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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. An amv I recently made for the nearly twenty-year-old TV show, Dark Angel, as it's one of my favorite shows of all time (and has my favorite TV show pairing, actually)... and as I recently got into the show again by rewatching it, I decided I'd finally finally finally make something for these two. I doubt that anyone here knows Dark Angel. But on the off-chance they do, and like anything about it... here this is for them to enjoy. Hopefully:) The song is "Summer Girl", which was created in real life based on lyrics Maggie Stiefvater wrote in her book "Shiver".
  2. IIRC, it's also in the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix secret ending "Birth by Sleep". Anyway, I love this quote too and also have been thinking about it a lot lately:)
  3. I still do every now and then. I'm actually working on a SoKai one to "Rewrite the Stars" atm. And I'm sure there are still some famous vidders who edit it, like the amazing NarutoChaos22:)
  4. Well, my life was just made. Wow. I am SHOOK. Not only does this probably mean that KH is getting into the mainstream again (which is AWESOME. And just in time for KHIII), but my girl Kairi is actually getting some love for a change? Yay! And now I can make my life long dream of cosplaying as her complete:)
  5. I know the girl who plays Supergirl on the CW likes the series. And there are a few others I can think of , too... I actually don't know their names, though. Because I'm not fans of them, personally. But I could always do some digging and find them out...
  6. Okay, I liked you guys on Facebook (my name there is Shan McDonald), and I followed you guys on Twitter (HeiressofSol). I also subscribed to your YouTube channel, and I think you should see my name as AnHeiressofaSOLDIER there (which is, of course, what I go by here^^), but if not... "MovingOnMjrin" is me. I changed my name to "AnHeiressofaSOLDIER" on YouTube (to try and lessen the confusion), but since "MovingOnMjrn" was originally my name there, it's kept it as my URL and stuff. ...Sorry for all of this, and thanks so much for doing this lovely contest! You guys are the best. ^_^
  7. Kairi using her Keyblade. This was a tough decision... But she just has such character growth in KHII, and I'm always so proud of her for it. And her using her Keyblade for the first time is the culmination of that. It starts with her finally deciding that waiting isn't good enough, and then actively going to search for Sora and Riku herself the moment the opportunity is presented to her (even escaping Axel to do so). Eventually she gets kidnapped by Axel, it's true, but she gets away from him! But when she's in an Organization jail cell because of Saïx, Naminé shows up and rescues her (who technically IS her) and tells Kairi to believe in herself: This is the key thing that leads to the rest of Kairi's development in II, and has her acting stronger than we've ever seen her be before. After that line, she's ready to take on one of the Organization's finest barehanded, jumps off a balcony, gets her Keyblade and joins in the fight to try and help (and has an evolution of her "This time, I'll protect you" line from 1, that becomes: "This time, I'll fight"); and after that talks about how she's sick of waiting and won't stay behind anymore and wishes she could fight like Sora and Riku (so they won't be the only ones getting hurt). She even walks into the final battle alongside everyone! Unfortunately, DDD sidesteps a lot of this. But I have hope for it being brought up again, and carried forward in KHIII. But I just have to pick this moment for Kairi. Her arc in KHII is so good, imo. And Kairi's our original heroine. So before we got Aqua, Xion, or what have you, all of this was especially impressive back then. Kairi was the first girl in this series to even get a Keyblade, I mean. Back when they were actually still pretty rare, too.
  8. This has got to be one of the best interviews I've ever read from anyone. And it's something I want to hear in this day and age (and why I have high respect for Nomura-san, for being this way), where I feel like people are listening to their fans way too much--and not staying true to themselves, and in the end... Making a product that no one's happy with (because you can never please everyone). Not even the creator themselves. So I think Nomura's found the perfect balance with all of this, tbh.
  9. When Sora sacrifices himself for Kairi in Hollow Bastion. That moment is made of gold for so many reasons (and not even just for SoKai, but they are a large part of it), and was the time I realized that I'll follow this series wherever it may go:)
  10. I'd wish for them to use fish face less in some scenes, but I know it won't happen. That's more remake territory. Still... We can all dream, right?
  11. @Barry Bacon Allen To be fair, she might not have meant "I think". People say things like that when they're trying to gather their thoughts and all, and such things probably shouldn't be taken too seriously. If we relied too much on verbal place holders, we could even say that Naminé was wrong about Xion interfering in Sora's memory restoration, because she said "I think" about that. Though tbh, I'd be lying if I said I'm not a bit worried myself... I really think KHIII is 2018 now. I just do. ANYWAY, reading all of these wonderful comments left such a huge smile on my face. Yoko Shimomura is such a sweet and talented woman, and I'm so glad that I'm going to be able to see her next year! Also, I was totally listening to the FFXV at Abbey Road musical performance while reading all of this, and nothing could have been a better match. LOL.
  12. Going on pure design and originality, Starlight. But for the 18 special attack, Olympia. I prefer Starlight, but I've been using Olympia the most these days and so I voted for that one.
