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  1. Definitely All For One, the battle theme for The Country Of The Musketeers. Its sweet sweet polyphonic melody fills my heart and soul with joy and happiness.
  2. I doubt it, Nintendo has really been sucking once DLC was finished for Smash Bros. I mean, they are still doing a few things right, like still continuing updates for Splatoon, but the company keeps making big mistakes (like make Waddle Dee amiibos instead of Bandana Dee amiibos) so I doubt they have anything but fails to reveal at E3. (the only thing that could pretty much redeem Nintendo is if they announced with Square Enix that KH3 will also be released on either the WiiU or the upcoming NX)
  3. So, in the end of KH3, I predict at least one couple will be made. Which characters do you think will hook up at the end of KH3? Vote for all of the couples you think will come together. NOTE: I know some choices are weird or disturbing, but I wanted this post to be LGBT friendly and create as many choices as possible.
  4. True, but regardless I still believe nobodies are neutral entities until either corrupted or been made good. Also, regarding the Heartless they set havoc on worlds, Heartless automatically seek out Keyblades like a homing beacon, so even if the org hadn't done that Heartless would still have went to worlds where Sora went and caused havoc, right?
  5. Exactly! If there had been someone good to guide them and make them have patience looking for their hearts, they could have caused 0 destruction and been a force for good.
  6. As you all know, my username here is Hix. Unbeknownst to you, it actually has a hidden meaning. It is a combination of the word "Hi" and the symbol "X". The "Hi" part is basically just the word Hi, the word so many people use to greet others with before they engage in conversation, and the "X" is the emblem or brand that is given to nobodies' names (Note: even though I have a X in my name, I am not a nobody). Put them together, and it is like saying "Hello nobodies!". It is my way of saying that I am open to talking with an befriending nobodies, and am more than willing to help get their hearts back so they may become whole once again. Because of this, I am the self-proclaimed communications specialist between normal lifeforms and nobodies. Call me foolish or overly optimistic, but I believe that nobodies are not inherently good nor evil, yet others actions influence what path they choose (such as most or Organization 13 being "evil" because they are mislead by Xemnas). (Note: My name is pronounced like Hicks, but with the x sound instead of the cks sound)
  7. Hm... I wish to be a part of this group. As the self-proclaimed communication specialist between nobodies and non-nobodies, I would like the rank of number π. (the symbol for pi)
  8. I think it's like an orange wanna-be who got too much of a tan and turned bitter because of it. lol
  9. I decided to quit the game because of the following reasons: 1. No PvP 2. All medals can reach 6*, making which medals are better harder to figure out until you 6* them all and compare them. 3. Combat has gotten boring and there is no real way to avoid attack or perfectly defend. 4. You can only type up so many characters in Party chat, making you write multiple posts. 5. The game mainly revolves around its story, and I can just look up the story on Google or Youtube. 6. Constantly new medal deals, easily confusing people who are trying to save their jewels for better deals. 7. No PM system. With that said, I deleted the game and removed it from my games section of Facebook.
  10. *whew!* I am so glad that other people were available to tell you to wait and save your jewels!!!
  11. I've been waiting for this for so long, and this actually was released way before I thought it would!!!
  12. And THIS is what I've been saving my jewels for!!! I need to look up legit statistics on the rates of getting Sephiroth and Sora & Friends before making any medal pulls.
  13. All I see is a boy who changed his hair color constantly throughout his life. lol
  14. Any non-Disney characters and worlds added to KH, the better. Bravely Default/Second characters would make a great addition. ps I hope Neku and the TWEWY gang are back for KH3.
  15. Yeah, that's true. Sorry for seeing it as black and white.
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