirl, doggirl, or bunny girl tbh :/

    2. Ghost


      probably notsince neko/catgirls seem to be the most popular. Since it just means "cat" and not necessarily "catgirl", it'd make sense for you to say bunny girl/usagi/usagi girl...bleh that last one sounds weird...well, yeah. since there's no actual widely-known term for it, you're free to use whatever you think sounds best :3

    3. Ghost


      i think bunnygirl sounds just fine hehe

  14. I really hope this isn't a new game console, since I literally am waiting for a Wii U to arrive tomorrow.
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