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  1. The book is acually non-canon. Its pretty much a new take on the FNAF series, it does not tie into the games story. Also, FNAF has alot of official merchindise now in stores.
  2. So, when I first played KH2 I ALWAYS needed help when fighting Demyx before the 1000 heartsless battle. Before i reatempt him, can you give me sop tips/strategy to fighting him and the events after (including the 1000 heartsless battle -but i think that wasnt too hard)
  3. that happend to my brother yesturday :dry:
  4. Seen that too many times-tring to play as Riku in KH2.....
  5. Spider man called,he wants his suit back
  6. Heres a Ladder Now get on my level
  7. http://www.weebly.com/ made a website from that site-never use it tho
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