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  1. don't you guys think sora hair doesnt fit with the graphics?
  2. there going to take all the 2.9 / 2,8 threads we posted in the kingdom hearts 3 section and move them
  3. it was a simple question because there is no reason for someone to get hype up for a game with no release date
  4. it was clearly a joke seeing as in what she said had some point into it 1.5 , 2.5 ok then 2.8 thats sketchy they have given us a kingdom game to play each year while we wait why was you interested in something that never had a release date anyway?
  5. the creator said a kingdom hearts game each year 2.8 is coming out next year and unless 2.9 comes out the year after that i have no doubt in my mine kingdom hearts 3 is coming out in 2017
  6. all of our guesses was wrong since they put them into 2.8 maybe 2.9 is a kh 3 demo?
  7. since everything is getting a remake do you think kingdom hearts mobile will get a hd remake and maybe the world ends with you as a bonus?
  8. if kingdom hearts 2.9 only haves ddd hd remake which most likely it will do you think kingdom hearts 3.1 would have kingdom hearts 3 and kingdom hearts chi
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