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  1. The time is now. All these years of dedication for the game's development, sharing concepts & theories, bonding with other like minded people and learning so much about yourself, on this unforgettable journey. Feels great to embrace the inner kid at heart on this welcomed day. ( Activates Dearly Beloved menu for Kingdom Hearts 3 )
  2. I really dig that you can ride Simba this time.
  3. I certainly would like to know about Isa's point of view, but Saix intrigues me a little. Now that you mention it I'd like to read several novels from the the other members in the Org.
  4. I'm aiming to make this year, my artistic debut. 18 was a quite a year, so I only want 19 grow. I'm going to embrace my photographic, writing & storytelling skills to a new level. I like to test my audience. To have them look at stories from a different perspective, to find themselves in in a realm that is out of reality. Yet feels believable. I'm not gonna stop doing what I hold passion for, despite what people may say. I'll listen to their thoughts, but I will be my own judge.
  5. After all these years . . . Is this a dream . . or is this real? It feels quite unreal.
  6. To me she looks younger than before. I think this might haft to do with either the dress or her bob haircut. But I'll agree that she looks younger including the render of her.
  7. This is getting tense. I can only wish that those two will be Pre-2003 Disney IPS.
  8. If they come to Europe they come to UK & France, so it's not very likely they visit my hometown. But if they did, I would be very grateful.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if they delay it even to march at this point. I mean from the feedback that they got on Premiere Event, people didn't ask for too much improvement. Only better controlling on the running wall, heartless shouldn't affect Sora during summon, frame rate. What else did people respond to? Them releasing the game earlier in Japan seems like a shitty move to do when KH3 has been marketed globally. It might be only 4 days, but that's enough to shove it in other people's faces on who cares more about this entry. The whole confident promise of releasing it in 2018 was the last straw of taking any of their words as true. If this means that they will make the game better than just a few fixes, then more power to them :lol: . But if this leads to the game feeling even rushed or un-complete then all I can say is "As If" People have a right to be dissapointed, but that's as far as I'm going with this. There! now SE you make sure that this game is worth the wait, cause if not. It's gonna force you to eat up your own words, and swallow them. Whoohoo! Happy release date reveal day.
  10. Sadly no. If I'm lucky there might be someone mentioning the new KH3, but I rarely hear folks speak of the series, which really sucks. However I do know one good pal that loves KH just as much as rest of us, but that pal is living like 8 hours away from my place. Oh well. The frustration when you're looking for groups in your area. Also whenever someone judges the game based on Disney influence I'm all like "Sure dude" Yeah I bet you have no real connection with a darkness lurking inside your light that could have you separated from your loved ones, battling inner voices about failure, jealousy and sorrow. For you it's all about visiting Didney worlds :tongue:
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