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  1. hatok

    It's so nice to see how much KH3 evolved

    honestly it's not REALLY evolution, KH3 was just revealed long before it was supposed to. The first trailer was shown when they had decided on the basic concept for the game, according to Nomura we're basically just seeing the refinement process every other game goes through, they just have the good sense to hide from us
  2. hatok

    KH3 wish: Skip Boss after repeat failure

    no most people don't care about secret endings and will just watch on youtube anyways if a game is too hard, lower the difficulty
  3. hatok

    How will/should Vanitas turn?

    now that we've seen Aqua with grey hair I'm getting the feeling hat Xehanort found Ventus, too which makes sense, several games have built up Xemnas searching for Ven, you can't set up a plot point like that and not explain what the end goal is otherwise it's probably just time travel
  4. if they have a connection if anything it'll be the other way around. But Xehanort seems to be pretty clear cut as the apprentice of the apprentice of Luxu (or maybe more, the exact time scale isn't amazingly clear in KH)
  5. I don't know how someone could read that and think for a second it's real like obviously Sora's gonna fall to darkness, but Roxas already had his time. If they pull a switcheroo it's gonna be for Kairi or someone
  6. Going by Square Enix's official recap videos KH2 is barely a footnote in the franchise yeah I'm sure nothing data related will happen in data twilight town
  7. that's... not that dark
  8. hatok

    KH3 wish: Skip Boss after repeat failure

    just play on beginner KH is an action game, asking to skip it is like skipping the jumping in a mario game
  9. hatok

    Would you save Aqua?

    without any context or stakes the "kill or save" choice is meaningless
  10. hatok

    Hayden Panettiere

    it's almost definitely too late for a major character like Kairi she has lines in the trailer
  11. hatok

    What if Days...

    DS isn't a limiting factor. Re:Coded is better than BBS
  12. I think it's worth noting that being a Xehanort doesn't necessarily mean they're one of the 13 darknesses. It's entirely possible they're just a gambit by Xehanort to move things into place for something he wants to happen.
  13. Xion is based on Sora's memories, she doesn't exist in any capacity right now. Presumably Namine will have to do something to draw Xion out
  14. hatok

    A Contradiction to KHII

    The whole point is that Elsa is making things dangerously cold
  15. hatok

    Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts III.

    It'd be really easy to work the first star wars in by having the gummi ship pulled in the death star's tractor beam but recently people have been pitching me on the idea of a world based on the clone wars TV show and now I kinda want that