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  1. Actually Heartless are also natural. They don't have a mind or, for the Purebloods, the Heart to think of evil. They act on instinct to consume everything that is Light until everything is Darkness since they're just an embodiment of darkness. Also I voted for both Heartless and Nobodies. The Heartless were the original and have a grand goal without themselves even thinking about, like universal parasites. They also have a realm of their own with likely way more powerful Heartless going around. Dream Eaters also have a realm, but unlike the RoD the RoS contains other characters in their own worlds like the RoL. Nobodies are sentient beings that have some weird but awesome movement and flexing powers. Also they have a castle that in a city landscape. Looks like a good place to live if there weren't entities primarily trying to attack you. They both have awesome designs in their own way, although the Nobodies are lacking. The Unversed only comes from one entity and seem like copies of Heartless and Dream Eaters, although cute, not very special to me.
  2. Well none has ever been on Xbox so there's that. Also they could pull a GTA V, where it won't initially release on PC but like a year or 2 later it does.
  3. Thx. And I agree with everything you've said. Now all they need is Drives and it'd be the epic dream I dreamed of KH3 being.
  4. It'd be good for Sora to look deep in himself and to accept his Darkness. To fully strengthen and use all parts of his Heart.
  5. Multiplayer will be a great addition to KH3. It'd be so awesome to fight other people. But I doubt it'll come considering they're taking forever with the SP aspect. Also I'm guessing it'd be KH2-esque in terms of multiple characters.
  6. Really this needs a better reason then "here are your new clothes to show your growth". It isn't like his KH1-KH2 clothes change where there were several good reasons for the change in apparels. His KH1 clothes didn't fit him at all and his KH2 clothes had Drives. But now his KH2 clothes seem to still fit him just fine and unless his KH3 also applies Drives then there is no reason for the change. What's going to be a good reason for the change in this installment?
  7. I don't know. It'd just feel wierd if he gave up his KH2 clothes for some new garments w/o good reasoning. Like his KH2 clothes have Drives. What does his KH3 clothes serve.
  8. I'm guessing 20%-40% since I'm guessing it'd release by late 2017.
  9. Yen Sid looked the best, but his beard looked like gray paste. Also Mickey has it the worst. He doesn't even look cute. It's like he went through a face lift nightmare.
  10. Oh I get cha. Basically mod over whatever the devs gave us. I just think they should do a great job the 1st time, although I'm certain they'll improve this look as time goes on.
  11. Maybe if they didn't keep the convo between Young Xehanort and Young Eraqus and whatever that emotional scene they were talking about a secret for D23 antendees Bingo!
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