  13. I'm a Christian. I won't go into too much detail here (as I don’t want to start a debate, as you yourself made this thread wanting to see less of it and I’ll respect that), but here’s why it’s important to me, personally. I grew up in a Christian family, and went to church all the time, and thought I got what it was about and understood everything about it… but it wasn’t until about three years ago that I truly came to believe, got saved, and understood what I thought I had been but hadn’t at all for years. For most of my life, I was probably actually anti-Christianity (though I acted as though I wasn’t to my parents), because my family drove a church bus. And long story short, a lot of times my sister and I thought that our parents put the bus kids before us, and that we kind of fell by the wayside at times that we needed them. For that reason, I resented Christianity. I ended up getting a job as a church secretary, but I mostly hated every minute of it and only took the job because I had social anxiety and it was something I could do that would allow me to interact with very few people. Looking back on it, I wasn’t qualified for the job at all and the people at the church were more than kind to even give me a chance, and to let me work there for so many years. I was such a brat like then. I was a brat for most of my life, to be honest. I started going to church because it was pretty much expected of me in having the career that I did, but if I could put it off I would. And I went kicking and screaming for the most part (though I’d try to hide it, of course), and wouldn’t listen to the sermons or I would listen to them angrily. I even remember there was a point where I thought I was pretty demonic—or, at the very least, I was proudly going against what God wants in a lot of ways, through the things that I liked and whatnot—and I one time, in stepping into the church, pretty much dared God to strike with me lightning, I was so awful back then. So what changed? How could I ever be a Christian now? Simple, my dad was diagnosed with Stage Four colon and liver cancer and I started drowning. Suddenly, the things I’d remembered from church subconsciously all those years came back to me, and I sort of made a deal with God: I would start reading the Bible everyday if He would spare my father’s life. …Well, maybe “making a deal” isn’t the best way to put it—because making deals with God probably is not a good idea—as I started reading the Bible more because I wanted to understand why this was happening to me, and if this had the answer then I would give it a chance. So I began reading. And almost from the get-go, I was hit with this power—and I’d only read a few pages in Genesis when I realized that it was all true. And I’m not stupid. As I said above, I was pretty much anti-Christianity before all of this! I know science and all the arguments against the Bible, I do, and I would try to use these things as ways to disprove it… And yet it held up: I saw all the prophecies that the Bible has mentioned that have come true so many times, and that continue to/will continue to. I saw the connecting line through all of this recorded history that’s too consistent to have been fabricated (especially when you consider that the Bible had forty different authors!), and therefore could not have been penned by humans, then. I learned that it’s been proven that all of the books of the Bible did come from the same manuscript, and that Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies that were spoken about His coming and that in His life, he confirmed all of the Old Testament books’ accuracy and then told his disciples to write the next ones. (And I even saw, such as on the TV show “Quick Study with Ron Hembree” and “Wretched” with Todd Friel how different sciences and archaeology confirm various accounts found in the Bible.) I can’t really begin to explain how I changed through this. And looking back on my life, I can barely remember or understand who I was before I read through the entirety of the Bible. But I came to believe everything that the Bible has to tell me, I got saved, and I’ve changed SO much since then. I am not at all the person I was before this, and it’s just as people say! I actually… care about people more now and love them. As much as I’d like to say I did before, I really didn’t. Not like I do now. For instance, I pretty much just spent all the money I have to save starving children in Africa. And this was a risky move, I know that, but I... In learning about it, I couldn't not do that. And at the end of the day, I know I'll be okay, because "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me." I actually am okay with talking to people now. Before I wasn’t at all (once again, I took the secretary job to avoid people), but now I can get through it happily and without really having the panic attacks that I used to. My anxiety is mostly gone now (did you know that the Bible actually preaches about anxiety for three straight chapters to help people not have to deal with that particular emotion? Because I sure didn’t), and everyday my soul ACHES to see how lost people are—as lost as I once was—and that if they don’t get saved, they’re going to go to Hell like I would’ve not so long ago. Furthermore, getting saved allows you to see how God works and exists in the world around you, and I can do that now. And all of the sins that I used to do—that I used to love! That I arrogantly dared God to strike me down for—has no power over me anymore. I really can’t do them anymore. I don’t WANT to do them, even when I used to live for them. And if I get close to maybe thinking about doing it again, I turn away from it easily. And it’s not because you feel like you have to do this that this happens, but rather you willingly want to follow Jesus’ commandments because you love Him and have a connection with Him and you don’t want to let him down, because He’s your friend—a friend who did so much more for you than you ever deserved. And I’ve never had as much joy and peace in my life as I do now. …This ended up a lot longer than I thought it was going to be, and I apologize for that. But to answer your question… The reason this argument will probably go on forever by the Christian side, is because so much is at stake here! We’re talking about souls being in torment forever, unless they understand this truth. And as long as there is breath within me, I will fight to try and help people understand where they stand and to plant seeds within them that the Holy Spirit can use to minister to and save their souls. I’m willing to die for my faith now, and I guess at the end of the day… That’s why you’ll see this argument going on until the end of time, probably. “My word that comes from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I sent it to do.” And sorry if I offended anyone here! That wasn’t my intention at all. I’m not trying to confront or convert people, I swear. These are just all my thoughts on it, for me, and that’s really all. My testimony, if you will. Edit: Oh, and for those wondering, my dad is still alive and is doing much better than anyone could’ve ever predicted (who all agree he probably should’ve died quite a long time ago, and be a lot sicker than he is now), and most people involved in his case do think it’s a miracle and that is must be through the hand of God that he’s (thankfully) still here with me
  14. @Kingdomhe Don't forget that Naminé has long hair:) Actually, her hair has always been longer than Kairi's. Even in II. So at least we still have her to represent girls with long hair (if Skuld doesn't have a part after Chi, that is). ^_^
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