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    mario is a pretty good franchise i guess
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  1. Mike Pollock? Giving Master Xehanort a new voice would be interesting.
  2. the good doctor is such a good show holy ravioli

  3. I even came up with stats for these medals Mario & Cappy Tier 8 Gauge Cost: 1 Special Attack Effect: Ignores target's attributes. Raises STR by 6 and PSM STR by 3 for 1 turn. Lowers enemy PSM DEF and DEF by 3 for 1 turn. Restores 5 gauges. No effect on enemy counter. Link (Breath of the Wild ver.) Tier 8 Gauge Cost: 5 Special Attack Effect: Raises PSM STR by 6 for 1 turn. Raises STR by 3, and restores 3 gauges. Increases enemy counter by 3 and lowers enemy STR by 3 for 1 turn. Ignores target's attributes.
  4. ghh i got bored with the medal templates and put together these crappy medals
  5. Tagalog so I can finally get. A grasp of my parents language
  6. Arrietty... BOTW's Hyrule... Game Central Station... Maybe the Mushroom Kingdom from Mario.
  7. As much fun as having Sora would be, I think Ephemer or Ventus would be good people to be trapped on the island with.
  8. started a new story based off of Arrietty

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