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  1. It's not available in Canada yet and I don't particularly wsnt to risk getting malware/viruses, so I haven't played it yet.
  2. If there is a traitor amongst the five foretellers, I'd say Gula. Otherwise, it's probably a lie made up by the 6th apprentice to try and turn the foretellers against each other or something like that. If that's true, it seems to be working.
  3. Just curious as to who you guys think the voice actors for the foretellers in KHX: Back Cover? Aced sounds a lot like Travis Willingham to me, Ira sounds a lot like Matthew Mercer, and Gula somewhat sounds like Todd Haberkorn.. Other than that, I'm not too sure who the other voice actors are. Your thoughts?
  4. Wasn't a big fan of KH3D mostly because of the not so great writing in Sora's story. The gameplay was alright for the most part. Riku's story was great, though.
  5. It was pretty fantastic. Currently in the process of trying to find out the voice actors are.
  6. I'm excited and hoping KH3 will be there for sure, but there's definitely other games I'm excited for as well.
  7. Not overly concerned about couples, but I do like Riku with Namine.
  8. Well, I got super lucky and pulled Sephiroth on my first try. Also got the Kairi medal I'd been wanting, so that's great too.
  9. I'm also going next year, but I'm going on the 14th as opposed to the 10th.
  10. Officially going to the KH Orchestra concert in LA on June 14th of next year! Beyond excited is an understatement!

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    2. KingdomHearts3


      Lucky! You have to tell us the experience when you go and when you come back.

    3. Hearts Creed

      Hearts Creed

      I'll make sure to do that! Should be an amazing time!

    4. KairiKeybasH


      I hope there's still tickets i really want to go :P

  11. Probably gonna have to say Auron. He's a fantastic character overall. Tidus is a close second, hos development is fantastic, and I feel like I can relate to him on a personal level as well.
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