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  1. I wouldn't mind if Kingdom Hearts took a break from Disney and created a game using KH content exclusively. Destiny Islands, Radiant Garden, Twilight Town...there's a lot of worlds we can explore further along with creating new, original worlds.
  2. I trust Game Informer more than any other news outlet regarding video games. Wayyyy better than IGN in terms of Kingdom Hearts
  3. Damien Wayne is Bruce's son. Terry Mcginnis is basically his son too.
  4. I got a sweet Zack Fair medal along with a Lexeaus and I just got a Saix but it's 4 gauges so I don't know if it's worth it.
  5. I always wondered what Sora's armor would look like. Maybe it could be optional to wear the armor in battle?
  6. He should be more focused on the story and not online content. Just my opinion though, I want a good story.
  7. I wish Nomura wouldn't ruin KH by adding multiplayer. Why can't gamers enjoy a single player experience and be satisfied?
  8. Poor choice of a question with all these nerds lol. My team is the Eagles and Chip Kelly pretty much gave all our best players away during the offseason. Good thing he was just fired HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!
  9. It's likely, but we'll just have to see. He could appear as an optional boss; just like Vanitas's Spirit or something like a data battle. He doesn't have to return to the main story. He has nothing to offer but act as a pawn for Xehanort.
  10. He never carried it out like Marluxia did. In fact, he tried to retrieve Roxas because he was going to desert the Organization. The fact of the matter stands: we don't know if Xehanort even recruited Marluxia. True, Marluxia related Nobodies are in the KHIII trailer but that doesn't confirm his return. Yeah I guess it depends how you look at it. Saix was looking out for the Organization's best interests. To overthrow Xemnas, he assumed this would better their cause. Yeah you cleared things up, much obliged.
  11. Well Saix didn't turn on the Organization until after he was vanquished. He was loyal the whole time he was alive (or his Nobody anyway). Marluxia's goal, even as a Nobody, was to overthrow Organization XIII. Amirite?
  12. The people who are saying Marluxia is being recruited for the 13 Darknesses haven't taken into account Xehanort probably knows Marluxia is a traitor and wouldn't fit in with his schemes.
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