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  1. I don't know much about the guy, I don't listen to rap ever, and I did read the bad things he has done. What Yoko did was very thoughtful and when it all boils down the guy was a Kingdom Hearts fan despite all of the bad he has done.
  2. I was listening to the Heartless Boss Battle music as I was loading up the dishwasher and my dad said it sounds like Pomp and Circumstance (the music that is played at a high school/college? graduation). ?

    1. Dustin Lübbers

      Dustin Lübbers

      Is your school by amy Chance a big Battle royale?

    2. RikuFangirl2008
  3. I got mine's yesterday. Thank goodness it was waaaay before 11PM. It came when I least expected. Like, I kept dozing off and I was like I need to stay awake. So, I got up and check the mailbox. I see the Amazon package over the other and gasped. I quickly grabbed it and the mail and ran back into the house. I hope you all get it soon. I'm enjoying it so far.
  4. I was check in with my brother yesterday. He said that he got me the Standard Editon instead of the Deluxe Edition because they were sold out. Now I have to wait by 11 PM today to get it in the mail.
  5. This may be minor, but be careful when you are checking out KHUXNA tweets. I just blocked someone that posted a snapshot from KH3. So far it's one person. But still.

    Be. On. Your. Guard. 

  6. I wasn't expecting the cartoon-y bit. XD Then I realized that the opening of Monsters Inc. was cartoon-y. It's on point! Very cute!
  7. Buzz is being controlled. (I saw the darkness surrounding him. Has to be Young Xehanort's doing.) And Sora... I totally feel him. I'm so sick of that old man Xehanort.
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