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  1. Merry Christmas Mick!

    1. MickeyTheMick


      Happy Belated Christmas :)

  2. No lol. I play games for fun and the story. I'm not sitting there complaining about every little feature in a game. Some games were more frustrating than others, but oh well. Games are games at the end of the day
  3. Lol *tries to take this thread with a grain of salt*. I'm glad they didn't put KH3 on the ps2 because it would have been limited in terms of graphics and game play mechanics.Plus, you need to face the fact that every single gaming company wants your money. That's what they do.
  4. I'm so happy! We can finally have the story of bbv2. I can't wait to get a ps4 and play both kh 2.8 and 3. Ughhhh I'm so excited

  5. I'm so glad my bae, Aqua, can finally have her story told in HD. We have been waiting for almost 10+ years. We can wait a little more for kh3. We want kh3 to be the best game and a excellent ending to the xehanory saga. Come on and take a seat on the patience train.
  6. Now I have to watch Big Hero 6 ^.^

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