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  1. CriticalAssension

    Sora gets hit and takes damage during Meow Wow

    Interesting, MP is full so prob not a Limit Break, Focus is full so not a Shot-Lock, Im extremely highly doubtful its a Form/Stance so whatever it is, doesn't have invincibility frames I guess. It looks like they both operate similar to the Teacup thing as they both have Hitcount and the ability the cancel, not to mention the cinematic animation upon entering.
  2. I honestly don't care even if Japan gets it more then a month or two ahead of us. . .I just want the damn game this year and no a delay unless really necessary. As long as we get it this year, then I don't care how much furthur ahead Japan will get it
  3. CriticalAssension

    Valkyria Chronicles 4 Announcement Trailer

    I mean, this looks cool n all, but I just really want the 3rd game ported over here in English, its the only one I havent played >X Btw yeah, you should really try the first it. Its pretty gud
  4. CriticalAssension

    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Announced

    Is Final Fantasy XV gonna become the next FF13 where they milk it to the absolute extreme max for more years to come?
  5. Keytotruth has already translated the scenes on his twitter page. You can see it here:
  6. CriticalAssension

    Unable to defeat Xemnas in KHFM

    Using Cure grants invincibility frames, when you expect Xemnas to use doom, counter with cure and doom will be cancelled
  7. CriticalAssension

    One of 310 Important Videos

    It's small moments like these you got to treasure for the rest of your life.
  8. CriticalAssension

    What's the fastest you've beaten a full Kingdom Hearts game?

    Everyone beating KH1 in 5 hours or less and it takes me around 30-40hrs. . .IF im speeding through it! #FeelsBadMan
  9. CriticalAssension

    Show off your Avatar! (x chi or Unchained X)

    Recently took a screenshot of my Avatar so I thought I should show it off. So here it is!
  10. CriticalAssension

    Best skill for KH2 iKairi?

    Don't consume a regular Second Chance on ill KH2 Kairi, wait for them to release "Second Chance 2" which has a much greater chance then the original. Second Chance 2, Defense Boost 3, Triple Threat or Sleep+. Any of those, preferably Second Chance 2.
  11. CriticalAssension

    a tomato

    Tomato's. . .disgusting creatures. Gets you beaned and everything! Burn them to the ground. . .
  12. CriticalAssension

    Missions 500 help?

    You should really and try to get your Treasure Trove 25+ but if you can't, then use the new Pooh medal to increase your speed defence.
  13. CriticalAssension

    KHUx: Does your level influence your damage?

    At certain levels you unlock avatar boards which gives you additional HP, Cost, AP, certain items and cosmetics. Although I'm sure you already this. That's...All that levels do for you. Unlock Avatar Boards, that's it. Those enemies can be avoided easily tho in the recent daily challenge if that's what you're doing as they are optional.