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  1. You think about things from the past & it makes you cringe, regardless of whether or not it has any point? OMG, I have that problem too! I've had it for the longest time!
  2. Hey, guys! Guess what? Last friday, I learned how to upload face photos onto WWE 2K19!

  3. Y''know those new Mickey Mouse animated episodes? I don't really like it, it has too much of a spongebob-feel.

  4. Were any playable characters removed from WWE RAW 2? Other than Jeff Hardy & Scott Hall?

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that Jack Swagger & Cesaro look like Nathan Jones & Renee Dupree with switched hairstyles?

  6. So, you know how WWE 2K18 & 19 had a Deluxe Edition that would let you play 4 days before the official release date, for the impatient ones (like me)? Well, apparently, Soul Calibur VI has one, too. But, what I'm wondering is, is it the same Deluxe Edition? Or is it only similar in name only?
  7. Do you suppose WWE will go out of buisness one day?

  8. So, I'm pretty sure I first logged in around development of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, & some of the things I said were not very nice. Of course, this is because I was new, & I was scared, & one thing that everyone needs to know about me being autistic is that I'm not always aware of my actions' cause & affect, I truly do not mean any harm. It's just that I've had to deal with a majority of personal things in the past, like getting picked on at school more than twice, moving from Monroe to Baywood Heights, fearing I may not see my friends again, as well as the death of my Golden Retriever, Daisy, in 2015, & even losing my grandmother in 2017 due to terminal cancer. Now, my cat, Justin has a tumor on his right-front leg that's starting to burst through his skin, & he'll be treated on Monday, but even then, I'm worried about whether or not we have to choose between amputating said leg, removing only part of the tumor, or even as far as putting him to sleep, just like Daisy. So, with that in mind, even though that's no excuse, I still would like to apologize. I'm sorry.
  9. So, apparently, this was my theory on Bionicle Heroes's prototype build. Keep in mind that it was made in April 11th, 2018; "For those of you who used to play with BIONICLEs, or even play its video games, I think I have a story to tell about it. It’s actually more of a theory. Some video games, you know how they take a year to complete being made, if not more? Well, I believe that the popular video game, BIONICLE Heroes was originally supposed to take place in Metru Nui, as opposed to Voya Nui, & as a result, the game would’ve had the Toa Metru in their Hordika forms. This is because I went on a website called “tcrf.com”, which actually stands for “the cutting room floor”, & it displays all kinds of scrapped content that could be found from inside video game programming via cheat codes, or hacking. It displayed that we would’ve originally played as the Toa Hordika, because it has icons resembling the Toa Hordika. & even without the concept art of the game taking place in 2005, as opposed to 2006, it still shows some pretty good evidence that it would have been there; Matoro doesn’t have a telescopic eye, but Nuju does. Balta the Matoran serves as a Jiminy Cricket-esque role, similar to the Rahaga in 2005, specifically Norik. The Toa Inika’s weapons aren’t really guns, although they do a sort of blasting motion similar to the rhotuka spinners of 2005, & they gave the Toa Inika’s weapons a similar animation. The Visorak hordes were the stormtroopers of BIONICLE in the 2005 era, yet they still appear in the final cut. Also, Roodaka & Sidorakh appear as bosses in the game, even though in the 2005 era, they were the main antagonists. Some of the Toa Hordika’s pieces appear as combustible elements, like the chestpiece, for example. Toa Vakama’s blowtorch-like right hand makes multiple appearance in the main menu, & even the pause menu! Literally the only one who does the voicework in the game is Paul Dobson, who is known for being the voice of Toa Whenua. However, this was originally supposed to be the 2005, but they went against rigidly following its storyline, because they thought it wouldn’t have any room for creative freedom." Except, once I saw this video yesterday, this giant myth that I created in my head was debunked; <youtube>q0rXCT80gl</youtube> This actually looks pretty good, considering how long ago it was made. However, as you all heard from the narrator, LEGO refused to have anything to do with a BIONICLE video game if it were to be a first-person shooter. They just thought it was too mature, & they only wanted kid-friendly video games. So, what do you think about my theory, & how different it is from what you see in the video? Whatever the case, enjoy!
  10. At first I thought it was simply because they fired him for getting married to AJ Lee, but then, there was also the fact that WWE doctors cleared him to compete while he was still injured, & he thought that was prejudicial, & he hated with a vengeance how Vince favored Roman Reigns over him. As soon as they feuded, CM Punk was reduced to a jobber, a mid-carder, to the point where he didn't even care whether or not he was scheduled to compete, let alone win. He just hated the abuse he was given from Vince. He wanted desperately to be a Main Eventer, but they made Batista & Randy Orton Main Eventers instead. They don't care about what Punk wants or what the WWE Universe, they just want to make it ALL about him. You may as well re-name WWE "Vince's 10-Footers", or "Muscle Mania Running Wild", because ever since WWE chose to go PG & get rid of CM Punk, Dean Ambrose (as a singles competitor), Goldberg, Goldust (where even is he?), John Cena, & Bray Wyatt, putting "Entertainment" in the title is a lost cause, save for bringing back Daniel Bryan, Shelton Benjamin, Drew McIntyre, the Hardy Boys, Kurt Angle, Beth Phoenix, Molly Holly, Michelle McCool, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Lita, MVP, & EC3. I'm not even gonna bring up Bobby Lashley, Curt Hawkins, Mickie James, Albert or Jinder Mahal, because they just got turned into jobbers, deeming their return a waste of time. The WWE Universe wants to be entertained, but instead, Vince wants to make it all about him.
  11. I was playing WWE 2K16 on PS3 as a custom made Bobby Lashley, pitting him against Roman Reigns, & I couldn't help but hear Jerry "The King" Lawler say "Roman Reigns has terrorized the likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, The Undertaker..." I don't remember the rest of the sentence, I'm just in shock over the fact that King would mention Punk & get away with it, & I hear all this crud about CM Punk being completely ostracized from WWE for the rest of his absence, but then 4 years later, I hear commentary talking about him. I mean, I get that I could have taken the time to look for this audio clip sooner (but it never truly occurred to me), & that it's partially outdated, but you would think that if Vince truly wanted ALL references of Punk removed, that would mean commentary dialogue as well. Of course, years ago, I heard audio about Hulk Hogan as well, but that's nothing compared to the CM Punk reference.
  12. I finally figured out what I had to do in order to defeat spellican; use "Dual Disc".

  13. I guess you're right. I mean, other than being a slight knock-off of Timeless River, I don't think it would've had much momentum for the plot.
  14. I just came up with this conspiracy theory that the Mysterious Wasteland that was cut from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is actually based on Epic Mickey. I mean, Epic Mickey takes place in a world called the Wasteland, & I’m guessing, in order to enter it, you’d first need to enter the Mysterious Tower, hence the reason why they refer to it as the “Mysterious” Wasteland, as opposed to simply “Wasteland”. I mean, they made Epic Mickey around the same time as KH BBS. So, what else would it be?
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