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  1. You made an educated guess based on the calendar theory, didn't you?
  2. *inhuman screeching*

  3. It's the world best dream. And we're not waking up.
  4. I'm gonna be the optimist here and say Summer. KH3 has been in development hell for a long time.
  5. There are plenty of ways that you can hurt a man, and beat him to the ground! You can beat him, you can cheat him, you can treat him bad, and leave him when he's down!
  6. Tomorrow might suck

    1. DaxtotheMax


      True, but tomorrow might also be very good though

    2. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      True, but tomorrow might also be the same as yesterday

    3. Col.Random


      of course it will, i have a calculus final that i needto try and get 97% ON

  7. I think many of the greatest characters have something in common, and that's a love of the stars...
  8. A man walked into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm. He shouts, "A beer, please! And one for the road!"
  9. Granted, but all the other class mid terms double in difficulty. I wish my remixes were actually good...
  10. Hey. It's been a little over a week, but I still want to change my name to EternalChange, if that's possible. I'll lick your shoe if you do this for me~
  11. Granted, but the game crashes every time you boot it. I wish I had a plate of frozen spaghetti...
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