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  1. Hoping this means it will be released on PS4, i tried to play Persona 3 Portable a couple of months before P5 came out and i just couldn't stand the "Visual Novel" Style to everything. if it releases on the PS4 i will be able to enjoy it to it's fullest
  2. if they're gonna reveal a new game i really hope it's for Switch, after getting a Switch myself i can'r see myself going back to the 3DS
  3. EVERYTHING! i haven't been hyped for a game like this in forever, but if i have to pick anything i'll pick the music option. Shoji Meguro can take any genre of music and make it amazing
  4. While i think the game looks decent i just want to ask, how can you guys still be excited for a new Sonic game? i'm not trying to be rude i just want some insight from Sonic fans since (at least for me) i find it hard to be excited for a new Sonic game when they released so many crappy and clearly unfinished games in the past. like i said not trying to be rude i just want insight from Sonic fans
  6. I agree with being able to controll allies and it's just stupid that you can't do that in any other version but the visual novel style, no animated and no 3D character movement (unless your in Tartarus) really makes the game incredibly boring and unforgetable. i would only recommend it AFTER you played the original and FES just to experience the Female MC and the improved party system
  7. Persona 4 Golden is my favorite game of all time, i agree with everything in your review there is only a single thing i don't like about this game. Other then that this game is amazing Edit: i will also recommend playing Persona 3 if you like 4, i haven't finished it yet but so far it's really good, just don't play Persona 3 Portable is just.... so trash
  8. I did not like 0.2, if it weren't for DDD and back cover I would say it's a waste of money, but just because I didn't like 0.2 doesn't mean I won't like KH3. I think KH3 is going to be an amazing game maybe even better then my favorite KH game (KH2) But we'll just wait and see
  9. I can tell you right now that no anime site that lets you watch anime for free give profit or credit to the creator. If you want to to watch anime and let the money go to the creators then you get a subscription to Crunchyroll or any other paid anime streaming service
  10. Well it's 4990 Swedish kronor here and that's about 560 dollars so you should count yourself lucky with that price. it's cheaper to import it from the US then to buy it here. Still not gonna buy since none of the games annouced look interesting except Zelda but i'm not gonna buy a console for one game
  11. Mine would be Berserk because i get mad easily when i play games
  12. It might not limit the games but it will limit other stuff like battery power, Frame rate on the tablet and other stuff
  13. Have that price been confrimed by Nintendo? because all i've seen are rumors. The 3rd party support is cool but it was the same with tthe WiI U before launched and we all know what happend there
  14. People are probably gonna hate me for this but i'm just don't really care about the Switch at the moment, i'm mean sure it looks good and the thing with it being both a handheld and a stationary console is cool but i just can't get hyped for it. First of the all i'm probably one of the few that don't like the Wii, it had some great games but the motion controlls ruined most of the games for me, if i played with a pro contorller it was fine but without i just couldn't enjoy it, and then we have the Wii U which was such a HUGE dissapointment in my opnion, it had very few games that made it worth buying the console (Splatoon and Super Smash Bros are the olny once i really care about and one of those games i can just play on my 3DS) at least for me, it had VERY bad third party support and like with the Wii the controller just ruined it for me, it's so clunky and big that it just wasn't comfortable to use in my opinion and the console itself was WAY to expensive for the hardware it offered compared to the Xbone and PS4. and now we get to the Switch and after 2 dissapointments i just can't hyped for the Switch, before i even think about buying one i need to know the price and the hardware because if it's going to cost as much as PS4/Xbone did at launch and only be equally or a bit above the PS4/Xbone specs i'm just not going to buy it at launch because it's not worth it, but you might say "Hey it's not that specs that matter it's games" While i agree with you none of the games shown are interesting to me, i'm mean Zelda looks pretty firetrucking awesome but one games just isn't enough to get me hyped. This is why i can't be excited for the Switch, it looks cool but just isn't enough information about it for me to care. Am i the only one who thinks this? P.S WHY ARE PEOPLE EXCITED FOR SKYRIM!!! when they showed Skyrim the only thing i could think was "Oh so you now have good enough hardware to run a 5 YEAR OLD GAME" also don't just say it's special edition because the special edition is just the same with very very little improvments (on PC there isn't even any improvements except it runs a bit better)
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