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  1. I think it would be more exciting to not have a reapers game and have something different introduced. It is a popular theory right now though that Sora has yet again lost his memories.
  2. I am 100% sure that Isa and Young Xehanort are not trying to help Sora. More like, they want Sora to fall to darkness. They are pushing him in that direction. In my opinion.
  3. Mickey banishing Pete was a translation error since the Japanese version used a gender neutral pronoun, as was the 'why did he pick you?' line (he being the kingdom key keyblade). At least it's a fun story to enjoy.
  4. Sora the islander, Sora the pirate, and omg Kairi cut her hair but she looks adorable.
  5. Yeah I've gotten it for the ps2 version once. I've yet to get for the ps3 version.
  6. A game with Young Xehanort and Eraqus sounds exciting. And, that last line from X implies that they could lose the war. I kinda want this to happen.
  7. So, the worlds will be united again, but in darkness. Looks like Xehanort is getting his wish. Yay.....
  8. Al the time, but the only game I've cried over so far is the ending to Crisis Core.
  9. I own all of them, except for the Chain of Memories for the gameboy, and the Final Mix for KH2, and BBS.
  10. I wish they would air Zexal longer. I'm not sure about V Arc.
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