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  1. I'd say keep, but maybe add more restrictions if it gets too bad later on? Maybe only one picture/gif, and a default size for it too, if the picture is too big it can't be uploaded.
  2. As the title says, I've been trying to find people who'd join my party for almost a year now with no luck. It's just me and my girlfriend playing, but I mostly do the work since she has Uni to worry about. Our party always ranks around the 300-500 everytime, we don't bother much about pvp and I finish pretty much all the weekly goals (Sometimes I can't reach 150 raid bosses myself, but the rest I do on my own.) I'm active every day, I never skip one day even if it's just a couple mins and I have a discord account, so we can talk and chat there if needed.
  3. Anyone here playing KHux and is willing to join a Leopardos party? I'm so lonely y'all.

  4. hello sean it is i coming back from the dead to say i love the marly profile makeover

  5. where do khux NA quests stop at exactly? counting the 10 new ones that got added yesterday

    1. Leamax


      Currently, Global is at Mission 715

    2. r0xass


      thank you so much, i couldn't find a reliable source for this, the wiki's all messed up too jfc

  6. guess who's not dead? me


  8. by the way quinton flynn wished me happy birthday and called me vanitas and this got the be the sixth time he replies im officially quinton's irl roxas everyone

  9. i won't be happy with kh3 news until there's something about Riku or better yet Roxas. :/

  10. Oh I see, thanks! Some people got both Org XIII cards, but I only got one and the Sora/Roxas one, how is that?
  11. how do you get the older cards? also for the login bonuses i only got the soroku and re:com organization one, is it two cards a day or? thanks for the translation!
  12. If the KH fandom ends up ruining Ephemera with shitty headcanons and lame jokes I will :) DeStroy :)

    1. r0xass


      I hate the fandom enough already, if they ruin my baby angel too I will Fight the whole internet lmfao

    2. KingdomHearts3


      Do not be surprised if they do.

    3. r0xass


      jesus christ please no safe this child


  13. hello

    1. TheGuide


      ohhh shiiiiiiiit its roxas rai its been a while my dude

    2. r0xass


      this is literally too Late but hello my fellow comrade

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