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  1. I just read this article and it made me happy. KH 3 release date could possibly be soon. ? https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/937702/Kingdom-Hearts-3-release-date-news-Square-Enix-anniversary-reveal-announcement/amp
  2. If you could meet any voice actor or actress in kingdom hearts who would it be? and why? I would want to meet Christopher Lee, voice of diz, if he was still alive. I think he was an amazing british actor.
  3. I like Lion King as well, Hunchback of Notre dame. My least favorite is. I can’t think of one.
  4. If you could be sora’s alley or enemy which would you be and why?
  5. What if Zurg is one of the 13 darknesses?
  6. Any Month that is one of the 12 ?
  7. If you could add a world to kh, what would it be? Why? Allies/Bosses? Doesn’t have to be disney. For me it would be Avatar The Last Airbender. I think it would be cool for sora to fight along aang. Allies would be Aang and Katara, and Main Boss would be Ozi.
  8. Raven

    Name a quote from the animated film

    “O” Movie Disney’s “Oliver and Company” Quite “Tito: [shouting towards DeSoto & Roscoe] Hey, man, you're ugly! And you're uglier than him! And you're Ugly, Part Three! Hey, you're Revenge of the Ugly!” Next Letter: “Y”
  9. You got me thinking Finn and vigor, I don't want to be a personal vessel of Xhanort. I change my answer to no. But I still want the Jacket.
  10. Would you want to be a part of organization 13 and why? My answer would be yes. The reason is I would like to wear their cool jackets. ?They look awesome
  11. I'm never gonna catch my breath Say good-bye to those who knew me Boy, was I a fool in school for cutting gym This guy's got 'em scared to death Hope he doesn't see right through me Now I really wish that I knew how to swim
  12. Halloween is coming up in a couple days. I am curious to what everyone is doing for it? Trick or treating? Parties? etc For me, I will be working that day, but will buy some candy for myself and family that day. Since we don’t get trick or treaters in the place we live at. So more candy for me. ???
  13. If you could be a character in the KH Series, would you be on the side of good or side of bad and why? For me it would be on the good side with Sora and his crew. But I would be a double agent. ?. I would pretend to be a bad person on Master Xehanorts team, but really would help Sora out.
  14. Found This Picture. Don’t make sora upset or he becomes a super sayian. ???
  15. Raven

    Ventus Age

    i have not heard it explained that way. I like that answer.