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  1. Does it ever actually show where Roxas emerges when he RTCs? It could be that he always appears at the entrance of the world.
  2. Pairing off Roxas and Namine was always bizarre because they literally didn't interact until just before Roxas disappeared and for most of that time Roxas literally had an altered personality
  3. you don't need training to wield a keyblade, and anybody who can wield a keyblade can hold another keyblade. Like later on in KH2 Sora grabs Way to Dawn and uses it to smack Xemnas. Without an extra heart you can't hold more than one keyblade at a time, but you can still HAVE more than one, like how Mickey has his Star Seeker keyblade and Kingdom Key D The reason Kairi has the means to hold a keyblade at all is because she touched Aqua's briefly in BBS
  4. Sora's keyblade and the X Blade are symbolically important, they're based on the keys to heaven, down to there being a silver counterpart https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keys_of_Heaven Heaven in this context is Kingdom Hearts, and its been repeated that Sora will be the one who will open the door to light, but that doesn't mean his keyblade is in itself special as for Riku's "other selves" they're all based on him using Soul Eater, which is just a sword, so they don't use his Way to Dawn. However keyblades are replicatable, just like how they're failed copies of the X Blade. Data Sora has a data keyblade, and Xion's is stated to be a fake as well. The only time Sra and Roxas' keyblades coexist before KH3 is in a Dive Into the Heart, but even then there's nothing particularly special if they can because keyblades aren't THAT special. They're just man-made weapons that happen to be very powerful. They can still be destroyed, like Riku Mickey and Axel;s were, and none of them had trouble getting replacements. Axel's keyblade is even identical to his original It's definitely possible, likely even, that one day Sora's keyblade will have something special revealed about it, but as it stands it's just a normal one
  5. Kingdom Hearts would never get something on the scale of FF7 Remake, it's a special case
  6. It's A keyblade of the Realm of Light, not THE keyblade. There are keyblades of light and dark, Mickey's is the counterpart to Sora's. Sora's keyblade also doesn't transcend time, Xion's keyblade was a sham, as Riku put it. Beyond that keyblades are defined by keychains, which are in turn defined by hearts. Aqua was able to wield a Destiny's Place after she met Kairi, but it wasn't Kairi's keyblade. So even if Xion's keyblade became a "true" keyblade when she self actualized it would still look like Sora/Roxas' because her heart is defined by Sora's memories. Keyblades also aren't locked to a specific wielder. Anybody can hold one, but if the wielder is conscious it can be summoned back to them. A keyblade can still be separated from the user, like when Aqua used hers to save Terra. Sora also uses Riku's keyblade during the final fight with Xemnas in KH2. Keyblades also don't "die" with their user, when Eraqus died his keyblade was left on the ground All Kingdom Key is, is Riku's keyblade, which became Sora's keyblade when it deemed Sora a stronger hearted individual. While it might change with future info from KHUX or something, as it stands Sora's keyblade isn't exceptional. And the keyblade probably won't leave him because it's iconic and marketable
  7. what if the next arc has no villain and the true antagonist is the inevitability of mortality
  8. they reigned it in because overly complicated stuff is a pain to deal with and the game can't be 100 hours long and just people expositing about how things work There's lots of flashbacks because the game came out on xbox, and lots of people ignored games or even chose KH3 as their first game. Like, K3 shipped 5 million units, and the best selling game since KH2 was Days, which sold 2 million-ish so a huge portion of the audience you have to assume isn't familair with the games that came after. And it works as a recap too, since not everyone is as obsessed with the series and remembers every detail from every game. And they don't need to focus on the mechanics of why, that's not relevant. you don't need a pace breaking explanations for why a character is back, what matters is the emotional result. That's always been KH's main focus, the emotional impact. That said there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for why anybody comes back in this game.
  9. KH3's story is leagues ahead of KH2's. Characters are written better, scenes are better directed, the worlds actually have definite connections to the main story. There's still more it could do, but it's still doing better than what the games that came before did I love KH2, like a lot, but the way it tells its story is incredibly weak. The only area where KH3 doesn't match KH2 is combat, and a strong second place isn't bad when it wins in every other category. 3's story is first and foremost its own thing, it's cleaning up the story, simplifying things. It's more like KH1 than DDD, to the point where DDD wasn't actually all that relevant at all. In that way it's just like KH2, where KH2 marked a drastic shift in tone that stayed with all the games that followed, KH3 is another big shift.
  10. depending on the format, different things. If it's its own separate episode I'd like to see something following a different character, or a bunch of small episodes following various characters if it's straight up a final mix, new bonus bosses and keyblades are the core thing, and maybe a few extra scenes for the finale, particular one solving what happens to a certain someone who shows up and then just disappears after.
  11. I honestly can't imagine having expectations so high that KH3 didn't meet them
  12. KH3 cemented that Nomura definitely has the talent to pull it off, Kh3 excelled in a lot of areas he doesn't normally, and as long as that carries through to 7R it'll come out great. And I'm sure Square is practically throwing money at the project
  13. The most substantial issue is the 3DS version's gameplay. They made it so enemies flinch much more eaisly in the HD version, but before that it was pretty awful, and the HD version is a bandaid solution so it doesn't really feel right. Add really weak level design that doesn't seem to be aware that flowmotion exists, and flowmotion attacks that are really long, but strong so you're encouraged to spam them, but they never change or evolve, and you get a tiresome game experience and then yeah, people had issues with the story Oh, also Dream Eaters are by far the worst enemy type in the franchise, because their abilities trigger as quickly as a playable character.
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