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  1. Besides the original opponents, who would you like to battle in the Struggle Tournament?
  2. Happy Birthday, Walt Disney! What's your favorite Walt Disney era animated film? Honestly though, it's so hard to choose! Cinderella and Peter Pan will always be some of my favorites. Happy birthday to my #1 Boss!
  3. How excited are you for Cars 3? Never been a huge fan of the Cars franchise, but whoa. Looks like it'll be taking a much more serious route than I thought. Should be interesting! I wonder if the story will be a "recovery" story about McQueen getting over his injuries... Might open up some interesting topics of discussion for animated films!
  4. What's your favorite Disney animated TV show based on a movie? Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was the reason why I would come rushing into the house and run straight for the TV after school.
  5. In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day, what's your favorite pirate film? Tis always harrrrrrd to choose just one, says I. But so long as ye watch any pirate movie, all is right in the world, aye?
  6. Agreed! I'd love to get both. Or at least a high-res version of the poster that was shown earlier this year. And with the Keyblade War story all wrapped up (or almost) in KHX, a new trailer showing more of the cinematics would be excellent.
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