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  1. That is truly QUITE beautiful I must admit!!!!!
  2. Hey guys! So, I've been MIA like INSANE (I love how I'm acting like any of you probably even remember me but kay anyways). I'm coming back to the forum after a busy year being back at school and such and I'm really excited to be back! Important things that have happened to me recently that mean nothing to you include: eating an alarming amount of fast food, working 2 jobs, and starting up my own YouTube channel which has been a lot of fun and has taken off rather well. Things I'm excited about that you DO care about include: KH 2.5 remix having a less vague release date than 2014 (we're only HALF WAY IN after all), KH3 possibility of a new trailer, and just getting to know all you guys all over again. So, yeah, hello to those of you who don't know me and what's up to those of you who may. Anyways, byeeeee.
  3. I want to know the release date for KH2.5 and it's been "2014" since late 2013. Like, when are we gonna find out an exact release date? I'm not big into the video game scene so I don't know when the next big event is that they can release a new trailer during but seriously, it's been 2014 for almost two months. Let's get a more specific time frame of a release date.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqTy8c6NmdQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTpCNLERSCE Here are two examples of them.
  5. If you want me to I will, my username is khcodesrikurawks. I've got a BUNCH of Sora/Roxas fandubs on that channel!
  7. DChiuch edit: Hey guys, here is our Jump Festa 2014 coverage. Coverage: Kingdom Hearts at Jump Festa 2014 - http://kh13.com/news/45078-coverage-kingdom-hearts-at-jump-festa-2014 New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX trailer from Jump Festa 2014 now uploaded - http://kh13.com/news/45131-new-kingdom-hearts-hd-2-5-remix-trailer-from-jump-festa-2014-now-uploaded Original post: Is there anywhere we can watch it? Like a livestream or official website?
  8. It's the castle in Hollow Bastion because Kairi's heart was inside Sora so her heart reacted to it.
  9. Hey! I've seen a bunch of your videos!
  10. Does it REALLY matter? I'm just happy it's going to be the Final Mix of the game.
  11. Not quite the same EFFECT as the first one but still incredible. Did you guys notice the Limit Form use by Sora in Traverse Town? Looks awesome!
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