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  1. good catch for the new naming! alot of games are not only limited to some shortcomings of the switch, but the sheer compression that needs to take place for games to fit on the expensive to produce cartridges.
  2. The book is acually non-canon. Its pretty much a new take on the FNAF series, it does not tie into the games story. Also, FNAF has alot of official merchindise now in stores.
  3. So, when I first played KH2 I ALWAYS needed help when fighting Demyx before the 1000 heartsless battle. Before i reatempt him, can you give me sop tips/strategy to fighting him and the events after (including the 1000 heartsless battle -but i think that wasnt too hard)
  4. that happend to my brother yesturday :dry:
  5. Seen that too many times-tring to play as Riku in KH2.....
  6. Spider man called,he wants his suit back
  7. Heres a Ladder Now get on my level
  8. http://www.weebly.com/ made a website from that site-never use it tho
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