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  1. Dang, so theres no recordings of any cutscenes is there?

    1. PrinceNoctis


      It’ll come. The youtubers are probably going to record the whole demo.

    2. KingdomHearts3


      Nah probably won't be anything. I wouldn't expect anything until next month.

    3. PrinceNoctis


      Skyward Wing has already confirmed that they’re allowed to record footage. They’ll be able to record cutscenes but according to IGN, the cutscenes from the demo don’t give much in terms of story.

  2. Interesting, MP is full so prob not a Limit Break, Focus is full so not a Shot-Lock, Im extremely highly doubtful its a Form/Stance so whatever it is, doesn't have invincibility frames I guess. It looks like they both operate similar to the Teacup thing as they both have Hitcount and the ability the cancel, not to mention the cinematic animation upon entering.
  3. I honestly don't care even if Japan gets it more then a month or two ahead of us. . .I just want the damn game this year and no a delay unless really necessary. As long as we get it this year, then I don't care how much furthur ahead Japan will get it
  4. I mean, this looks cool n all, but I just really want the 3rd game ported over here in English, its the only one I havent played >X Btw yeah, you should really try the first it. Its pretty gud
  5. Is Final Fantasy XV gonna become the next FF13 where they milk it to the absolute extreme max for more years to come?
  6. All these filler missions of the UX Avatar playing with his/her friends, ignoring the theory that they are false memories (cause I dislike it), kind of hits me each time that they took part of the Keyblade War and are probably dead. Wondering how the Avatar will finally react once these fillers are gone.

  7. Keytotruth has already translated the scenes on his twitter page. You can see it here: https://twitter.com/Keytotruth/status/895536776487596032
  8. I see a lot of people complaining about Xemnas's appearance in the recent trailer. Am I like the only one who REALLY likes how he looks in KH3?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DoDo4869


      What? He looks awesome!

    3. -Justin-


      He looks really awesome! In my opinion, he looks more evil than in the previous games xD

    4. PrinceNoctis


      I like the model, I just think his facial expressions need a little work. But the model itself is great!

  9. Using Cure grants invincibility frames, when you expect Xemnas to use doom, counter with cure and doom will be cancelled
  10. I have post-anime depression and it hurts

  11. It's small moments like these you got to treasure for the rest of your life.
  12. Everyone beating KH1 in 5 hours or less and it takes me around 30-40hrs. . .IF im speeding through it! #FeelsBadMan
  13. Just started watching Dimension W yesterday n loving it!

  14. Recently took a screenshot of my Avatar so I thought I should show it off. So here it is!
  15. Don't consume a regular Second Chance on ill KH2 Kairi, wait for them to release "Second Chance 2" which has a much greater chance then the original. Second Chance 2, Defense Boost 3, Triple Threat or Sleep+. Any of those, preferably Second Chance 2.
  16. Rolled 49% guilt on Maleficent B and 69% on Sora and Roxas. STAPH PLEASE, RNG Y U DO DIS TO ME!?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RikuFangirl2008


      I rolled a 100% on my 2nd attempt, and she's a regular medal not a Boosted.

    3. catmaster0116


      Damn you're lucky!

    4. RikuFangirl2008


      I think I did. All I know it was really close to 100%.

  17. Me and my sister went down to EBgames today, she asks to buy 1.5+2.5 and the cashier asks whether we want to preorder KH3 saying "It should be coming soon later this year!" It was hard to hold back the laughter

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sendou Aichi

      Sendou Aichi

      Sure, if you consider 900 years "soon"...


    3. Kingdomhe


      If they said that, then they just wanted your money.

    4. KeybladeMasterBalo


      hahahahahahahaha! He must've been desperate to make sales. Anyway tho, it would be a great to start paying little by little from now on so when it eventually comes you'll just get it! Nothing would stand in your way xD

  18. Fan has been blowing 2 hour non-stop straight to my right ear. My ear feels as hot as the sun. . .I think I should keep going

  19. Tomato's. . .disgusting creatures. Gets you beaned and everything! Burn them to the ground. . .
  20. The new Trickster trap "Trickster Reincarnation" is well. . .rather broken I must say. I might be over exaggerating but imo, seems like something that should get an emergency ban or atleast limited.

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    2. Sendou Aichi

      Sendou Aichi

      But yeah, the double dragons+Omega is harder to pull off

      Though it makes sense that it would be harder to pull off, your opponent got no cards in the graveyard unless they also run lightsworns.

    3. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      I forgot cards like that existed lol that's all.

    4. Sendou Aichi
  21. The No Game No Life Zero preview looks pretty stunning I must say

  22. Really hoping Atlantis: The Lost Empire makes an appearance in KH3. The movie is so underrated imo

  23. You should really and try to get your Treasure Trove 25+ but if you can't, then use the new Pooh medal to increase your speed defence.
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