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  1. That third image gives me FFXV vibes. Not in a negative way, just the setting and the lighting reminds me of that one fight where you have to sneak into some base and fight a mech (or something).
  2. i think nomura explained it was meant to be interpreted as 358 days shown from the perspective of two people. it boggles the mind why he thought that putting a division problem in the title was a good idea though. why not something like "Sea Salt Sunsets" or "Nobody Days" or whatever. yea those aren't great but at least you could somewhat understand their meaning just from playing the game. KH titles have a habit of technically making sense in relation to their respective game but you have to do a couple mental gymnastics to make the connection.
  3. i liked the art from the HD collections but i would definitely like to see new main menu art if possible. it's not a deal breaker for the game obviously but it'd be nice. i also miss the menu trailers that featured scenes from the game and had an orchestral version of the main theme. it'd be nice to see those instead of getting the intro cutscene twice.
  4. do people not replay games just for the sake of enjoying them over again? multiplayer feels like a lazy way to add replayability to a game because developers don't trust that people will like their game enough to go back to it. KH2 didn't have multiplayer and I'd say that game has a fair amount of replayability with all it's post-game content. besides, throwing in a multiplayer feature would just take resources away from the single player, which is what the priority should be considering this is a single player focused series. nothing of substance would have been lost if Mirage Arena was taken out of BBS. we might have even gotten another Disney world or just better versions of the worlds we had originally.
  5. that's a tough one since it's been in every single KH game, iirc and only the KH2 version was the one i enjoyed the most.
  6. now when your friend asks you for the time, you can bust out your Kingdom Hearts watch and respond, "It's about time for Kingdom Hearts 3 to release, I'd say!" don't forget to pause for laughs
  7. if it was the case, an E3 release announcement would be a bombshell if they announced the date and it was only a couple months away with a worldwide release.
  8. the words "mobile" and "spinoff" send off my micro transaction alarm so i assumed the game would have micro transactions, especially since the original game focused on collecting different monsters for battle. that kind of system seems like it would lend itself to micro transactions in a mobile market. and yes i guess you're right. typically they are made to be lengthy experiences. i was being redundant. i guess you could argue some are longer than others but in the case of WoFF i wouldn't know the length and so i couldn't make that argument.
  9. World of Microtransactions amiright wark wark tbh i still need to play the original but i just don't have the time for a long JRPG
  10. on the numbered games i usually like to wait until the menu trailer starts playing. i'll watch that and then start the game. i wonder if KH3 will have a menu trailer like KH1 and KH2 because the handheld games have just played the intro with credits instead and that's not as fun.
  11. easily when he takes a level in bad ass after goofy "dies." when he pulls off his cloak and summons his keyblade it's a legit "Oh shit" moment
  12. i always thought it would make sense to introduce a Keyblade based on the Realm of Nothing but i guess the more i think about it the more i feel its unnecessary. and if anything i would think Riku would wield a third important keyblade. KH2's ending really gives the impression that Sora, Mickey and Riku are the three main Keyblade wielders and giving Riku the keyblade that represents a mix of Light and Dark would be fitting. the three of them would have keys that land on the different parts of the Light to Darkness spectrum. thematically though, Mickey's doesn't make sense because he isn't a character that belongs to the darkness. he just grabbed the key to use so idk
  13. Persona 5 was a little disappointing so i'm going to have to go with Resident Evil 7. that game felt like a classic RE game in so many ways and i loved it. my GOTY could change though because i'll be playing Gravity Rush 2 and The Evil Within 2 soon. both are games i'm expecting great things from so here's hoping they deliver.
  14. as an outsider to the sonic fandom he looks pretty edgy and reminds me of an "original fan character do not steal" creation
  15. finally all the gaps in the FFXV story can be filled in with this newest dlc "Episode Tekken"
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