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  1. They wouldn't delay an entire game (especially a big budget AAA game) that comes out in many regions just because a VA of one region is going on a hiatus, especially considering the business perspective of it. Obviously we have no idea when the game will release and what sort of VA work has been done, but I would definitely imagine that he would have talked to Square before announcing this (I am sure there is some contractual agreement with them). Either they have set up a plan to make sure he does his VA work (whether it be before or after his hiatus) or they decided that his hiatus interrupts the development schedule and are looking elsewhere. Replacing a VA is a very common practice and a lot of the time they are able to find someone who can imitate a voice very well (I personally had no idea they had switched Ansem the Wise's VA til someone brought it up). Rest assured this has no impact on the development of KH3
  2. That is actually a little longer than I expected, it is basically a full length feature film. I am pleased with this news.
  3. Dead tie between KH1 intro and Ray of Hope, but I will give the slight edge to the KH1 intro simply for the nostalgia factor.
  4. Not surprising, their western studios have nothing to show currently, and besides FFVIIR and KH3, their Japanese studios don't have anything mainstream to show. Unless they are going for the element of surprise for the keynote, it is not surprising in the slightest that they won't be their this year.
  5. Tinkerbell for usefulness, Genie (KH2) for gameplay and design.
  6. I would imagine he will just be like Sephiroth and just be a champion medal; and if he is just a medal, it is hard for to imagine that they would bring in Haley just to voice maybe 5 seconds of dialogue.
  7. Nomura already stated that the conversation between YMX and Young Eraqus is the opening of the game. This is probably just to foreshadow of the events to come.
  8. Holy Moley! Sora in World of FInal Fantasy, 0.2 Opening film, 1.5+2.5 on PS4 at 60fps, the FFXV Omen Trailer, the FFXV DLC announcements...Square Enix just made PGW the most relevant game show of the year!
  9. Considering that it is PGW (A decent sized event, but not super significant) I would not expect much.
  10. I've played a majority of them, and I have to say that 2013 has been my favorite. While Rise of the Tomb Raider is obviously more refined, seeing Lara 's start was an amazing thing to experience. It was a beautiful contrast to how we had seen her prior to that game. Also, I loved using the bow and arrow, barely even touched the guns.
  11. Final Fantasy XV, I listen to the Abbey Road performances daily and will pre-order the crap out of the soundtrack when Square puts it up. Although shout outs to Xenoblade & Mana, both of which have exceptional soundtracks. Shimomura is a god-sent to the world of music!
  12. It is weird for me, because I like them all best depending on what stage they are in. As far as the starters themselves, Squirtle wins by a mile! (opinion may or may not be influenced by the tv show). As far as the "mid evolution" goes, I have always really liked Ivysaur since his evolution seems the most logical of the 3 (also really dig the design) And as far as the final form, it is hard to argue that Charizard completely knocks it out of the park (even his mega evolutions are top notch)
  13. I think people have confused things. The E3 trailer said announcements "coming winter". There is no mention of December, it was just assumed it would be because of the 2.8 release. We may very well be seeing KH3 news around January or February (or even wait till March like Nomura has hinted).
  14. I will be working while it is released, so depending on how busy it is I will watch it when it comes out or within the hour at least. Hopefully I will be able to just watch the entire Sony conference without being interrupted.
  15. Chrono would be nice but I doubt they would ever touch that series again. Chrono Cross is an exceptional game and even that game gets pretty bashed because of the name it bears. That being said, I would lose my freaking mind if Sony would finally smart up and make another Legend of Dragoon game! That game is begging to be a franchise and could have easily surpassed Final Fantasy.
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